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My Review Of The New "OxyMormonic Podcast". All I Can Say, Is That I Hope It Gets Better For All the Listeners.

I submitted this review twice to iTunes and for some unknown reason, they won't publish it. Maybe they are massively back-logged on posting reviews, who knows? Anyway, listening to episode one was not a very enjoyable experience and in fact, quite painful at times.

Most everyone already knows my issues with Eric, but for the record, I have no issues with Brian, other than the fact that he fully supports Eric and his "blanket condemnations" of innocent people that don't believe as they do.

If Brian doesn't believe as Eric does, then he can so state it, in their next "OXYMORMONIC Podcast." I somehow don't think that will happen, but there's always hope. In any case, there is something entertaining about 2 die-hard Christians, sitting around, "exploring Mormonism", condemning Mormons and acting as if they know everything about Mormonism, when neither one was ever a Mormon.

It is somewhat comical, as they also claim to have no agenda whatsoever, when in fact, their agenda is to convert everyone to their belief system, for fear of them "losing their soul forever."

If they were never Mormon, thus have no emotional attachment, and also have no agenda; just why the hell would they put in the time to create blogs and podcasts to "explore or expose Mormonism?" Now, that is a true oxymoron, isn't it? Can't they see how transparent they are? For anyone with half a brain, they can see what is going on here and it's not rocket science guys.

I have a very deep emotional investment in Mormonism and probably always will, due to being raised Mormon my whole life(up until a year ago), and also my 2 year mission and friends and family that are still true-believing Mormons and some that always will be. Most of these guys have none of this.

Eric's Dad is Mormon and that is his only REAL connection and as Eric admits, his dad's soul is in grave danger now, as a true believing Mormon. Eric also says, that according to his God, he(Eric) is a "PILE." So either your soul is in danger of being "lost forever" if you don't follow Eric, or you are a "PILE" in the eyes of your Creator God.....hmm....which should I choose? LOL!!

It's good to know that someone has all the answers and has figured out all the difficult questions of life, like why are some people homosexual, etc. Where would we be without these incredible insights and knowledge? It's like we have access to "little Man-Gods", running around teaching us the truth. Of course, everyone knows I'm being sarcastic, right? Okay, good, I just wanted to make sure...LMAO!!

I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast and decide for yourself. I really don't think anything in this review is incorrect, as I try to stick to the facts and reality, like I normally do. Eric has felt free to tell everyone what he now thinks of my podcasts and blogs, so I felt that I should feel free to offer my opinions on his business as well. The difference is, I use the truth and facts and he uses.....well....whatever the hell he wants, that has no basis in reality or truth.

Anyway, here was my "never to be posted" review of "OXYMORMONICS:"

Okay, first of all, this podcast is by two Christian guys, who have never been Mormon and don't and never will know what that entails. They only want to convert everyone that is Mormon, to their personal belief system within Christianity, as they have THE ONLY TRUTH, while criticizing Mormons for making the same exact claim. The difference is, they are right, Mormons are wrong, no questions asked. Second of all, the audio quality is just awful and very hard to listen to.

Thirdly, it was very poorly planned, if planned at all and very unorganized. They are trying to figure out what to talk about next, or what scripture to read, with no prior planning. You could tell that they never put in any prep time or went over anything beforehand, in order to be on the same page and that they were just winging it as they went along. I actually felt embarrassed for them. I found it to be boring, lacking any energy or passion and a waste of my time.

Also, Eric Hoffman, didn't even know the correct address of the website that he was trying to give everyone, that wants to resign from the Mormon Church, and have their name officially removed from the records of the Church. Again, poor or no planning ahead, in order to have your facts correct and know what you are actually going to share with the listening audience.

Just to help everyone out, that actually wants to do that, and would like to know the correct place to go to for information; the address is:

Eric said it was, which I guess is close, but no cigar. Also the name of "the woman", is Kathy Worthington and she is a wonderful lady that has helped a lot of people. Any Ex-Mormon, that has been researching or over on RFM, would know that. It was funny and a little awkward and painful, when Eric tried to ask Brian to help him verify that the web address was correct and Brian had no clue, knew absolutely nothing about it and Eric responded with "Oh, okay, I'm just going off on my own here......" and laughed. I was laughing too.

I mean come on guys, know your stuff, plan ahead and at least share accurate information, if you plan on pumping a website and truly want to help Mormons so much, as you claim. Spend some time planning before the show, so that it doesn't appear to be two complete strangers, trying to co-host a show together, while sharing incorrect information as true facts.

So, good luck with your new Oxy-Moronic podcast(Eric can't even keep the name straight) as you guys have a lot to work on, before it is even worth listening to. Maybe it will get better, as I've only listened to episode 1, but my recommendation to everyone, is to not even bother checking it out, as you will just be wasting your time. Then again, everyone can form their own opinion of course, as I’m just trying to help those people out, that don’t have a lot of free time to blow.

I'll end this review with the exact words of Eric Hoffman, from the ending of his living Truth Podcast #3 and then you can all decide if he really wants to help Mormons, if he really has a such a huge heart for them as he claims, or if it is really all about his personal agenda of converting them to his “one and only truth.”

Eric said:

"As long as you believe Joseph Smith and believe his lies, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SOUL FOREVER.....Believing this false doctrine that Satan taught and that Joseph Smith believed and that Brigham Young carried out to all the rest of the Prophets, WILL KEEP YOU OUT OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN FOREVER. These are dangerous grounds folks; to believe in Mormonism, it really is........"

Does this sound like love, compassion, understanding and a huge heart for Mormons?

Well, there you have it and I stand by every word. I sincerely hope that #2 is better than #1 and you would think that Eric would bring with him his experience of recording 23 episodes on his "Living Truth Podcast." That didn't seem to be the case to me in part #1. Good luck guys in your attempt to cut down Mormonism, in order to bring people to your "one and only 3 in 1 Jesus/God/Holy Ghost trinity package."

I guess if one good thing can come from these die-hard Christian activists; it would be that they are exposing Mormonism and maybe helping some people to see the truth, at least from a doctrinal standard; that Mormonism is a fraud.

Despite what their "real agenda" is for doing what they do and the fact that they pretend to have no agenda, other than to help them; hopefully most people will take away their truth about Mormonism and then walk away, ignoring the rest of their personal agenda and converting to their individual cults.

I hope that more good is coming from them than bad, but then that's why I'm here, to help people see and know the truth and expose their agendas, that they claim don't even exist. I will always call a spade a spade and if you don't like that type of honesty, and my passion, then my podcasts and blogs aren't for you and Eric is probably more your style, which is fine with me.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Thursday, August 03, 2006 6:05:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Okay...well damn!!

I was really hoping that episode 2 would be better than the first one, but guys, come on!! Maybe you should just scrap this podcast if you aren't willing to put in the time to get your facts right.

Any TBM could easily dismiss both of you as fools, because you can't even get the details right of where your information comes from.

I reluctantly decided to listen to podcast 2, to see if there were improvements and I've only listened to the first 12 minutes and I already had to write this comment.

I say to anyone that wants to do a podcast about anything; if you aren't willing to put in the hours to research the damn things you want to discuss in your show, then don't do the show. You are wasting everyone's time, plain and simple.

Brian just quoted Hinckley's "I don't know that we teach that" quote, about whether "Mormons could become God", as having come from the interview Hinckley did with the German reporter during the Olympics....buzzz...wrong again guys. I mean this is ridiculous!!

First of all, the controversial quote that Brian speaks off is more about whether "God was once like man, living on an earth like us." Secondly, Eric wasn't even listening or paying attention to one thing that Brian was saying and went right into a quote from The Journal of Discourses.

Like Eric could have corrected Brian anyway, even if he had been paying attention to what Brian was saying, as he doesn't have a clue either. Eric is not a good listener, as he is always thinking ahead about what he wants to say next and ignoring what is currently being said.

Listen guys to how many times Eric says, "I'm reading here" or "I have this quote" or "Wilford Woodruff said", etc, immediately after Brian gets done saying what he is saying. Eric isn't paying the least bit of attention to Brian.

Then Brian, mentions his personal ignorance and asks if anyone has ever renounced the Adam-God doctrine....cue the jeopardy theme song....and Eric says, "hmm....I....(a little laugh) asks Eric a question) and I'm glad I'm not LDS....I don't know...I feel bad for LDS people..."

Just for the record, if Eric had actually listened to anything I've ever said, like in the interview we did with Jared, he would have known the answer to that question. Of course, he would have had to be listening in the first place, right?

Brian talks about the fact that they get heated and to be honest, I'd like to hear these two guys get heated or show some emotion or passion.....praise the Mormon God, if it ever happens.

President Kimball condemned it in the 1976 General Conference:

We warn you against the dissemination of doctrines which are not according to the scriptures and which are alleged to have been taught by some of the General Authorities of past generations. Such for instance is the Adam-God theory. We denounce that theory and hope that everyone will be cautioned against this and other kinds of false doctrine (Church News, Oct. 9, 1976).

It was also condemned by Bruce R. McConkie in a letter that was leaked out in the early 80's. Just trying to help you guys out, so that maybe next time, you can get it right.

These guys don't have a damn clue and how can they be putting on a podcast about something they appear to know nothing about?!! I guess anyone can do a podcast, as we can see by this example of OxyMormonics. It gives podcasting a really bad name!!

Do your research, put in the time, and quit embarrassing yourselves guys as I know you can put out a better product than this crap that you are currently producing. You start some new supposed great podcast and this is it? Are you serious?

This podcast is mind numbing!! Yes, they share some good information and opinions, a lot of which they've learned from me and other ex-Mormon's blogs and websites, at least Eric did, but it doesn't compensate for their inaccurate statements and information.

Eric asks the question, "who are we to trust?" Exactly dude, that's a great question and it ain't you guys, because neither of you have a clue as to what the hell you are talking about. How embarrassing for both of them!!

The best thing about this podcast is the short half hour that they last, which seems like an eternity plus. Maybe they should just cut it down to 10-20 minutes, like some of Eric's living truth podcasts. That way, they could maybe, actually prepare their agenda before recording the show.

I'll say it again guys, either plan and prepare or scrap it.

Also, Brian, if you are reading this; your offense to Mormons calling you or your Church to be an abomination, is just as offensive to you, as it is to the rest of the world, when Eric says, "you will lose your soul forever", if you don't believe as he does.

I get the distinct impression Brian that you concur with Eric's blanket condemnations, so don't be offended when others believe that you are as wrong as you believe they are!! If you are outraged at them, maybe you should also be outraged at yourself and Eric.

I'm glad that you can understand what that offense feels like!! Praise God!! You do realize that you are both condemning all good, true believing Mormons to "lose their soul forever", right? They are really your target audience? Do you think they will be receptive?

So, are the comments and Emails "pouring in?" LMAO!!

Maybe I should do follow up podcasts to their podcasts, to correct all the errors? Then again, how many listeners do you guys even have? Maybe 100-150? Eric mentioned 200, but I doubt that it's that much after the first episode was listened to, as there just isn't any substance to draw people back.

I'll just leave messages here correcting their errors or if anyone has any questions about anything they've said or what the correct links are, just drop me an Email.

Also, I encourage others to leave their opinions of this new podcast, including Eric and Brian.

I may not be listening to future OxyMoronics podcasts, so if anyone else out there has the time to listen to them and wants to report back, this is the post to put it on. We'll just keep the comments going, but then again, maybe no one even cares, and why would they?

Good luck Eric and Brian and thanks everyone for your support!!


At Wednesday, January 10, 2007 6:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a bitter, unhappy, Samuel as evidenced from the venom that spews from his entire web/blog site.

I've been a member of the Church for 35 years and have seen a couple individuals who harbor hate and disgust not only for LDS folks, but unfortunately for too many others.

I don't know what terrible experiences you've had to enbitter you so much, but you're coming across as a bitter old man. I hope that you'll be able to find some happiness, but predict that as long as you continue your crusade against the Church, you will not.

The phrase "Kicking against the pricks" comes to mind.

It's very infrequently that I stumble across venom such as yours, and my heart goes out to you. I hope for you a better more happy life.

Having known a person very much like you in my past, I fear acknowleding my identity to you, because of the potential that you harbor for causing pain an suffering.

I also predict that unless you seek help, you will not find hapiness in your life.


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