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A Man Named Ghoulslime, Set Out To Settle His Score With The Mormon Church, By Spitting On the Salt Lake Temple!! Mission Accomplished!!

{I sat next to the fire and enjoyed rosemary chicken, chestnut stuffing, creamed potatoes, asparagus, and a goblet of excellent Chardonnay. I was the only guest in the restaurant. I studied the fire, and listen to Pavarotti. It was a perfect meal.}

Well, I just wanted to do a post on a guy who calls himself Ghoulslime. If any of you are easily offended, then DO NOT, click on the links in the paragraph just below this one. Consider yourselves warned!! I had seen a post on this guy the other day and then one of my avid readers/listeners, Bonnie, brought him back to my attention. Thanks Bonnie!!

He set out on a journey to "SPIT" on the Salt Lake Temple and had some fun along the way, at the Boise, Idaho temple and the Logan temple as well. He accomplished his goal. He also dropped by his home town of Preston, Idaho, to see his Parents. He had a funny experience in the Mormon Church while there. It's worth reading...LOL!!

Now, I would never do this myself, as it's just not my nature and I in no way recommend doing this to anybody else or condone his views on 99% of what he says on his blog regarding other issues. But I do have to admit, this part, regarding spitting on the temples, was pretty funny, in a twisted sort of way. I don't know how else to explain it.

To follow his journey and see the pictures with his comments and his irreverence, at least regarding this issue, was pretty damn funny to me. It appears that he may be a complete atheist at this point and to each their own. However, when it comes to his views regarding the Mormon Church, I'd have to say that he's pretty much right on the money. Everybody has the right to believe whatever they want, especially when your spiritual rug of Mormonism, is pulled out from under you in such a cruel and brutal way, after a lifetime of believing and trusting them.

Who am I to judge people that discover that they have been lied to, deceived and defrauded by the Mormon Church for their entire life, over 30 years? Everybody has their way of responding, showing their anger, expressing themselves, healing and reacting, and he has chosen his path, just like I've chosen mine. If this was what he needed to heal or feel some closure, then great!! Everybody has a different way of responding to such a horrible, life-changing discovery and maybe that is why I felt the need to share this with all of you.

I know that I risk offending some of my loyal readers and listeners, but that isn't my intention. I simply wanted to show this man's way of dealing with his anger, a completely different way of responding, along with his sense of humor to go with it. It also shows just how heavy the impact of the discovery of the fraud of Mormonism can have on a person. We are truly victims of a mind-controlling cult and I'm just glad that somehow, someway, I found my way out of it along with so many others and many of you that are reading this right now.

I wasn't even going to post this on my blog, and I was tossing it around for days, until I read a great post that he wrote the other day, regarding why he feels the way he does about the Mormon Church. That post clarified why he felt the need to do what he was doing. I can't say that I disagreed with anything he said in that post and felt that I should share it here with Mormon Truth readers. I hope that he doesn't mind me doing so, but I'm pretty sure that he won't. He showed his serious side and shared his pain as he clearly explained why he feels the way he does and I share much empathy with him as I do many of you out there.

I have to say that after reading what he wrote and reflecting again, on my personal knowledge of the evilness of the Mormon Church and their awful, bigoted and racist teachings, spitting on the Salt Lake Temple or any temple for that matter, seems pretty minor, when compared to the big picture of what the Mormon Church does everyday to destroy and separate Families and individuals. The fear and intolerance that they instill in their little "Village cult" is unforgivable and horrible.

In fact, they probably deserve that show of disrespect, which is pretty minor, when you consider and compare it to the unrepentant nature and lack of any compassion or love toward their members, as they destroy them individually and collectively.

The Mormon Hierarchy doesn't feel one shred of remorse for anything they do or have done and they will NEVER, EVER apologize for their actions. So, with that being said, spitting on their temples, is nothing. Anyway, I'll let you guys read it and form your own opinions, but I think it's pretty damn funny. This guy is a character, that's for sure. I'm glad that he found a way to feel better and cope with his individual pain.

The Mormon Church can take a normal, kind, loving, happy person, twist them up and lie to them and deceive them for 30 years. Then, they spit them out when they start asking questions and wonder why they are so damn mad, as they excommunicate them, in love and the name of God of course. What it's really all about for most of us, is justice and closure.

People want justice since the Mormon Church will never say they are sorry for what they have done. The fact that they will never admit to their lies, deceit and fraud, precludes for most of us, that closure that we would like to have, so, in turn, we have to fight them and take them on publicly. Then they stand in General Conference and point their fingers at us, "saying, see, they just can't leave us alone" and "that it's proof that the Mormon Church is true."

Those of us that discover the truth, pay a very high price, both emotionally and mentally plus the loss of best friends and Family members. The cost is incalculable and certainly not appreciated or understood by anyone that is still in the cult and a true believer.

Anyway, here is the great post that he wrote, describing perfectly, why he feels the way he feels and what the Church does to make people so damn angry and offended:

I received an email from a friend who doesn’t understand why I would exhibit such loathing towards the Mormon Church, or any other organization, as to seek out its place of worship to defile it. He states, “I’ve always known you to be a very kind and optimistic person without hatred for anything. Your jokes are sometimes blunt and brutal but the gentle look in your eye communicates such a good nature that it is difficult to imagine that you could be capable of harboring hatred in your heart.”

While I appreciate the high regard which this sweet friend affords me, I must say that I am as capable as anyone of hatred if given sufficient cause. How can I explain this feeling of hurt and anger to someone who has never been the victim of a religious cult? Let me try.

If someone were peddling heroin to your children, would you try to prevent it? If your brother were drunk and trying to get in his car, would you not take his keys away from him? If someone were taking your grandmother’s pension in a scam by selling a ticket to eternal Unicorn Rainbow Land, would you not intervene? Then how could I ever be expected to stand idly by as Mormonism consumes so many lives, including some of my family?

The cruelest lie perpetrated by Mormonism is the catch phrase used so often by this nefarious organization, “Families Are Forever”. To the Mormon Church, the family unit is a tool of organization and control. It is at the family level that the fundamental brainwashing is implemented. This evil religion makes the family member choose between accepting the tenets of the religion and losing a place in the member’s family. Many of those who find the courage to escape from the tenacious grasp of this vile organization are scarred for life. For many of those who have grown up in a religious cult, the most difficult part about leaving is seeing one’s friends and family still trapped in it.

In regions of the United States where Mormonism prevails, guilt and anxiety fill the minds of so many whose only sin was to be gullible. Hardworking people slave under the yoke of this criminal organization to pay ten percent of their income, and one hundred percent of their time to fill the coffers of these snake oil peddlers. Minds are filled with illogical, dogmatic rubbish. Mental institutions are filled with the victims of Joseph Smith’s scam. How can such a malevolent establishment continue unabated, while innocent people suffer?

Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet and the freedom of information that it has brought, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can no longer control the propaganda that its members are privy to. With a few minutes spent on a search engine, a curious member can discover much that was once carefully controlled by the propaganda ministers of the LDS church. The true origin of Joseph Smith’s cult is carefully documented for all to see and become enlightened by.

Notwithstanding the immense resources and furious effort this church is expending in sending missionaries to all corners of the world to spread their dogma, the growth of the LDS church has halted. This is in a time when the world population is growing exponentially. In fact, if the inactive members of the LDS church were to be removed from the rolls of the church, there would actually be a decline in the membership of the LDS church. The LDS church still has lots of money, but the hocus pocus nonsense it is preaching simply isn’t selling very well anymore.

If the LDS church shut its doors tomorrow, I would be happy, but I would not be healed. As a child, I was brainwashed and coerced into accepting their lies. My tiny mind was twisted and distorted with fairy tales. Those whom I should have been able to trust attempted to cripple my reason and logic with contradictions and absurdities. I was forced to accept my “freedom of choice” to adhere to the tenets of this ridiculous religion. The penalty for not accepting everything unquestioningly was a loss of family, friends, peers, ostracism from the community, and punishment in a fiery hell.

I proved stronger than the opiate lie of Mormonism. I escaped from the clutch of Mormonism. I found truth. But I had to lose my family to do it. I owe the Mormon Church a spit on their temple at least.


Well, there you have it, the adventures of Ghoulslime!! I hope that was entertaining and amusing for some of you, as it was for me, but also powerful, in what he wrote, explaining why he felt the way he does. I thought that he articulated his feelings very well and I appreciate him sharing them with all of us out here in the cyberworld.

Hopefully no one was too offended, but hey, let the guy do his thing while working through his justified anger. Everybody has different levels and degrees of anger. Just remember that the Mormon Church spits on all of it's members every time they lie and cover-up their true history, while robing them of their money and dignity, while destroying family relationships and they do it all in the name of God, with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes. So, what's a little spit back at them, right?

As he so powerfully points out in his closing, "I escaped from the clutch of Mormonism. I found truth. But I had to lose my family to do it. I owe the Mormon Church a spit on their temple at least."

I hear you Ghoulslime and I understand your pain as do many that are reading your words. Best wishes to everyone, in your individual journeys out of Mormonism, and may you too, also find the best way to cope and deal with your losses and anger, that were caused by the Mormon cult and fraud.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:19:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do understand and I feel really bad for mormon people who disown their children just because of religion. but the fact of that is, is that they don't truly understand their own religion. Mormonism is about having unconditional love so they obviously don't know what the hell they are doing, but everyone makes mistakes right.

At Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your pain but honestly i think it was stupid to spit on the temple because no matter what religion, buildings that are for god are his so you basically spit on him not the mormons


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