Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Special Witnesses"-Written By Ray, an avid Mormon Truth Reader, Listener and Supporter. We'll just Call it Ray #1.Thanks Ray for your contribution!!

I have encouraged all Mormon Truth readers and listeners to send me anything that they have written, that they want published and finally, one of you has taken me up on this. Ray, who is a great regular reader and listener, has sent me these comments regarding "special witnesses" and I think it's an awesome post and very powerful and well deserving of being on my blog for all to read and ponder. I couldn't have expressed these views any better myself and I'm proud to post his words on my blog.

I hope that Ray will become a regular contributor as I know he has a lot to say and express, just like I do. I hope that this will inspire and encourage more of you to send me your thoughts and writings that you want published. We get between 5,000-10,000 hits a month on Mormon Truth, so you will get a good audience and be able to help many people and I will always give you full credit. Take care everyone and enjoy this great post and feel free to leave your comments, as Ray will be sure to respond to everyone and will look forward to what you have to say, as will I.

"Special Witnesses"

I come from a family that is TBM as far as I can see. Both sides of the family. My father buys into the whole church thing and just loves a good FPR. (faith promoting rumor) Nothing like a good story to prove, once again, that the church is true. My aunt (my father's sister) is staying with him while serving a service mission somewhere on temple square. Not long ago, she came home with a great story about Henry B. Eyring.

Please keep in mind that I was not personally at this meeting so I do not know all that was said. This is a second hand story so take it as you will. She (my aunt) attended some type of meeting where Henry B. Eyring was the featured speaker. As he began to speak, he talked about the need for the members to practice being more Christ-like. A courteous driver is Christ-like. Then he adds this little comment: "This isn't what I was going to speak about but I feel impressed to say this. I don't know where this is coming from."

Is it just me or does that phrase just rub you the wrong way? Are Apostles required to take a humility class where they learn how to be humble and at the same time hint about how inspired they are? They are all very good at it.

"I don't know where this is coming from." What the hell? Of course, he is hinting that he is receiving revelation right there on the spot, in a humble way, of course. The next part of the story really gets me. He even had tears in his eyes! Wow! What an act! Are Apostles also required to take acting classes where they learn how to produce tears on demand? Of course, TBM father and aunt buy into the whole story with complete conviction that it's all 100% true. It never even occurs to them that the guy is putting on a great show.

I know this has been said before, but I need to say it again. What exactly are these guys a "special witness" of? If they are a witness, how come they are not allowed to tell it? Of course, they all hint that they have personally seen Jesus Christ, but they can't actually say it. So here, I see a problem. If Joseph Smith claimed to see God and did so very openly (that's what they teach although we ex-mo's know that he never did), why can't they do the same? Why is it too sacred for them to say it but not Joseph Smith? Isn't he (Joseph Smith) the ultimate example of truth and right? Why then, won't they follow his example?

Why do church leaders hate being asked if they have seen God? Before I left the church, I was afraid to ask this very important question. I remember hearing stories of people asking this question and the person who asked was publicly rebuked for having no faith. Sorry, but I don't remember specific examples. Apostles won't admit to having seen God, but they won't deny it either.

Is this because they haven't seen, but can't let the faithful members know this? Having such an open ended answer is very convenient. They are not actually lying about it since they have never actually claimed it! How convenient. And yet they ask (or rather demand) for complete obedience to them. Why should I follow a "special witness" who will neither admit nor deny this very fundamental question? "Have you seen God?" In essence, they basically answer by saying, "Duh! Isn't it obvious?"

Even President Hinckley, when asked by a reporter if he is really a prophet, gives the same open-ended answer (and I paraphrase): "That's what every one seems to think. Laugh." And when asked, "Does God talk to you?" he replies (and I paraphrase again): "Yes, I talk to Him by praying." Well sorry, buddy, but that doesn't answer the question. You were asked if he talks to you, not if you talk to him. They all dance around and avoid the question. Why? I'll speculate on that for a moment.

Perhaps they know they are deceiving the people but are justified (as I hinted before) by not actually claiming to it. If it is later proven that they don't see God, they can state that they never actually claimed it. If it is later proven that they do see God, they can state, "See? I told you I was a special witness!" Once again, a perfect example of why the open-ended answer is so convenient: it leaves them guiltless and right either way.

Perhaps, they really have seen God and have had great things revealed to them that man-kind is not ready to receive. In being fair in our criticism of the church, we have to accept this as a possibility, however unlikely it may be. After all, we expect the TBM's to accept the church not being true as a possibility. But my rebuttal to this possibility is, if man-kind is not ready to receive it, why doesn't God reveal it to future Apostles in the time when the world is ready? After all, aren't the revelations of God supposed to be for the benefit of man-kind? So, if it doesn't apply to man-kind, why bother to reveal it?

Joseph Smith taught that the gospel can never change. So does this discredit "revelations" that change doctrine? How can one special witness claim it can never change, and then another special witness can claim that it can? Is it apostasy or revelation? Are these two witnesses getting their inspiration from the same source? It depends, the way I see it. If it outright changes an established doctrine, then it is apostasy. If it adds to a doctrine and expounds further upon it, then I could accept it as a revelation. That is a very fair statement and I believe that even most TBM's would agree with it.

So what about Joseph Smith teaching in the Fifth Lecture on Faith that "the Father [is] a personage of spirit"? Is it a doctrinal change when that statement is removed from the D&C and is replaced with "God has a body of flesh and bones"? It certainly appears so to me. One of these "special witnesses" is wrong. One (and I'm not suggesting which because it could be either) has received a revelation that contradicts the other. If they both have their revelation from a true source, why do they contradict each other? Why did the doctrine change? This very question bothered Book of Mormon witness David Whitmer so much that he left the church because of it.

He later wrote:

"Is it possible that the minds of men can be so blinded as to believe that God would give these revelations...and then afterwards command them to change and add to them some words which change the meaning entirely? Is it possible that a man who pretends to any spirituality would believe that God would work in any such manner?" (An Address to All Believers in Christ, 1887)

Let the TBM answer this question: is this apostasy or continuing revelation? (They won't answer it though; they'll just dance around the question like their leaders do (because they know the answer and don't want to admit it)). In this case, it is obvious that the doctrine has changed, not been expounded upon. If it was expounded upon, the Lectures on Faith would have been left in the current version of the D&C. But they have been removed and the church conveniently never talks about it.

In fact they claim that the church has always taught that God has a body. This is obviously changing doctrine and is proof that the church itself is apostatizing. Since this is the case, the leaders can't possibly be inspired, at least not by God because apostasy is of the devil. Whew!

As a member of the church for many years myself, I never once, ever heard that the church's official doctrine, for 86 years (from 1835 to 1921), was that God is a spirit! The church claims that they do not hide anything, and that may be true (I say "may" but strongly disagree with it), but they certainly make no effort to inform the members of the things they don't want remembered.

The leaders know this is faith destroying and makes them look foolish, so they give their best effort to make sure no one knows about it. How? By dictating approved reading and studying materials. By warning members to avoid reading too deep into church history. By teaching that anti-Mormons are full of satan and can only lie to you. And lastly, by teaching that your "testimony" is more proof of the church than you will ever need.

I heard many times, "A witness of the Holy Ghost leaves a more lasting impression on the soul than an actual eye-witness". In other words, facts don't matter if they contradict the Holy Ghost. This looks to me like not only hiding the truth, but also brainwashing the members.

Okay, maybe I am starting to run in circles, but I will make my point, which I believe is very powerful. If it is necessary for church leaders to hide and suppress damaging information about the church, doesn't that tell you right there that they know it's not true? So why do they continue to promote it? Money and power. What else could it be? I mean, they elevate themselves to near God-hood, which is nearly unlimited power. All they have to do is speak and the world obeys without question. Money and power. The very thing which they condemn from the pulpit.
Hypocrites! Damn good hypocrites!

We don't have a living prophet; we have a living God (fifteen of them; three in the First Presidency and 12 in the quorum of the twelve)! And they can't lead us astray because whatever they say is God's will (therefore, suggesting, again, that they are God). No wonder they worship Joseph Smith. He is the God of Mormonism. Brigham Young should have taught the Joseph Smith - God theory. Then there would be no need to hide it and denounce it!


All I can say Ray, is AMEN brother!! You nailed it perfectly and I don't need to add anything to what you just thoughtfully, clearly and perfectly explained. I hope that some TBMS will respond to this, especially McKay, who left comments on the last blog entry. I don't know how anyone can argue with his logic, unless they slip into the infamous Cog Dis of Mormonism and cults.

Take care everyone and I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts and podcasts, as I've been very busy with the "summer family get togethers." I appreciate everyone's participation, patience and concern, but I'm fine and you'll be hearing plenty from me very soon. Thanks again Ray for your contributions and for this great post!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, Mocking And Ridiculing Missionaries!! He Was Trying To Be Funny And Impress Mike Wallace. It's Not Funny Pal!!

I came across this video a long time ago, sometime last year, when I first started my journey to the truth and I saved it. I think that this is a very accurate display of what Hinckley and the rest of his cult cronies think about Mormon missionaries. Look at the face of the missionary at the very end...does he look like he is laughing like Hinckley is?!! Also, Mike Wallace is sitting in the front row, as this appears to be part of the 60 minute special where Wallace interviewed Hinckley.

About 2 weeks ago, I put it up on YouTube and it has gotten quite a bit of response. Last week, it was honored as the 43rd most popular video discussed, under the "people" category. I just want to get the word out there of what a cult leader this Gordon B. Hinckley really is. I also wanted to give Mormon Truth readers the chance to weigh in and comment on this video, Hinckley and the overall treatment of missionaries; as nothing more than pieces of meat that they don't give a damn about.

This post is basically a follow up to the last post I made, which I ended with comments about missionaries and then the comment section also went in that direction. I just felt that this would definitely be an appropriate follow up to where that discussion led. I want to really thank Lori, Ray and John in London, for their comments, as this is a very passionate subject for me, knowing how I and so many others are and have been treated and abused on their missions. It is truly a travesty!!

These young men and young women, along with their families, deserve much more than this for the 2 years of sacrifice and $11,000-12,000 they have to fork out, for the honor of being an "abused Mormon missionary."

Then again, what can we expect from an organization/cult that doesn't care when a missionary gets raped, beaten, deathly ill or killed and can only say that "the work must go forward, it's the safest place to be in the world, we don't care how many get sick or die in the future, they are now doing missionary work on the other side, they couldn't have died in a better place then serving Jesus", etc?!!

It truly is sick and twisted and quite frankly, it's shocking to me that more people can't see this for what it is. When a missionary from Bountiful, Utah dies, they bring out the big guns; Hinckley and Ballard show up(in their Lexus), reassure everyone that the mission field is very safe, that the deceased missionary is now in a much better place, died for a great cause and so on.

Then, they just head on back to the holy of holies and have a good laugh about what a bunch of dumb asses the members are, to fall for their bullshit. Oh yeah, and they check in with the financial department before they head up there, to see how many millions have rolled in that day. It is truly just a sick and demented world they live in and I'm so happy to no longer be a part of it.

Take care everyone and feel free to leave your comments here or over on YouTube(you have to register), as I look forward to what everyone has to say about this video.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley's Testimony And What He Expects His Members To Actually Believe And Accept!!

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Look into my eyes and repeat after me:

I know the Church is true.

I know that Joseph Smith is and was a Prophet of God.

I know that Gordon B. Hinckley, yeah me, is a Prophet of God.

Please sing "we thank thee O God for mean a Prophet, in these latter days.

I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth and was translated by the power of God, through Joseph Smith.

I love my Bishop and sustain all my leaders, no questions asked, or I will be excommunicated.

I know that when the GA's speak, the thinking is done.

I know that some truths are not important.

I know that we still believe and teach, that God was once a man and lived on an earth just like us, all the way back to Joseph Smith; but I'm going to lie about it and pretend it isn't true and you will all support me in that lie, because I can't lead you astray. God would remove me if I tried to do that. Lying for the Lord is fine, so get over it!!

I know that we really aren't just an alternative religion, but I'm going to tell the world that we are, just to get more converts and tithing money.

I know that women wearing 2 earrings is wrong and of the devil and his angels.

I know that tattoos are pure evil.

I know that Brigham Young once saw Bigfoot and identified him as Cain. He was as tall as Brigham was, and Brigham was sitting on his horse.

I know that Cain...Bigfoot, stunk really bad, was really sad and covered in hair and couldn't get any babes.

I know that if given a choice of giving me...I mean Christ's Church, tithing money or feeding your family, you should always pay your tithing.

I know that all Apostates, Ex-Mormons and Anti-Mormons, are surrounded by darkness and that they punch a time clock for Satan now, and that they are DISEASE GERMS and most importantly, Sons of Perdition in embryo.

I know that Satan has great, amazing, incredible power, and can appear as an angel of light and will seek to rob you of your testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that the Mormon Church is the only true and living Church in the galaxy.

I know that Joseph Smith was commanded of God to be a polygamist and marry girls and virgins, as young as 14 years old, in exchange for eternal life for their entire family.

I know that if Joseph Smith had not become a polygamist, he would have been slain by a homicidal angel, sent from God, with a flaming sword.

I know that despite the first vision, Joseph Smith prayed in 1823 to know if there was such a thing as a divine being...but so what?!!

I know that Joseph Smith was involved in a dirty, nasty, filthy affair with Fanny Alger, their maid, behind Emma's back, as witnessed to by Oliver Cowdery.

I also know that Oliver Cowdery deserved to be excommunicated for revealing that dirty, nasty, filthy affair, because after all, it was inspired of God and enforced by said angel who was ready to kill if Joseph didn't do it.

I know that Zelph was a great, WHITE, Lamanite warrior and fought very valiantly right up to his death.

I know that the Jaredites came across the ocean in wooden submarines, that were filled with animals and their feces, in a journey that took almost a year. What faith they!!

I know that despite not one shred of archaeological evidence in or around the Hill Cumorah or anywhere else, that millions of people died there, exactly in that spot, in great and horrific battles. It brings tears to my eyes, it really does.

I know that overcoming pornography addiction is far worse and harder to do, than overcoming drug addiction to things like cocaine and any other hard drugs. Just ask that dude that sent us a letter from prison....yeah, he told us straight up that he'd rather be addicted to drugs than that Playboy.

I also know that Marriotts have both booze and porno in their hotels, but hey, it's just a business decision, not a moral one and besides, the tithing money is awesome and very plentiful.

I know that faith is all that is required and seeking signs or actual evidence of anything to do with the so called Lamanites or Book of Mormons peoples, is from Satan, who has such amazing, incredible power to deceive the world. He really is amazing that Satan...damn...I mean dang.

I know the Church is true...oh wait, I already said that.......say it again everybody...again....again!!

I know that we worship Joseph Smith, because he was the greatest man that ever lived on the planet earth, including Jesus Christ, because Joseph said so himself.

I know that Joseph Smith translated the book of Mormon by sticking his head in a hat, and reading words and phrases off of a seer stone, that he found in a ladies well, while digging with his brother Hyrum. It was impossible to make any errors, therefore it is perfect, because it wouldn't let him continue, until all mistakes were corrected. Grammar, punctuation and any other words that needed to be fixed don't count, because the printer made the errors not God or Joseph.

I know that Joseph Smith was a convicted criminal for his fraudulent treasure hunting scams and that he also defrauded all the Saints in a big failed bank scam, but that it was all approved of and ordered by God.

I know that Joseph Smith was commanded of God, to call men on missions and then snag....I mean marry their wives, as soon as they were gone, even if they were pregnant. God wanted Joseph to keep them happy and take care of them and so he complied with the orders of God, reluctantly of course.

I know that Joseph Smith was commanded of God to marry sister and mother combinations, in addition to the little teenage girls.

I know that even though the entire foundation of the Mormon Church, was once based on gratuitous sex, pedophilia and polygamy, that God changed his mind at some point and now even dirty thoughts or masturbation will get you into some serious trouble. Please, if anyone out there has dirty thoughts, or is masturbating, please go talk to your Bishop and begin that long road back to righteousness.

I know that masturbation leads to the sin of gross homosexuality and perversion and is very very dangerous.

I know that even though we preach against all forms of alcohol consumption, we want a vibrant downtown nightlife and have no problem allowing it to flow freely and be served in our billion dollar malls. Again, just a business decision that has nothing to do with morality and besides, we sold the individual pieces of land within our mall, to the restaurants, so it isn't us selling the alcohol at all. Alcohol is pure evil and destroys families and we'd never be a part of that, especially right across the street from temple square.

I know that pornography addiction is worse than cocaine, Heroine, or any hardcore drug addiction....wait...I already said that, sorry!! I'm getting older and sometimes I don't remember things very well.

I know that despite being against pornography, we profit from it every single day, through our investments with Direct TV and Comcast, and as I mentioned above, all of the tithing we accept from Willard J. Marriott, who profits millions every year on hard-core porno. I know that it's all up to God and that this is his call, not ours. We just obey God's command!!

I know that we are against gambling in any form, even though we have a Stake President who owns a casino in Nevada and Senator Harry Reid, was once the head of the Nevada gaming commission. These people need to make a living, right?

I know that despite our very strong public stance against alcohol and tobacco, privately, we are proudly invested in the companies that make and sell these evil products, because this is the Lord's Church and he commands it. It's okay to profit from the sales of such evil things, just don't partake of them, because they are of the devil and will destroy your lives. Well, don't partake of them if you are a member....non-members can drink and smoke all they want, at least until they are converted, because we need the cash and they are God's investments, not ours.

I know that Jesus commanded us to spend 1.5 billion dollars on shopping malls.

I also know that in recent years, in addition to our new shopping malls, God/Jesus/Adam or whoever is up there in the big sky, through my burning bosom, has commanded us to buy or build the following things: a $500 million + conference center, a $30 million luxury resort in Hawaii, over 600 more acres of land in Laie to build a large housing development, a cattle ranch in Nebraska, gaming preserves, an office building in Ogden, more development of downtown Salt Lake, in addition to the billion dollar malls, reconstruction of downtown Mesa, Arizona, and many other things that the Lord will not allow me to mention at this time. They "Ought not to be revealed at the present time." Also, If the world can find out these other things, so let it be. They will be given in the own due time of the Lord-AMEN!!

I know that Brigham Young, ordered the slaughter of the innocent men, women and children at the Mountain Meadows Massacre, under the direct order of God, but God also asked him to lie about it and pretend that he had nothing to do with it, along with all future Mormon Hierarchy, since we all know the real truth. If you have issues with it, ask God, it's his fault and we just did what he commanded us to do.

I also know that when Brigham Young personally went to the place where the massacre took place, that he tore down the monument that the US Government had built, as a tribute to the innocent lives that had been taken, in such a horrific manner. Again, he just did what God commanded, because he was a Prophet of God and had to be exactly obedient.

I know that blacks were forbidden to have the Priesthood until 1978, since they are the seed of Cain, but I just can't figure out where all of this racism comes from as I stated in the last Priesthood session. It shocks me and saddens me, that people have a problem with God and his commandments and teachings, especially the "death on the spot" teaching. If you really have a problem with it, then your problem is with God, not us in the Hierarchy, because we only do and say exactly what God commands us to do.

I know that interracial marriage is awful and forbidden by God, unless you are an exception, which can only include Mormon General Authorities, because we have that direct pipeline to God and he has given us permission to marry people of other colors, but not you guys.

I know that gay people have a problem and need to be fixed, even though I don't know if they were born that way or not. One of these days, when I'm kicking it with Jesus in that holy holy place, I might ask him about. Then again, I don't really care and we enjoy excommunicating any sexually active homosexual, because we expect them to live a celibate life. After all, that's not much to ask, a lot of people never marry, gay or straight and they live celibate lives, right?

I know that gay marriage is from the Devil himself, the master of all that's evil, Satan, the brother of Jesus Christ and Son of God, who is trying to destroy the concept of know, the whole Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve...yeah, that's right, but ask God if you have an issue with it, as I'm just the messenger.

Finally, I want to thank all the missionaries and their families out there for paying their own way, in order to be treated like crap and live in dumps, while being bullied by their mission Presidents, who take direct orders from God. Keep in mind, that a sick missionary is a worthless missionary and he screws up the whole process and brings it to a halt.

I know and testify in the name of Jesus Christ, that if you live worthy and obey every commandment with exact obedience, you won't be getting sick all the time, despite eating spoiled food, drinking parasite water and taking cold showers using nothing but bug/parasite infested water, with a bucket and a sponge. You need to have more faith, that's all!!

Also, we don't care if you missionaries die or get sick, get attacked, raped, etc, because the work must roll forward and baptisms and tithing dollars is all that matters anyway. It's just a big numbers game and if you die, we'll just plug someone else in. Also, if you get raped, attacked or severely injured on your mission, once you heal up PHYSICALLY, we expect you to finish your mission and so does Jesus. Please don't let Joseph and Jesus down or disappoint them, okay?

Again, if you have an issue with any of this; get down on your knees and ask God about it, because it's his plan, not mine and I'm just obeying him, so that he won't remove me as the Mormon Prophet.

You will be blessed with an inner piece and burning bosom, that will confirm every word I just said as the honest God's truth and you will not argue or question anything that is ever said by one of God's anointed, special witnesses and mouthpieces of Jesus Christ. We are the ultimate truth, the speaking has been done and the cool thing is, we don't even have to say, "thus saith the Lord!!"

Isn't it wonderful....just wonderful?!!

In the name of Joseph....I mean Jesus Christ, AMEN!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Review Of The New "OxyMormonic Podcast". All I Can Say, Is That I Hope It Gets Better For All the Listeners.

I submitted this review twice to iTunes and for some unknown reason, they won't publish it. Maybe they are massively back-logged on posting reviews, who knows? Anyway, listening to episode one was not a very enjoyable experience and in fact, quite painful at times.

Most everyone already knows my issues with Eric, but for the record, I have no issues with Brian, other than the fact that he fully supports Eric and his "blanket condemnations" of innocent people that don't believe as they do.

If Brian doesn't believe as Eric does, then he can so state it, in their next "OXYMORMONIC Podcast." I somehow don't think that will happen, but there's always hope. In any case, there is something entertaining about 2 die-hard Christians, sitting around, "exploring Mormonism", condemning Mormons and acting as if they know everything about Mormonism, when neither one was ever a Mormon.

It is somewhat comical, as they also claim to have no agenda whatsoever, when in fact, their agenda is to convert everyone to their belief system, for fear of them "losing their soul forever."

If they were never Mormon, thus have no emotional attachment, and also have no agenda; just why the hell would they put in the time to create blogs and podcasts to "explore or expose Mormonism?" Now, that is a true oxymoron, isn't it? Can't they see how transparent they are? For anyone with half a brain, they can see what is going on here and it's not rocket science guys.

I have a very deep emotional investment in Mormonism and probably always will, due to being raised Mormon my whole life(up until a year ago), and also my 2 year mission and friends and family that are still true-believing Mormons and some that always will be. Most of these guys have none of this.

Eric's Dad is Mormon and that is his only REAL connection and as Eric admits, his dad's soul is in grave danger now, as a true believing Mormon. Eric also says, that according to his God, he(Eric) is a "PILE." So either your soul is in danger of being "lost forever" if you don't follow Eric, or you are a "PILE" in the eyes of your Creator God.....hmm....which should I choose? LOL!!

It's good to know that someone has all the answers and has figured out all the difficult questions of life, like why are some people homosexual, etc. Where would we be without these incredible insights and knowledge? It's like we have access to "little Man-Gods", running around teaching us the truth. Of course, everyone knows I'm being sarcastic, right? Okay, good, I just wanted to make sure...LMAO!!

I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast and decide for yourself. I really don't think anything in this review is incorrect, as I try to stick to the facts and reality, like I normally do. Eric has felt free to tell everyone what he now thinks of my podcasts and blogs, so I felt that I should feel free to offer my opinions on his business as well. The difference is, I use the truth and facts and he uses.....well....whatever the hell he wants, that has no basis in reality or truth.

Anyway, here was my "never to be posted" review of "OXYMORMONICS:"

Okay, first of all, this podcast is by two Christian guys, who have never been Mormon and don't and never will know what that entails. They only want to convert everyone that is Mormon, to their personal belief system within Christianity, as they have THE ONLY TRUTH, while criticizing Mormons for making the same exact claim. The difference is, they are right, Mormons are wrong, no questions asked. Second of all, the audio quality is just awful and very hard to listen to.

Thirdly, it was very poorly planned, if planned at all and very unorganized. They are trying to figure out what to talk about next, or what scripture to read, with no prior planning. You could tell that they never put in any prep time or went over anything beforehand, in order to be on the same page and that they were just winging it as they went along. I actually felt embarrassed for them. I found it to be boring, lacking any energy or passion and a waste of my time.

Also, Eric Hoffman, didn't even know the correct address of the website that he was trying to give everyone, that wants to resign from the Mormon Church, and have their name officially removed from the records of the Church. Again, poor or no planning ahead, in order to have your facts correct and know what you are actually going to share with the listening audience.

Just to help everyone out, that actually wants to do that, and would like to know the correct place to go to for information; the address is:

Eric said it was, which I guess is close, but no cigar. Also the name of "the woman", is Kathy Worthington and she is a wonderful lady that has helped a lot of people. Any Ex-Mormon, that has been researching or over on RFM, would know that. It was funny and a little awkward and painful, when Eric tried to ask Brian to help him verify that the web address was correct and Brian had no clue, knew absolutely nothing about it and Eric responded with "Oh, okay, I'm just going off on my own here......" and laughed. I was laughing too.

I mean come on guys, know your stuff, plan ahead and at least share accurate information, if you plan on pumping a website and truly want to help Mormons so much, as you claim. Spend some time planning before the show, so that it doesn't appear to be two complete strangers, trying to co-host a show together, while sharing incorrect information as true facts.

So, good luck with your new Oxy-Moronic podcast(Eric can't even keep the name straight) as you guys have a lot to work on, before it is even worth listening to. Maybe it will get better, as I've only listened to episode 1, but my recommendation to everyone, is to not even bother checking it out, as you will just be wasting your time. Then again, everyone can form their own opinion of course, as I’m just trying to help those people out, that don’t have a lot of free time to blow.

I'll end this review with the exact words of Eric Hoffman, from the ending of his living Truth Podcast #3 and then you can all decide if he really wants to help Mormons, if he really has a such a huge heart for them as he claims, or if it is really all about his personal agenda of converting them to his “one and only truth.”

Eric said:

"As long as you believe Joseph Smith and believe his lies, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SOUL FOREVER.....Believing this false doctrine that Satan taught and that Joseph Smith believed and that Brigham Young carried out to all the rest of the Prophets, WILL KEEP YOU OUT OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN FOREVER. These are dangerous grounds folks; to believe in Mormonism, it really is........"

Does this sound like love, compassion, understanding and a huge heart for Mormons?

Well, there you have it and I stand by every word. I sincerely hope that #2 is better than #1 and you would think that Eric would bring with him his experience of recording 23 episodes on his "Living Truth Podcast." That didn't seem to be the case to me in part #1. Good luck guys in your attempt to cut down Mormonism, in order to bring people to your "one and only 3 in 1 Jesus/God/Holy Ghost trinity package."

I guess if one good thing can come from these die-hard Christian activists; it would be that they are exposing Mormonism and maybe helping some people to see the truth, at least from a doctrinal standard; that Mormonism is a fraud.

Despite what their "real agenda" is for doing what they do and the fact that they pretend to have no agenda, other than to help them; hopefully most people will take away their truth about Mormonism and then walk away, ignoring the rest of their personal agenda and converting to their individual cults.

I hope that more good is coming from them than bad, but then that's why I'm here, to help people see and know the truth and expose their agendas, that they claim don't even exist. I will always call a spade a spade and if you don't like that type of honesty, and my passion, then my podcasts and blogs aren't for you and Eric is probably more your style, which is fine with me.

Samuel the Utahnite

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