Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Perfect Example Of What Die-hard Mormons And Christians, Like Eric Hoffman, Think Will Happen To Everyone That Doesn't Follow Them!!

I thought that you guys would really enjoy this!! I added it permanently to my sidebar in all of my blogs, so that everyone can see how judgmental and condemning these people are. I don't speak of the average Mormon or Christian, rather the die-hards, like the Mormon Hierarchy and the Christian activists like Eric Hoffman, that say, "we will lose our soul forever", if we don't follow them. It is pathetic, but this video clip, is the perfect display of what they actually believe and how they feel toward us and the 70% + of the world, that doesn't believe as they do.

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At Saturday, July 15, 2006 1:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, this Eric Hoffman bashing I have seen before. Samuel, I have been a long time listener and reader of your material and have noticed a change in you. You lack the compassion you once had. You have replaced it with "passion" and hatred for anyone who does not agree with you.

This is the URL for the same thing we are seeing you do to Eric. Who cares what he said. Let him do his Bible thumping all he wants. I may not know much about his faith but I do know that he does not slam you on a consistant basis. Good luck with your podcasts and blog. I just cant deal with your personal problems anymore. your whole Mormon Truth is turning into a highschool "" like atmosphere...
-In Reason,
Tames S.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:59:00 PM, Anonymous Daniel G. said...

Hi Samuel,
I can understand how you feel about Eric, but I have to agree with the previous poster.
The problem of your passion against Eric is that you are turning into the very thing you complain about.
Aren't you "condemning" Eric as well, not in the Christian hell sense, but in reality in the same way Eric condemns others?
If I look back to the development of both Eric and you, I think that both have become quite radical and hateful.
Though I can understand your disagreement with his attitude, please be careful not to fall into the same trap of hatered.
Eric is trapped in his belief of an absolute truth, this is what makes him more radical every day, as 12 million Mormons (including his father?) don't believe his preaching (and hardly anyone seems to listen).
He just thinks: "I preache the only living true Gospel on the world, why does not everyone believe me?" This makes him angry, and this makes him radical.

The problem is that you reflect his anger and his hatered like a perfect mirror.
Instead of concentrating on constructive and objective coverage of the real issues in Mormonism, like psychological oppression of its members, you jump into the everlasting spiral of endless condemning between you and your counterpart Eric Hoffman.

Please open your eyes and recognize the splinter in your own eye, just give Eric the treatment radicals deserve: ignore him!
This will stop the endless spiral of argument and counterargument, and you will be able to concentrate more on your real work again.
Good luck for the future,

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 12:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samuel, bud, your podcasts and blog so far (up until about a month or so ago) have been fantastic. Please give some heed to the two previous posters. Don't let this hatred get to you. You have too much to offer to alienate your audience because of your anger.


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 3:53:00 PM, Blogger Gunner said...

Samuel. A lot of people care for you and worry about you. Drop me a line if you want to talk.

At Monday, July 17, 2006 3:00:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well, considering the above comments, probably all of which came from Eric and his die-hard supporters, I couldn't care less what they say, except for the Gunner comment of course, and Gunner is a great guy. Thanks Gunner!! I appreciate your kind words very much.

The funny thing is, I condemn Eric Hoffman, for doing the same exact thing that the Mormon Hierarchy is guilty of doing; condemning everyone with a blanket, which started with Joseph Smith, when Jesus supposedly told him that all other Churches were abominations, with false teachings and corrupt professors.

Now suddenly the Christians are condemning me for calling them out on their flat-out hypocrisy and horrendous condemnation of good, honest, God-fearing people that live great lives. Interesting turn of events and very ironic, isn't it? Anything for Jesus, right?

Instead of pulling the splinter out my eye, you die-hard Christian activists, and Eric Hoffman or any other radical, fanatical supporter, who condemn everyone to no soul, if they don't follow you and your interpretations of life; need to work very hard on pulling your own head out of your asses!!

Funny how Eric and the other die-hard Christians, are still condemning Mormons, while their blanket condemnations of everyone, that doesn't believe as they do, is completely and perfectly acceptable and oh yes, justified. I have simply added Eric and the others just like him, to my shit list, along with the Mormon Hierarchy.(right where they all belong)

For those of you that don't have a brain that functions properly or have no reasoning ability or logic; I'm not just condemning Eric with a blanket, like he does to everyone else, rather I'm condemning him for his "words of condemnation" to everyone that doesn't believe exactly as he does.

It is what I and many others are doing, to the Mormon Hierarchy and it is the same damn thing, that I'm doing to Eric; exposing truth, hypocrisy and fraud. He must be held accountable for his words and he must be exposed for his blatant hypocrisy and ridiculous beliefs, which condemn all that don't believe what he believes.

Why do I care so much? Because I, having actually been a Mormon for over 30 years(something Eric personally knows absolutely nothing about and never will), having escaped the cult and brainwashing, having been condemned for every little sin(both of omission and commission), having served a mission, where I was basically condemning the world for 2 years; I truly have heart and care deeply for the Mormon people.

I condemn the hierarchy that perpetuates this horrible, abusive and fraudulent cult, not the good Mormon people, many of which are my neighbors, relatives and close family members and friends. Eric on the other hand, condemns everyone that doesn't believe what he does.

Eric is condemning the very people that I truly love and care about and that I want to help, including me and most of you reading this and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give this guy a pass, no matter who he is, no matter that we were once friends.

I would be the hypocrite If I did give him a pass, just because we were buddies or pals or homies, based on what I've been saying for the last year.

I have sent him extensive Emails and messages, left him extensive messages, clearly stating and laying out how I feel about him and what he says and I barely get a response back from him, if I get one at all.

It's very hard for someone like Eric to defend himself, when he is in the wrong and has nothing to back up what he is saying and is also embarrassed somewhat, that he is being a hypocrite and can't explain why.

Wrong is wrong and that those that have followed my podcasts and blogs, know that I will not and I cannot, stand by and watch these Bible thumping clowns, like Eric and his supporters, condemn everyone(especially good, honest Mormons) to "losing their souls forever", if they simply don't believe as they do. This is better than Mormonism? This is having a HEART for the Mormon people? How is that? Oh yeah, because YOU guys have the only truth, I forgot!! They are the epitome of arrogance!!

I also gave Eric every opportunity to come clean, retract his statement of blanket condemnation, soften it, admit he was in error, that he misspoke or whatever, but sadly, he backed it up and confirmed, that he meant every single word of it, has re-stated it and has again confirmed that in his response to me, both in his comment section and on his new website.

So, for those of you that have a problem with me condemning someone for their blanket condemnation of everybody(Just like Mormons), that doesn't believe as they do, maybe you are the problem, not me. Ya think?

I'm doing nothing different toward Eric and his supporters or any Christian or any other religion that is doing this, than I am with the Mormon Hierarchy.

All die-hard SDA's, JW's, Catholics, Mormons, Eric's of the world, Christians, Scientologists, etc, believe that THEY, have the only truth, and that everyone else is screwed. This is intolerance at its finest and I find it disgusting and evil and I will fight it at every turn!!

People, of course, are free to do, believe and say whatever the hell they want, but I also have the right to call them out, disagree and state my opinion, which I'm doing.

If you don't like my opinions, then don't read them, don't listen to them and don't respond to them, but of course, you are free to do all of the above, because you might actually learn something and snap out of your trance and I at least give you the place and forum to express yourself, unlike Eric.

The difference is that I'm not afraid or intimidated by you guys(like Eric is of me, Martin, Christoph, etc), as I watch you slowly dig your holes of embarrassment deeper and deeper.

Also, it's easy not to be afraid, when you have the truth on your side and that the people fighting against you are claiming that they are fully justified in speaking directly for God and condemning my soul to hell forever or at least into non-existence and oh yeah, no heaven, just because I don't believe as they do and follow them.

All I can say, is keep talking guys and exposing yourselves so that people will determine to not be like you and will be able to see your intolerance and lack of any human compassion or understanding.

For right now, I'm focusing on the Mormons and the Christians only, because quite frankly, I don't have time in my life to dissect every religion that is out there doing this, which is most of them.

Of course you guys can't see this, because you are the very ones doing the condemnation and you don't or can't stop it or retract your words, because it would mean that you were wrong and in error and if you are in error......well, you know the drill.

So you die-hard Eric supporters, tell me and explain to me how Eric condemning everyone that doesn't believe as he does, to "no heaven and losing their souls forever" is right and correct? You actually support this? You feel okay with this? You sleep peacefully at night, can look in the mirror?

Please state why and give us some better explanation then Eric's Adam and Eve in the garden, thought they could become God's..Mormons think they can become Gods....blah, blah, blah.

Explain to me how this little cartoon unfairly portrays what Eric thinks will happen to everyone that doesn't believe in his God/Jesus and his beliefs. Can't take the heat guys or what?

One thing, is that at least you guys can come on here and say whatever the hell you want, without being censored and edited and/or deleted and chastised, as Eric now does on his new, "Wholesome, profanity free, fake blog", while in his personal life, Eric regularly says, shit, damn it, hell, bitch, etc. Has Eric been born again, born again in the last few weeks?

Eric is a hypocrite and he knows it!! Meanwhile, he has been saved, so I guess he can do or say whatever he wants now, because he accepted Jesus and no one is perfect. I will not stand for or tolerate this hypocrisy and Eric, if you are out there, you know what I'm talking about homie.(That's how he addressed me the other day)

Don't try to turn the tables and make me out to be the hypocrite, when you define the word perfectly Eric. Tames S., Dan and Xena, to the best of my knowledge, haven't ever left me messages on here before, or Emailed me, with those names, so either they are Eric's little pals, that he sent over here or they are all Eric himself, you know, 3 in 1, like his God, that I must believe in or "lose my soul forever!!"

Pretty strange that 3 new people would suddenly jump on board and reveal themselves, know all my podcasts and all be in support of Eric, at this very moment, isn't it? It must just be a big, huge coincidence and my name is Jimmy Dean, the sausage King.....LOL!! Do you like the hot & spicy flavor? I love it!! The maple is pretty cool too!!

So, I guess it's okay for these Christian activists to lambaste the Mormons, but whenever they get called are this horrible, terrible, evil, so full of anger person.

As long as that anger is directed at Mormons, they love you, think you are awesome, link to you, quote you, put you in their podcasts, play clips of you in their intro, etc. But if that train turns around in their direction...look out, the gloves are off for Mr. "lose your soul forever" and now you are next to Satan himself!!

You guys are just embarrassing and exposing yourselves, for the condemning, hypocritical frauds you are, so go back to Ericland, where it is nice and cozy and profanity free and continue condemning people, which is what you all do best, in the name of your God, while pretending to have a huge heart and much love for the Mormon people.

You quit condemning the Mormons and I might quit going after you. Until then, all is fair and I won't back down.

It is truly unfortunate, that I have to waste my time dealing with these pathetic Christian hypocrites, who pretend to know and understand God/Jesus so well, when I should be helping the Mormons.

Hopefully, exposing you guys, will end up helping them when they leave Mormonism, to never, EVER, become like you in condemning everyone and that they will run from the likes of you guys, which is my goal that I want to accomplish here.

I condemn things that are wrong, period and I hate injustice and I am the same person that I have been since I started my podcast and blog almost a year ago, in that regard.

That same passion which drove me to start my blog and podcast and now drives me to continue my blog and podcasts, is the same damn passion I've had since the beginning of my journey.

Now, these so called Christians like Eric and his homies, are feeling that same passion, heat and wrath, breathing down their necks and they don't like it one bit.

So yeah, I'm still pissed off and I piss on injustice and what Eric is doing(just like the Mormon Hierarchy), which is unjust, hateful and not helping anybody, all while he claims to have this huge heart for Mormons and ends all of his statements with "Grace and Peace."

Grace and peace my ass!! If condemning everyone like he does, is grace and peace, I don't want any of it and who would?!!

I condemn the Mormon Hierarchy, especially and specifically Gordon B. Hinckley, James E. Faust, Gordon KKK Packer and M. Russell Ballard for the awful things they have said/say and taught/teach.

I am simply applying the same exact thought process and analysis to Eric Hoffman and his gang of followers, for their blanket condemnation of the whole world, unless they believe as they do. If you can't see that, then I'll just quote the Mormon episode on South Park and say, "dumb...dumb...dumb...dumb!!

Now, for those that have missed Eric's recent personal attacks on me, let me post them for you(of course, all of these comments were after he has praised and thanked me personally and publicly for months, for my blogs and podcasts, linked to my blogs/podcasts, interviewed me, invited me to join his interview with Jared, called me regularly to talk all about the Mormons, asked me to stay online during his podcasts to help him with links and quotes, wanted to start a website together, etc):

"As for Samuel the Utahnite, I highly disagree with his way of doing things...personally I think he is wasting his time. If it was for himself purely, I might think different. But he claims he is trying to help people...How can you help someone with swearing and name calling??"

Funny, isn't it? He loved my blog, most of which was written last year and in the first 2 months of this year, before we even really new each other. He loved my podcasts, my passion and even modeled his blog after mine....Mormon TRUTH....Living TRUTH and on and on, as the parallels are endless.

And then on July 3(after a great poster named Martin, who was calling Eric out and has now been banned), posted a link to my blogs, he said:

"I dont know if you read my "Forum Policy" thread....But you linked to a site that I find highly offensive. Samuel the Utahnite is a great guy but his photo in his title of his new site is some what pornographic.... Also his posts are littered with 4 letter curse words. This to me is not suitable for people TRULY seeking answers.

So now, according to Eric, my blogs are littered with 4 letter curse words, which everyone would assume is the F bomb, which doesn't exist even once on any of my blogs or posts and as far as I know, on any of my comments, unless somebody dropped one and I forgot or didn't see it. Again, Eric has misrepresented and lied, to everyone, knowingly.

I also have a question for Eric:

"if my swear words and website, one of which now has a pornographic picture, are so offensive, do you think condemning them all(Mormons), if they don't believe exactly as you do, to "lose their souls forever", is actually helpful?" If so, how? Please tell everyone how much this helps them and in what ways, to feel loved and accepted?

Quite frankly, I don't care if somebody does drop the F bomb, as Joy did a few times in our podcast, but I'm just trying to keep the facts straight here, which he easily distorts in his own favor, in trying to cover his ass and make me look as bad as he can.

If somebody is really pissed off and wants to drop the F bomb, go right ahead, what's the big deal? I realize that it's offensive to some, especially former Mormons and for that very reason I try to refrain from it, but if I ever want to use it, I will.

If people tune me out because of one word, then so be it, but the facts are, that there isn't one anywhere in any of my blogs, so what's up Eric? Why do you lie like you do pal?

Also, if the 4 letter words he is referring to, are shit, damn and hell, well yes, they are here and there and so what? Eric uses shit, damn and hell, everyday of his life, or at least he did when we stayed in touch regularly.

Maybe he was re-saved, and re-accepted Jesus in his life, as I wondered about above and was cleansed again. Who the hell knows and who the hell cares?

So, hey, Eric, don't pretend to be some goody, goody, profanity free, little Christian boy, when you aren't in your own personal daily life. Eric even used the word ass, on the podcast with Jared, for all to hear, so surely, it can't be those words hurting his supposed Christian, virgin ears.

So, as I've said, the other 4 letter F bomb, doesn't even exist anywhere. Don't let him fool you people, as he is not that person he is pretending to be and is not honest.

Google my site in advanced search, search through Technorati or the Google search right on my site and tell me where all of these horrible 4 letter words are. All I can say for Eric, is HOW EMBARRASSING!!

Also, the "some what pornographic picture" he is so offended by, on my new "highly offensive site", as most of you know, is 4 women in bikinis, with Joseph Smith's eyes popping out of his head, as he is checking them out.

That is what Eric considers to be "some what pornographic?" God help the poor man if he has or ever sets foot on a beach, as it must have been or will be like fornicating or committing adultery a thousand times over. The repentance process must be intense or I guess, actually, since he has accepted Jesus now, is just done in an instant, when he says "praise God or Praise Jesus" or whatever the hell he says.

Simply put, Eric is ridiculous, especially if you knew some of the other things that he openly discusses and has said in personal correspondence with me. It was nothing offensive to me as we had many good laughs and great, open discussions about all different subjects.

Also, he has looked at worse pictures than that one on the salamander society and laughed his ass off, right along with me. In addition, just for the record, before that picture of the bikini girls and Joe Smith with bugging eyes, was on my website, he loved it and thought it was hilarious. HMM....I wonder what changed?

All I'm saying Eric, is just be true to who you really truly are and quit pretending to suddenly be this little angel, Christian Boy, who would never dare utter a bad word or look at pornographic girls in bikinis.

Also, quit saying that you have a heart for me and want to be my friend, while calling me "DEMONIC" and condemning me to "lose my soul forever."

Anyway, I had to say what I had to say about Eric, call his ASS out on his BS statements and flat-out lies and then I'll be done. If you guys think that I'm gonna go on and on for weeks or months about Eric, please remove the crack pipe from your mouth and come back to reality.

Again, in conclusion, I will not allow Eric to say over and over, that he welcomes different points of view or to please Email him if he is out of line or preaching false things or wrong, etc; while at the same time, he doesn't tolerate any differing opinions whatsoever, without grilling the person as to what their agenda is, what they believe, why they are there and now, he just deletes whatever they had to say and inserts his own comments, saying that they have been booted and banned.

Simply put, Eric is afraid of differing opinions that he can't respond to and that is also why he has decided to heavily edit his board, ban people, and has now involved his preacher buddy, to counteract everyone, because he doesn't have a clue about much.

Eric should just turn everything over to his cog dis, apologetic preacher pal and wash his hands of the whole thing.

So, Eric, if you are still reading my blogs, what is your purpose, why are you here, what do you hope to accomplish.....just kidding, I don't give a damn if you read my blogs, because you might actually learn something and learn what it is like to truly care for someone and help them without an agenda sky high, all the way to Kolob, to convert them to your ideas and ideals.

Funny how I'm not welcome over on Eric's blog, with my opposing points of view and occasional swear words, but he is free to come on here and flame me all day long if he wants, isn't it? Who is intolerant? Who is the hypocrite? Wake up you die-hard Eric supporters and see the light...PLEASE!!

Either Eric has dramatically changed since I met him, as he started hanging out with his new die-hard Christian buddies, like Aaron, or he deceived me from the start.

Personally, I think that he has changed from a guy that respected me and what I was doing, and sincerely wanted to follow my example and help the average Mormon to know the truth; to a guy who now flat-out, with no apologies, condemns all Mormons and all people, if they don't convert to his ideas, his beliefs and his "ONLY TRUTH."

I find this sad and disappointing, that he cannot see, due to his intolerance and fanatical Christian beliefs, the hypocrisy, pain and harm, that he is causing ex-Mormons or soon to be ex-Mormons. He does them or himself, no good whatsoever with this hate and condemnation.

There is no heart, no love, no compassion, no understanding, just intolerance and condemnation. You guys and gals out there, that support Eric, really want to be in the same category as him?

I feel sorry for all of you that believe, behave and act is this way. Funny how you all try to turn it around on me, that I'm wrong, for condemning someone and their words, that are unfairly condemning others, isn't it?

I always seek justice and truth and you guys, seek intolerance and condemnation and in Eric's little circle, sadly, you have found your home, where you feel comfortable.

Best wishes everyone and just remember, this is my home, my blog, and my podcasts and I'm entitled to say and express what I want,(just as you are) share my opinions and do my thing and I will never be intimidated or shut down, by any of you, who are trying to accomplish that very thing.

If you are highly offended by righteous anger at injustice, passion and occasional swearage, then this isn't the place for you and move on, or go hang with Eric, where you are more comfortable, because he will love you and needs supporters desperately.

Take care everyone and thanks again for your support,


At Monday, July 17, 2006 12:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, Samuel, you are one paranoid man. You have every right to be angry, but take a chill pill already!!

Although you don't know who I am, I can certainly tell you I'm in no way affiliated with Eric. I don't even go over to his website because I'm not interested in Christianity. I am interested in recovery from Mormonism and I just may take your advice and go elsewhere because of YOUR abuse towards me. I've done nothing to you but support you and you've turned into a fricken one tracked mind monster.

I served a mission too, I was just as lied as you were, but I'm not acting like bloody Joseph Smith and condemning everyone who doesn't like what I say.

Good Grief Samuel. You are weakening your credibility. I don't appreciate your personal attacks on me.


p.s. I have written you personally thanking you for your time and effort on this site. You are the one that didn't bother writing back.

At Monday, July 17, 2006 12:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto on that one Xena! I am out of here! Samuel's on one! What's that ol' Proverb? I think it goes, "Where words are abundent sin is present."
I don't know anything about Eric other than what Samuel has told us. I went over to his site today and could not find anything about hating Samuel. It was just all the same old Christianity I have heard before! But hatred? Couldn't find it. Good Luck!!
-In Reason
Tames S.

At Monday, July 17, 2006 2:50:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well, have fun Xena and Tames S and thanks for ignoring every word I said in my last comment and thanks for supporting intolerant people like Eric Hoffman, who want to condemn every innocent person on the earth, if they don't believe what they believe.

Also, I'm not paranoid, because I've had a year to see how people like Eric function and work and doing the multiple posts, with different names, all supporting each other, one right after another, is one of their favorites.

If you Xena, are truly not Eric, not one of his supporters, then I apologize, but I highly recommend that you educate yourself on one Eric Hoffman, since you claim to have never even visited his site. In order to slam me, you might want to have a little clue, as to what I'm talking about, which you obviously and admittedly don't.

I also find it absolutely amazing, "XENA", that you are interested in "recovery from Mormonism", while completely accepting someone like Eric, who runs anti-Mormon websites/blogs and podcasts, that do nothing but condemn the very people you are supposedly so interested in helping, "to lose their souls forever."

Frankly, if you both support this, Xena and Tames, I feel sorry for both of you and I wouldn't want you here anyway, unless you were willing to learn that such blanket condemnations are wrong and immoral.

Just what the hell do you think I've been condemning for the last year? Have either one of you actually listened to any of my podcasts or read one of my posts?

It's obvious that you haven't learned a thing in your recovery or studies, if you can sit back and say that Eric's condemnations are perfectly fine and acceptable, but that the guy who speaks out against them, me, has the problem.

I need to tone it down? What about the guy that, when given the chance by me, to soften his statement of blanket condemnation, only confirmed it once again?

Why don't you guys head on over to his site and see what happens, if you try to say this shit to him. You'd be booted by Eric or his preacher pal, in 2 nanoseconds. But I'm the intolerant one? Why don't you guys try to actually formulate a good argument, that actually makes sense, before posting here.

I find it unbelievable, that you are both supposedly supporters of me and what I'm doing, but yet, support Eric's condemning of all Mormons and everybody else, "to lose their souls forever", if they don't come to his side.

Then you both condemn me for condemning Eric and his awful condemnation? Something is wrong with this picture and it is the both of you, not me. You are both trying to be sly, but are exposing your motives to everybody, with your ridiculous arguments.

Also, Xena, can you please guide me to your Email, that you sent me...I'd love to read it again.

You say:

"I have written you personally thanking you for your time and effort on this site. You are the one that didn't bother writing back."

First of all, I don't have one Email, with the name XENA on it, anywhere in my Emails, that I can find. I have not deleted one of my Emails, since I started, other than the daily spam.

So can you please provide me with the name you used, the date you sent it, in order to better help me know who you are and to re-read your Email of praise and thanks for me.

Did you actually think that I'd just be able to figure it out through osmosis or what? Did you think that you were the only person sending me Emails?

Also, I usually get over 100 Emails a week and I do the best I can to answer people and I'm hundreds behind, going back to last August, so I'm sorry that I didn't take the time out to answer you specifically.

I do the best I can and I guess that isn't good enough for you, so, once again, I'm sorry. I try to pick out the emails from people, that truly need my help, are asking for my help or advice, the very most, which I guess I didn't feel from your Email, if I even got it.

If you'd like to volunteer to help me read and answer Emails, let me know. I'm one person, with 3 blogs, 2 podcasts and a ton of Emails, and I'm helping a ton of people, both in and outside of my Family, but I guess I'm just not cutting it for you. Too bad you can't fire me, right?

Oh yeah, I do have a personal life as well, just in case you care, and I'm not getting paid for one thing I'm doing here, other than some much appreciated and needed donations, that I received 2-3 months ago.

I'm sacrificing my life, completely, on my own dime, to do what I'm doing, so consider that, before you want to rip into me next time. I do all of this because I want to and the people that I'm helping, that truly appreciate what I'm doing, make it all worthwhile and make up for those that don't appreciate it.

Of course, the other option, as you mention, is to quit listening and reading the material, from such an incompetent, too angry, too condemning, judgmental Ex-Mormon, who has no compassion or no clue.

It sounds to me, like you'd be happier over in Ericland, so head on over there and see what you find. Also, if he allows you to actually post a comment, tell him that Samuel says hi....LOL!!

Whether you XENA, are listening to my podcasts or reading my blogs, I'm going to go forward and do my thing, just like I've been doing for the last year. I'm sorry that you no longer can understand or appreciate what I'm doing, but to each their own.

If you would like to continue this conversation in private, just Email me, since I don't even have a clue as to who you are, and I would appreciate it. If not, and you can't stand my anger at injustice and lies anymore, I guess you won't be here, so thanks and take care and good luck in your future.

Also, I will be done with this Eric Hoffman topic within the next couple days, as he isn't worth any more time than that. Please allow me to state my opinions and deal with clowns like this and have a little patience.

Once I'm done with a subject, I'm done. I had my problem with Infymus back in February, as the first comment mentioned, and I dealt with it and I haven't said one word about him, anywhere, since then.

So, there is all the proof you need, that I just move on when I'm done and I wash my hands, once I've said what I've gotta say and made my peace. These comments and blogs and podcasts, will stand forever, as to how I felt about the situation or individual.

I simply will not allow, nor tolerate, someone to be a hypocrite, while talking shit about me, without a response back.

Maybe you guys wouldn't respond and are perfectly fine with people publicly accusing you falsely of things that aren't true, smearing your character, making up lies about you publicly, but I'm not, as you very well know by now.

My way is not your way, but get over it. I started this blog, to give me this very freedom that I'm expressing right now, that I didn't have for my entire life, being in the Mormon cult, and if I wanted to be censored and restricted, I'd go hang out in FAIR, RFM and ONE LIVING TRUTH.

You guys can try really hard to censor me, control me and manipulate me, but you will fail, so don't even try.

This is also the reason that I link to and support Dr. Shades and Mormon Discussions. There are no limits, no restrictions and complete freedom of speech.(except for the obvious hate speech, bigotry, etc.)

Dr. Shades is one of the people that I look up to the very most, in the Ex-Mormon Community and I'm very grateful for all that he has done, both with his personal website and insights and then his public, censorship free forum.

Oh yeah, and clueless Tames, do a little more searching, on his site, with the name Samuel, and you might find something. Eric is also, daily, deleting anything that makes him look bad, like all of the comments from a poster named Martin, that supported me and for that reason, I have preserved the quotes here, so that you can read them.

Best wishes everyone,



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