Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thomas S. Monson, MORmON PRophet Of Fraud...Heads To Mexico Singing & Waving His Hankie While The Members In Utah & Mexico Have Spiritual Orgasms!!

Video Courtesy of KSL.com(Jesus Christ)

Video Courtesy of KSL.com(Jesus Christ)

Well, KSL(Jesus Christ's personal TV station in Utah) finally updated their pathetic website and videos, to include embed codes for anyone to use and to be able to freely post their videos on websites and blogs. Not that it matters if you're a die-hard MORmON cultist, as they freely post KSL and church videos all over YouTube and on their websites, with no problems or threats from the MORmON Jesus whatsoever.

Of Course they're all protected by Jesus Christ's Bonneville communications' copyright(and NO Fair-Use is allowed), which only applies to ex-MORmONS, specifically ME, who they singled out, after seeing how much damage I was doing to their MORmON cult product!! It's funny that they're so terrified of one guy, his blog and his YouTube videos, isn't it?

They spend millions and millions of dollars on their massive and failed advertising campaigns and yet they are terrified of me and all other ex-MORmONS who are fighting against them. You know why? Because we're telling the damn truth and exposing them every single day and their advertising campaign is full of lies, deceit and complete bullshit.

They put out these cheesy bullshit commercials(on the radio, Internet and TV), that have NOTHING to do with MORmONISM at all, rather the warm and fuzzy bosom burning BS that they base their entire cult experience on. They spend $75-150,000 every Sunday morning advertising this bullshit on Meet The Press. Imagine how many homeless people they could feed and house with that $4-8,000,000? But hey, who gives a shit, the cult is true, right?

My only question now, is if Jesus Christ's Personal lawyer(who in my opinion is a STUPID SON OF A BITCH), Boyd J. Hawkins, of Farmington, Utah(who threatened me before over my YouTube videos, on behalf of the cult, which were 100% fair use and legal); will once again threaten me on behalf of Tommy Boy and the MORmON Jesus, for now simply using their embed codes that they FREELY provide to the public? Will they again single me out and only ban me from using them? LOL!!

Anyway, FUCK YOU Boyd, you piece of shit and shove your MORmON cult and KSL up your asshole!! Are you gonna threaten and sue me now Boyd for expressing my opinion and exercising my Constitutionally protected free speech rights?(which the MORmON cult believes only applies to them and their missionaries, who lie on a daily basis) If you could you would...too bad we aren't in Communist China or North Korea or back in Brigham Young's day...you could have me executed with BLOOD ATONEMENT, right Boyd and Tommy?

So now that that's out of the way...LOL...I just wanted to post these ridiculous videos of Tommy Boy singing very badly, embarrassing himself publicly and waving his hankie, along with tens of thousands of Mexicans waving their hankies(yeah, that wasn't orchestrated or planned as EVERYONE just happened to show up with a white hankie, right Tommy?). What did they do, hand them out at the door, to everyone that entered? Maybe they charged everyone like a buck or two or sold them in the lobby...LOL!!

I think my favorite part was right at the end of the one video, where it showed the two assholes Monson and Eyring together, waving their hankies AGAIN...while wearing a native, gaucho outfit...give me a break. I've never seen anyone more phony and pathetic than Thomas S. Monson and you can add Eyring to that equation now, since he is his pathetic sidekick and lapdog. I'm sure crying Eyring was damn near sobbing in his gaucho outfit, waving his white hankie, while watching thousands of Mexicans waving their hankie back at him.

That's what's it's all about baby!!

Who cares about their TRUE doctrine and history or how many women Joseph was screwing and married to and committed adultery with in the name of his MORmON God...who cares how many little girls he threatened, then raped and destroyed in the name of his MORmON God...let's just wave our hankies with tears in our eyes, while we re-dedicate a building that probably cost hundreds of millions of dollars or in other words...more money then all of the MORmONS in Mexico combined will earn in a lifetime.

It truly is sickening!!

I have much more to write about the Proposition 8 issue, including my Steve Young post, but I just had to post this and in the meantime, I invite everyone to go to my new website entitled "Mormon Temple Protests." I've created a forum there where you can all openly and freely discuss your feelings regarding Proposition 8 and the MORmONS hate-filled teachings, bigotry and homophobia and also have a place to announce and organize your next MORmON temple protest.

Please spread the word and let as many people know about this new site as you can, especially in the gay community, so that we help as many people as possible and expose this MORmON cult for their hate and bigotry. I'm thrilled to see protests going on against the MORmONS all around the country and in all 50 states now, and I hope that it continues and only gets bigger and stronger.

I loved seeing the major protests at the Los Angeles, Oakland, Salt Lake and New York temples and I hope that it will continue to spread to ALL the MORmON temples here in USA and all around the world.

So much for their missionary work and "convert baptisms" here in the USA eh?!!

Hey MORmONS...that's why there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, which would help to contain your bigotry, hatred, sexism, lies, fraud, homophobia, fairy tales and fantasies within your own walls and not strip others of basic, constitutionally protected human rights.

You MORmONS are so damn proud of your hatred & bigotry and I'm VERY proud of the gay community and those who are out there standing up to you and defending and fighting for truth and justice and simply expressing their opinions, just like you've loudly and clearly expressed your love of hate and bigotry since 1830. Remember what you did and still do to blacks and women you assholes?

Let us also not forget for a second that even though MORmONS contributed well over $22,000,000 and are my main focus here and by others around the country; they were not alone in their hate and bigotry as a lot of other people(mostly all religious), voted for Prop 8, especially the nutjob and fanatical Evangelicals that I despise and die-hard Catholics.(and many, many other religions)

All of these people are BIGOTS plain and simple, deserve to also be called out and exposed and in many cases, ironically, they're now actually standing up for and defending their arch enemy, the MORmONS. You know something is seriously fucked up in the universe, when MORmONS, Evangelicals and Catholics stand together united as one, as they hate and despise each other in the real world.

They just hate homosexuals THAT MUCH!!

Take care everyone, thanks so much for your support, comments and contributions and stay tuned as I have a lot of stuff on the way shortly, including many more podcasts, which you've all been requesting and Emailing me about for a long time. I can't wait to get behind the mic again and just say it like it is, like I always have and I'm glad that my podcasts have helped so many of you out there and thank you for the kind Emails and requests for more.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:19:00 PM, Blogger j-boo said...

Oh my gosh, Samuel. Those videos are totally disturbing. I cannot BELIEVE that is actually a NEWS story? What!!? How insane that something so idiotic would get such positive & lengthy coverage on the TV news. And those videos of Monson singing and pandering?? Oh WOW - so disturbing!!
Thank you for posting this stuff - it's astounding!!

I also really appreciate you covering the Prop 8 issue and for not ending the fight to bring equality back to EVERYONE; regardless of what gender they love. I too am so proud of all 50 states and the activists within each, that have stood up to the church and voiced their disdain for the bigotry and hatred that the church lead the way with on this campaign. My family and I have participated in these equality rallies in Los Angeles and donated money to organizations that will keep this fight alive until justice for ALL prevails!! It's very important and the church must continue to be exposed for all they have done to cause such an injustice!

Thanks again for all you do. Your posts are so insightful and passionate and you have so many supporters that really appreciate your hard work!

Winx, Jinxi

At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 9:53:00 PM, Blogger ldscbb said...

Wow, you sure do go on a long time about mindless crap without saying anything at all don't you. I was actually kindof interested in your views and what you thought, but you just wasted my time with stuff that wasn't important, and that didn't even address anything. Also, just curious, did your journey ten months ago begin with you doing something stupid that you probably ought to regret? How's your life going now? Seems like you sure do have a lot of time to post on your blog about nothhing. Congratulations. ldscbb@gmail.com

At Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:58:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey ldscbb, I'm going to leave you a comment as insightful as the mindless crappy one you left me, that wasted my time and didn't address anything.


Oh yeah and 10 months ago, just as you suspected, I fucked my Bishop's cow on his front lawn and so I became an anti-MORmON right after that(the cow was anti-MORmON and gave me some pamphlets), instead of confessing my sins, even though the whole neighborhood saw me.

Oh, and my time and what I do is none of your fucking business asshole...so go live your pathetic cult existence and I'll live my life as I see fit...capiche asswipe?

Oh and my life is great now, thanks for asking and it's "nothing", not "nothhing", dumb ass!!


At Thursday, November 20, 2008 3:00:00 PM, Blogger Switch said...

Hey Sam, while I share most of your views, just thought I'd point out that between the "dirty" language and the vitriol of this post, you won't reach any actual Mormons.

It took years after I left the church before I could read, let alone say, the word "shit" without a churn in the stomach.

Keep your points, but I'd suggest you mellow out the delivery. Otherwise you're just preaching to the choir and not accomplishing anything.

At Thursday, November 20, 2008 4:20:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Switch, I know you mean well man, but I've been at this now for 3 1/2 years, am quite experienced at it, am perfectly aware of what I'm saying and how I express myself and I'll reach who I reach. My anger or "vitriol" as you put it is justified and shared by many, both ex-MORmONS and non-MORmONS alike. Most MORmONS are offended at the first word or title that they read on my blog anyway and are terrified of me and any words I write.

I've been quite pissed off as of late, with very good reason, for what they're currently doing to homosexuals, while crying that they're the ones being singled out and discriminated against...UNBELIEVABLE!!

So, what I write depends on the day and how pissed off I am about the topic I'm writing about.

I'm just gonna be me and say things however I want to say them and if it turns people off, so be it, as I really don't give a damn anymore about hurting people's feelings or their sensitivity. If they aren't ready for it now, maybe they will be later, but I won't be censored by the sensitive feelings of any ex-MORmONS or MORmONS.

This blog has always been first and primarily for me to be able to have an uncensored place to openly share and express my feelings and that will never change. That passion and anger that I have is what has made people either love me or hate me and have almost 400,000 views on my blogs and over 2,000,000 views of my videos on YouTube, with over 20,000 comments.

I've helped thousands of people, have received over 30,000 emails mostly thanking me, telling me that they feel the same anger but can't openly express it or asking me for help and my podcasts are downloaded over 50,000 times a month and growing, so all appears well to me.

Those who won't be reached simply because I say shit, damn, hell or even fuck, wouldn't have been reached anyway, so I really don't care who I offend as they are all currently lost causes who I can do nothing for. In fact, I actually want to offend many of these assholes and enjoy doing so, as they openly and proudly offend and trash all other people that aren't MORmONS.

When I first started my blog, I was worried about offending others with swearing and it was difficult to swear publicly, but after these supposed "good/active" MORmON apologists called me everything under the sun for over a year on YouTube and here on my blog and in Emails, I stopped giving a damn about them, as I know who most of them really are and I now speak their language.

Here is a re-cap of what I've been called when I was being somewhat nice and not saying "naughty" words, just explaining the lies and fraud of MORmONISM, backed by proof and facts:

I've been called a "son of perdition", "the spawn of Satan", "the devil", "one of Satan's angels", "a rapist", "demonic", "worse than a murderer", "pure evil", "Satan", "Satan's Helper", "I punch a time clock for Satan every morning", "I'm too angry", "weak", “highly offensive”, “I use pornographic pictures on my sites”, “I use F-bombs everywhere on my blog and in my podcasts”, "pathetic", "a liar", "a homosexual", "a fag", "a bastard", "SOB", "drug addict", "piece of fucking shit" "covering up big sins", "wanting to sin", "an alcoholic", and most recently, along with dick and asshole, that "I should check into pedophilia as an alternative lifestyle", because of my willingness to defend and stand up for homosexuals and their rights; and many more other, even more offensive terms, all starting with the F bomb and on and on and on.

So, when people say that I'm overreacting or too angry...I'm like..."do you even know me pal or what these 'good MORmONS' are privately and publicly calling me?!!"

Honestly, at this point I only care about ex-MORmONS/MORmONS who are seeking help, support and THE TRUTH and I don't give a damn if I ever help a regular MORmON again, as it's a complete waste of time, until they want to help themselves and actually care about truth, facts and reality.

Anyway, take care and hopefully you'll stick around and just be able to overlook the profanity, which is a very small percentage of all the words I write.

What MORmONS actually believe and teach, dating back to Joseph Smith raping the 14 year old Helen Mar Kimball, after threatening her and her family's eternal life; is far more offensive to the world and any decent human beings, then a few swear words.

Believe me, I'm accomplishing A LOT and the MORmON Hierarchy agree as the church office building and BYU-Idaho and BYU-Provo Admin are constantly searching my blog and threatening anyone that reads it, even kicking one of my friends/supporters out of BYU-Idaho for simply associating with me, reading my blog and leaving comments.

Thanks for the comment though(do I know you and have you commented before, as I can't remember you commenting before and I searched my Email and found nothing) and I hope that nothing I've said has offended you,


At Wednesday, December 03, 2008 1:54:00 PM, Blogger DJB said...


So you left because you are homosexual? Why don't you just be honest about it? You call me a pussy- well I think that is funny. You delete my posts because you cannot handle being questioned yourself. You have to hide behind the delet button. This is truly a pathetic site. I see from the number of posts that few people even pay attention to your ranting.


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