Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yet Another Mormon Missionary Is Tragically Killed...This Time In Brazil. Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard Doesn't Care About Who Dies On Missions!!

Ballard Not Caring If More Missionaries Die-MP3 Download

Well, sadly it has happened again, another Mormon missionary has been tragically killed, with absolutely ZERO protection from the bogus, non-existent "MORmON God" or the "sacred/holy/magical/MORmON garments."

They tragically die with barely a public mention from the MORmON Hierarchy(other than comments like the one above by Ballard, stating that he doesn't even give a damn that they died or that future missionaries might die or get hurt or comments like "he's in a better place now", etc) and rarely ever a mention on the official MORmON cult website and of course no memorial of any kind thanking them for giving up their lives for this horrendous cult of shame, fraud and lies.

I have one of the few MORmON missionary memoriams on the Internet and mine is the most complete and accurate, although I do need to do some updating with the most recent missionary deaths, which I'll do over the next few days.

I get nasty Emails and comments all the time from relatives of the deceased missionaries that are listed on that memoriam and instead of thanking me for taking the time to create the page and for honoring their loved ones(which their own GODDAMN cult refuses do, with their approval...since it wouldn't be "faith promoting"); they go ballistic and demand that I remove their names at once, saying that I'm a disgrace, that I'm dishonoring their fallen family member/friend, etc.

I WILL NOT remove any names from that list and this proves how demented and brainwashed they truly are(even after a loved one dies for the cult), as they won't even agree that their precious cult should honor their fallen loved ones and they then trash anyone that does.

Of course they only attack me because I'm an anti/ex-MORmON speaking THE TRUTH about their horrendous cult, which they want NO part of, as TRUTH, REALITY and FACTS are the furthest things from their minds, as they FEEL/KNOW IN THEIR BOSOMS, that the cult is true, no matter what.

They actually find the death of their loved one a "faith promoting experience" and it somehow strengthens their testimony of the truthfulness of the cult. How twisted is that?!! It's called brainwashing/indoctrination folks and this is the perfect example of that.

Ironically, if there is another life after this one(and I sure hope there is, but NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE that there is or isn't); their loved ones already know that MORmONism was complete and utter bullshit and that they died in vain for the MORmON cult and the pervert/child rapist/pedophile/serial adulterer Joseph Smith Jr. Why would anyone be glad they died for the MORmON cult once they discovered it was a complete lie and fraud?!!

If a corporation acted this cold and callous like the MORmON cult hierarchy does, after their employees tragically died out in the field(with the corporation being at fault 90% of the time)...they'd be shut down quickly and there would be mass public outrage(especially by the family members, kind of like the Crandall mine disaster in Utah, in which lawsuits are being filed as I speak)...but not in the MORmON cult, as their sheeple/Morgbots just bow their heads and say yes and won't even stand up for their dead, which is truly pathetic and sad!!

It's always MONEY before safety, just like in the Krandall mine disaster and the MORmON cult is no different(as that is their entire basis for existence and they are the standard bearers for it) and the missionaries are just literal, revenue generating pawns in their hands and when one dies, they just plug in another one and life goes on without missing a beat, as they don't give a damn, just like M. Russell Ballard coldly confessed to the world.

The cult ALWAYS comes first, because that's what they've been brainwashed to do since birth in most cases. I mean why would they care how the MORmON cult Hierarchy treats their deceased loved ones, when the same people would make their children literally starve to death, in order to pay their tithing to the cult, taking the advice of Lynn G. Robbins from the April 2005 General Conference.

In the case of this missionary, Matthew Knoop, so far no one has mentioned if he was WORTHY(and when they say he was worthy, they're sadly referring to MORALLY, like he wasn't masturbating, having dirty, lusty thoughts, etc) missionary yet, which is usually what immediately comes out from either the mission president, Bishop or Stake President, since the majority of the MORmONS out there automatically assume that he must have been unworthy, and thus he was not protected by the "MORmON God" and died because of it, since that is what they're programmed to believe and taught from birth, through stringent cult indoctrination.

Yeah, I guess it's kind of like how the "MORmON God/Jesus" protected Joseph and Hyrum Smith, right MORmON apologists/TBMs?!! He really came through for them, didn't he, after ordering and commanding them, at the threat of having an angel kill them; to be child rapists, pedophiles and serial adulterers. Then their "God/Jesus" let them die for it any way? Some "loving, perfect and intelligent God/Jesus" you've got there MORmONS!!

He's also quite the cowardly pussy, making the mob do his dirty work for him, instead of just taking care of business with his angel hit squad, wielding flaming swords or better known as the Celestial mob of the MORmON God, straight from Kolob. But, he does know the beginning from the end, so he figured "why bother, when the mob will kill my dirty bastard PRophets"...LOL!!

But, that was what I was taught and believed my entire life in the MORmON cult and I sadly used to assume that very thing, whenever missionaries were killed and usually rumors and stories would quickly and widely circulate around the ward and neighborhood(especially in the MTC), about how the guys were out after curfew, breaking the rules, and got killed because of it.

In other words, they deserved it, brought it upon themselves and made it impossible for the "MORmON God/Jesus" to protect them...as their hands were tied by the rules violations in the "White Bible"...what an asshole "God" eh? There was always a direct connection to the rules being broken and their deaths, because the cult was true, no matter what and there had to be a simple explanation!!

I remember in the MTC, hearing the story about the missionary in Finland, who got killed when he was tragically stabbed in the heart. The story went that they were home for the night, ON TIME and suddenly remembered that they'd promised to give the sister missionaries the projector.(who needed it for a discussion/coercion session the next day)

So, they left their apartment, now breaking the rules(similar to the story from my mission, which I've linked to below) and when they got back, well after the curfew in the missionaries "white Bible", the one missionary was killed. So there you have it...they broke the rules and their "God" allowed him to be killed for it, according to the MORmONS, who will turn on their own in a heartbeat, in order to smooth things over and keep their bosoms burning and the cult true, at ANY COST, even disparaging the memory of slain missionary.

They tell these bullshit stories in the MTC(trashing the deceased missionaries to do it), in order to instill the literal fear of the MORmON God(WHO WILL NOT BE MOCKED!!) in you and that if you break any rules, he may either kill you, or just stand by and watch you be killed...who wants that? So, you'd be better be obedient to the damn rules or your family and friends might be getting some very bad news.

This is just another example of how the MORmON Hierarchy and cult are run by 100% fear, as that is their business; to scare the shit out of you if you don't bow down to them, kiss their asses and do everything they tell you to do, since they claim it is "God" telling them to tell you. How STUPID and brainwashed was I?!!

Then again, it shouldn't really surprise us at all, as they believe in the terroristic, torturing, rape and slave promoting, genocidal, mass murdering God of the Old Testament, that has been enjoying and celebrating the slaughtering and brutal killing of innocent men, women, children and babies for thousands of years, like when he drowned ever man, women, child and baby in the world, except for the 8 dumb shits on the ark, which included Moses.

By the way, like most Christians, MORmONS believe that Noah's Ark and the global flood were LITERAL events and they celebrate them and marvel at how amazing it was that the almighty, all powerful, all knowing God, inspired Noah to build an ark to save 8 people(including the "seed of Cain" to represent Satan on earth, according to MORmON DOCTRINE), while drowning the rest of the world...all dumb asses!!

Good thing Moses(who was a mass murdering bastard, on behalf of his "God", according to the Old Testament) wasn't choking the chicken eh? If he had, none of us would be here right now, since jacking off is one of the worst things a man or woman(especially a MORmON with a temple recommend or MORmON God forbid a missionary called by the MORmON Jesus) can do in MORmONISM and as the MORmON PRophet Spencer W. Kimball taught; it leads to circle jerks, then homosexuality and eventually bestiality...LOL!!

Oh yeah, KimBALLS also said that masturbation(along with "petting, premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality") "brings generally a guilt deep and lasting. These guilt complexes are the stuff of which mental breakdowns come; they are the building blocks of suicide, the fabric of distorted personalities and the wounds that scar and decapitate individuals or families."

At least that pathetic SON OF A BITCH, made it clear that MORmON teachings and doctrines are indeed the "building blocks of suicide", which is the TRUTH, just ask Kip Eliason's family and friends and the many other people out there that have been devastated by someone they love, tragically killing themselves because of MORmONISM and the evil, vile teachings contained in their doctrines/teachings!!

It's no coincidence that Utah is routinely at or near the top of the list in the USA when it comes to suicides, drug abuse, under age sex, sexually transmitted diseases, use of anti-depressants, etc, etc and has around 65% MORmONS!!

Many of the counties in Utah(Utah/Davis) that have the biggest problems regarding these issues, are located where 90% or more of the people are MORmONS and this is no coincidence folks, rather reality and the TRUE FRUITS OF MORmONISM, on display for the world to see and for me and others to point out.

I used the picture above not to make light of or fun of the missionary who died, in any way; rather to show everyone the type of delusional beliefs and BS that circulate internally, in the MORmON cult, about how their "GOD/JESUS" will protect his beloved missionaries from even having a bird shit on their heads, let alone getting shot to death, hit by a car, drowned, electrocuted, crushed by a train, burned to death, etc. They actually were handing this picture out to the missionaries in the MTC when I was there, as I got mine from my teacher.

So, according to MORmONISM; NO missionary should EVER die, unless of course he's being unworthy, immoral and breaking the rules. I have many videos regarding all of this and other missionaries that had recently died and the responses from their families and Stake Presidents, saying things like "I'm glad he died with his boots on", "he died doing what he loved", "his family loves the church even more now", "he's doing missionary work on the other side" and "I'm glad he got a free ticket", etc.

Several of those pathetic comments were made by Tracy Branch(I have them on video), who is a MORmON Stake President and I'll be posting all of those videos again soon, for everyone to see. It is truly disgusting, to see how rotted their brains truly are, after a lifelong, heavy dose of the deadly drug called MORmONISM!!

What's truly sad, is that Matthew Knoop was a gifted athlete, very intelligent, had his whole life ahead of him and yet serving a Mormon mission(for a cult that couldn't care less that he died), as stated by his dad; was the most important thing and top priority in his life and in the end it cost him his life and Thomas S. Monson and his 14 thugs/criminals, couldn't care less!!

I too once felt the same way Matthew did and put my life on hold for 2 years and I was almost killed too, but by pure luck and chance, I lived and later discovered that I almost died for nothing but a fraud and a pack of lies and deceit, just like Matthew Knoop has died for.

Too bad Matthew Knoop and his family don't know what us ex-MORmONS know, or he'd most likely still be alive today, carrying on with his life and dreams, looking forward to the sunrise tomorrow.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The MORmON Hierarchy Claim They Aren't Racists & Bigots...So Show Me Just ONE Black Man Below, In The Latest Picture Of The Racist MORmON Hierarchy!!

So did you all take my challenge? How many black men are in the current MORmON Hierarchy/white boys ONLY club? That's right...ZERO!!

In fact, there has only been ONE black General Authority(Helvécio Martins-released on the racist Gordon B. Hinckley's watch), since they officially lifted their "God ordered and ordained ban" and reluctantly gave blacks the Priesthood in 1978 , due to massive social pressure, protests and the fear of losing their precious tax exempt status.

So, what the MORmON Hierarchy is currently saying, since 1990, is that there isn't ONE, NOT EVEN ONE worthy black man on the entire planet earth, to be a MORmON General Authority and that there has been only one in the last 32 years and he wasn't worthy after his 5 years of service and was released.

Why can't any of the so many black Bishops and Stake Presidents get promoted, since the Mormon Hierarchy and their apologists love bragging about them, especially the ones located in Africa?

In the General Conference just a month ago; they called 17 new Seventies and once again, not one worthy black man is to be found. They also called 37 new Area Authority Seventies and I'm sure none of them are black either and if anyone knows different, since we don't see pictures of them; please let me know, as that would be a massive break through for this racist, MORmON cult.

Helvécio Martins was the token black man, that they called, just to say "see everyone, we aren't racists anymore." So, no black GAs before then and none since 1990 and none in the foreseeable future and...oh yeah, Elijah Abel doesn't count you pathetic MORmON apologists, since he was banned from taking out his temple endowments and wasn't a true Seventy, as we know them today.

Also, why would Elijah be eligible for the Priesthood, along with a couple other black men back in the 1830s and then all other blacks banned until 1978? Oh, but your "perfect, one true God" never changes and is the same yesterday, today and forever, right? So, it was okay and then they were banned for being the cursed seed of Cain, representing Satan and then it was okay again?

Oh and if blacks were never officially banned, as some of you unbelievably, embarrassingly and ridiculously claim...then why did your absurd version of "God", have to give a special revelation to the racist/pervert Spencer W. Kimball, in order to give blacks the Priesthood in 1978?

If there was never meant to be a ban on blacks from the Priesthood, and it was a mistake and just a "Brigham Young thing"... then where is the OFFICIAL apology and admission that it was wrong, from your beloved MORmON Hierarchy?!!


You MORmON apologists can't have it both ways(which is the basis of every argument you make), by blowing off anything that Brigham Young or many other PRophets and ASSpostles have officially taught, said or done; while claiming that PRophets can't ever lead astray or God will remove them, as clearly stated in the D&C, Declaration 1 and numerous other places, like by Ezra Taft Benson and M. Russell Ballard, just to mention a couple.

Here is the word for word quote in the Official Declaration 1, which originally came form a General Conference session, which is also considered to be official MORmON scripture:

The Lord will NEVER permit me or ANY OTHER MAN who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray. It is NOT IN THE PROGRAMME. It is NOT IN THE MIND OF GOD. If I were to attempt that, the Lord would REMOVE ME OUT OF MY PLACE, and so He will ANY OTHER MAN who attempts to lead the children of men astray from the oracles of God and from their duty. (Sixty-first Semiannual General Conference of the Church, Monday, October 6, 1890, Salt Lake City, Utah. Reported in Deseret Evening News, October 11, 1890, p. 2.)

Not allowing the members to be led astray, would obviously include correcting or speaking out against and correcting any false teachings that are being taught and spread by ASSpostles or Seventies, past or present(they should have been removed anyway, as promised in the above teaching, since it included "ANY OTHER MAN")...so every PRophet, including Joseph Smith, should have been removed, since he ALSO lied publicly, on a regular basis, thus leading the Saints astray.

Like Hinckley clearly taught..."Each of us has to face the matter—either the Church is true, or IT IS A FRAUD. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND. It is the Church and kingdom of God, or IT IS NOTHING"...but he was just speaking as a man right dumb asses?


The questions I've asked you pathetic MORmON apologists here in this post or elsewhere on my blog, were of course rhetorical, as you assholes are no longer welcome on my blogs to freely spew and defend and justify your bullshit, racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia and overall hate of all people that are not MORmONS like you, especially us ex-MORmONS!!

All we have to do, is look above, at the arrogant smile of the current MORmON PRophet of fraud, Thomas S. Monson, knowing what we now know about the blatant lies and fraud and all of the other things I've mentioned above and throughout my blog...and that says it all!!

It's time to take Tommy Boy's arrogant, cult smile and turn it upside down and into a beautiful frown!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Thomas S. Monson And The MORmON Hierarchy Just Farting Around At The Church Offiice Building And Wishing Everyone A Happy Birthday...LOL!!

Tommy Boy And Gang Farting Up A Happy Birthday Storm...LOL!! uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

I just thought that you guys would really appreciate and enjoy this video, since we always wonder what these pathetic assholes like Monson, Packer, Ballard, Eyring and the rest of "Jesus' big 15" are doing all day long, for 6 months, in between General Conferences(besides counting their filthy lucre, that they've robbed from their members)...well now we all know...LOL!!

By the way, if you have enjoyed my funny, parody videos of the Mormon leaders, that I've been posting here and had posted over on YouTube(many that were TOO HOT and OFFENSIVE for the TBMS and Nazis/pussies over at YouTube...LOL) and would like to find them all in one place or download them...you're in luck!!

I've created a brand new Mormon Truth Comedy blog where I've posted them all for your viewing and downloading pleasure and I've also posted them all in a new podcast, posted over on iTunes.

Please spread the word and videos to as many people as you can, so that we can get wide circulation of these videos and piss off the MORmON Hierarchy and their pathetic, loser apologists like Daniel C. Peterson of BYU Farms, Jeff Lindsay and John Lynch of FAIR, etc; who are trying everything they can to spread lies about us, silence us, threaten us and take away our freedom of speech and expression.

Just click here to subscribe (I've also posted the links in my sidebar) and feel free to leave your comments as always.(Unless you're a bigoted, racist, MORmON Apologist, whose comments are not ever welcome here and will NOT BE POSTED!!)

Samuel the Utahnite

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