Thursday, March 16, 2006

There Are Some Crazy, Sick, Foul, Perverted Folks Out There That Consider Themselves To Be Good Mormons And They Email Me Everyday. They Need Help!!

Lately, I've been receiving more and more Emails from those Anti-Samuel the Utahnites out there and it's actually getting to be quite disturbing, as the anger against me and what I'm doing, just continues to grow. I guess you could say that they are just anti-truth and anti-reality but they also hate me for exposing this huge fraud. I'm sincerely concerned for the well being of these individuals that are absolutely losing their minds over what I'm doing and clearly living on the edge.

My Favorite stalker, who has now sent me 10 Emails, 3 this week alone, constantly wants to talk about me sexually, my sex life, my anatomy, my walnuts, etc, and yesterday I got one from somebody else, that F'd me, F'd what I was doing, called me an F'n prick, etc. Is this what it has come to for these pathetic, sick, mentally deranged cult members?

I guess if you can't counter the facts and debate what I've been sharing since last July, and can't justify all of the Mormon lies, deceit, contradictions and awful teachings, which include bigotry and racism, some teachings that have led to suicides; then you just lash out at me and personally attack me any way you can, right? These are desperate, pathetic and mentally ill individuals.

Frankly, I feel sorry for these people and I hope that they get the help they need and soon. These people are an embarrassment to their beloved cult, to themselves and family and quite frankly, are a danger to society in general, especially those of us that are telling the truth about Mormonism. And people wonder why I don't use my real name? These wackos would probably try to kill me or my family and friends and burn my house down, blow my cars up, etc, if they knew who I really was.

Is their religion that important and strong in their lives, or are they just mentally sick people who have been made worse by the Mormon cult? Probably a little of both!! We've seen examples all over the world of what religious zealots and fanatics are willing to do for their God and leaders and I'm not sure that some of these folks, these die-hard Apologists, are that far away from doing something crazy for what they believe in.

Just like any other religion, these fanatical crazies, just make everyone else in the religion, the normal people, look really bad. And they think that they are doing it to help, or in defense of their faith? It just shows how twisted their minds are, doesn't it?

I'm pretty much at the point now, that I may never be able to reveal who I really am, due to safety concerns for myself and those that I love. These sick individuals, probably believe that "blood atonement" is still in affect and just like the great examples in the Mormon Hierarchy, "the ends always justify their means." I have always intended to reveal who I am at some point, publicly, but now I'm not sure that it would be safe to do so and I will not put my loved ones and friends in any danger.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm actually living back in the days of Brigham Young and blood atonement, when I get these insane Emails. I found it fascinating that when the Hofmann bombings started, that the Tanners thought they might be next and that the bombings might have been committed by some "blood atonement, believing member", that would do anything for the Lord, even kill if necessary. I'm now beginning to understand their thought process and understand what they were feeling.

I have even more respect for people like the Tanners, Eric, Mike Norton, Bob McCue, Richard Packham, Tal Bachman, etc, for actually revealing to the world who they are. I would say that it is a risky proposition to do so and I admire them for their courage. All I can say guys, is watch your back!!

I honestly believe that if it wasn't for the laws of the land, that the Mormon Church would still openly practice blood atonement, in order to get rid of the likes of me and everyone that they consider to be sinners, according to their standards, but especially us Apostates. Damn laws, always getting in the way of what the Mormon Hierarchy would really like to be doing!! I guess that it's kind of like polygamy, if it wasn't for those laws, they'd still be polygamists, right? After all, it is Gods highest Celestial law.

I think that these people are a perfect example of what affect the Church can have, mentally and psychologically on some individuals; it turns them into crazy lunatics. It's amazing that they are writing me in defense of their precious Mormon Church, and consider themselves to be good Christians and Mormons. I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if most of them had temple recommends and felt completely justified in doing and saying what they are, because they are "doing it in defense of the Lord."

Now, with that being said, I don't think these mentally unstable nutjobs, that masquerade as good Mormons, are typical and certainly don't represent the majority of good Mormons, that are blindly following and just trying to live good and happy lives. These good people, which is the vast majority of Mormon members, have complete and total trust and faith in their Mormon leaders.

I was once one of them too and I never dreamed that I was being lied to and deceived either. It wasn't even a thought in my mind, at any point, even though I had many unanswered questions for most of my life, from an early age. I was usually happy with the "we won't understand that one until we are on the other side" response, which is the common Mormon fall back answer for anything that can't be explained.

I've stated many times and I will state it again for those that are having reading comprehension difficulties; my beef is with the Mormon Hierarchy, not the general membership of the Church, which I consider to be innocent victims of the cult. Like I've said countless times, I used to be one of these Innocent, brainwashed members, as were many of you out there and we didn't know the truth and believed in Mormonism with all of our hearts.

Now, the members that I do have a big problem with, and take issue with, are those that have learned and know all the facts, done intensive study like most of us, know all about the true history and lies and then say that it only makes their testimony stronger. Then, they defend the Mormon Hierarchy against our attacks by using any means necessary. People have accused me of having anger issues or being too angry? Trust me, I'm Bambi, compared to these insane, die-hard TBMS!!

I'm speaking of the apologists and those that want to defend their faith at any cost, even sending me foul Emails that are personally threatening or attacking me, my family and friends. Again, some people defend the Mormon Church's sins in complete ignorance, as I used to do, and as many of you did, but some do it with complete knowledge of the fraud and I find that very disturbing.

Maybe they were just more brain-washed than we were? It's pretty scary and sad to see what a religion/cult, like Mormonism can do to somebody. But, that is what happens in mind control cults like Mormonism.

My good friend Eric, who is a Christian and never-Mormon, who just moved to Utah about 5 months ago, has experienced this treatment that I'm discussing, on the FAIRBOARDS, which are supposedly full of die-hard, faithful TBMS. He also has a blog and podcast and shared some of these experiences on his last podcast. He simply goes there, to FAIR, asking good, legitimate questions and starts getting blasted immediately by the nasty TBMS and then his thread, in some cases, 10 pages or longer, just gets completely deleted.

Also, people start sending him very nasty, hard-core, offensive private messages, cutting him down, calling him names, etc. They seriously consider and call themselves Christians? This is the best the Church can produce to defend their blatant lies and fraud?

I'm beginning to think that most people, who have all the facts and truth and then defend this damn Mormon cult, for the most part, fit into this category of what I'm experiencing and what Eric and many others are experiencing. They are fanatical and crazy and even if God himself came down and told them that the Mormon Church was false, they'd tell God to go F himself and then try to beat him up, while cursing like maniacs. That is who we are dealing with for the most part.

They will do anything for the Lord and to defend "his Church." There is something very fundamentally wrong with these people and like I said, I only hope that they can get that help they desperately need, before they actually hurt someone in the name of God and Mormonism. It's not too late guys to go see a psychiatrist and see if they can help you understand why you are losing your minds.

I sincerely send my best wishes to these people that are coming apart at the seams, due to what I and others are revealing about their beloved cult. Instead of attacking us, maybe you should actually read and listen to what we are saying and re-direct your anger where it belongs; against the Mormon Hierarchy that is propagating more fraud in the world every single day.

Anyway, I do apologize for not writing too much on my blog lately, as this blog of mine is VERY important to me and my heart and soul since last July; but I've been very focused on my podcast, my personal life, helping people, returning Emails, further research and study and I was also out of town for almost a week. I can't do it all guys, but I sure try, as I've been spreading myself pretty thin lately. I'm doing the best that I can and I appreciate your patience and understanding

I'll be back later today with some cool and exciting news that I think all of you will like. Good things are happening and will continue to happen as I'm completely dedicated to what I'm doing here and helping people everyday. I can't see a day where I would ever stop, as mentally tiring and exhausting as it may be sometimes, because I never get tired of helping people that need my help.

I once again, want to REALLY THANK, those of you that have sent me personal Emails, or left comments on my Mormon Truth Podcast blog, thanking me for my efforts, or telling me how I've helped you. I do need those, to boost my spirits and determination, as I'm human. No matter how strong I may seem, I have my days where I'm just drained and wonder if it's all worth it, but then I get one of those Emails or comments and I'm totally rejuvenated.

Even if I didn't get those Emails or comments, I would continue on anyway, because I know, no matter how tired I may be, that what I'm doing is important; but your Emails and comments are what give me that needed boost and strength and extra energy, when I am tired. I can't seem to get caught up on my Emails, but I'm trying hard guys, to respond to everyone of you. One day, you will get that response, if you haven't received it yet.

I have always promised that I will respond to every Email, except those that call me an f'n this and that and an adulterer, etc, but it has become very difficult to do so, because I have been receiving so many Emails. I never thought that I'd get so much response and I've been overwhelmed. Again, I'm trying as hard as I can to answer every single Email, but it may take me a while. Just know that I got your Email and that I'm grateful for it and appreciate it very much and that you will hopefully hear back from me soon.

Thank you all so much once again and if I've helped you or helped someone that you know, please take a moment and just let me know, as that is my main goal; to help people everyday to find the truth and better deal with their pain of leaving Mormonism and the discovery process that it's all a fraud. I have received some great Emails in the last week, that just confirmed how much good I'm doing and how much pain and suffering, completely and directly related to Mormonism, is out there in the world at all times.

People are suffering everyday, torn between the truth of what they now know and have discovered and their families and friends that they love. These people need all of the love, understanding and support that we can give them. People are forced, by the Mormon Church, to make a decision that nobody should have to make.

The Mormon Cult is a very destructive organization that is tearing apart relationships, not helping to bring them together as they publicly claim and deceptively pretend to be "all about Families and love." That is what they use to help suck people into their sick and twisted cult world, full of despair, division and desperation.

Their stupid, lie and fraud of a motto, set to pretty music, that "Families can be together forever", is missing the important and true ending sentence; "if they are obedient Mormons only." Eternal Families? Oh yeah, "if they are "obedient Mormons only?" If they aren't, prepare yourselves for an Eternity, yes, ETERNITY, alone, without some, or even all of those that you loved on this earth. How does this BS give anyone any hope or warm and fuzzy, burning bosom sensations? Personally, it makes me want to puke!!

Take care everyone and I greatly appreciate all of your support and kind words.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Wednesday, June 21, 2006 12:10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think you receive that reaction from those that are disturbed by some of the material you discuss because it makes them have to ask questions of themselves. In my mormon experience there was an almost blankness to enquirey and discussion or research was frowned upon. Why? because if you dig deep enough you discover that Smith was an unsavory individual who was no more than an opportunist. You can do all this by using Church history. The anger you receive is from those who hate the idea that what they believe might not be all it seems so they lash out. It must be awfull to know you might be believing a lie, would it not be so much better to seek the absolute truth whether that damages what you believe or not? Much better to debate with the likes of Jared than to respond to the hate mail from so called TBM's. Here is something that you might get a kick out of. Years ago, in the last Sunday school meeting I attended a pretty senior member of my ward posed the question....." If evolution is true why are monkeys not turning into men today? " I kid you not.

At Monday, September 11, 2006 1:41:00 PM, Anonymous jack loganbill said...

Have you ever considered that those responding as Mormons, are not Mormons, but rather wolves in sheep's clothing. Happens all across the blog world.

I doubt any person of the Mormon faith would behave or react in the manner you described. It's Not Christian. It's Not Mormon.

Jack Loganbill


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