Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oops, Mormon Owned KSL TV, Displays The F-Word In Their Pictures From The Sundance Film Festival!! And On A Sunday Too?!! LOL!! Their Goes My Sabbath!

The Beastie Boys, from left, Adam Horowitz, also known as Ad-Rock, Mike Diamond, also known as Mike D, and Adam Yauch, also known as MCA, are photographed during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006. The Beastie Boys' documentary film "Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That," is screening at the Festival. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

***Update*** As of Sunday night, 1/22/05 at about 11:30 PM(not sure when the change actually took place, but as of about 6 PM, it still hadn't been changed), the word (FUCKIN') was changed to (explicit)...LOL!! One of the avid Mormon Truth readers and listeners, Bonnie, emailed me to say that she had emailed KSL, just to see how long it would take for it to be changed. Looks like it worked. Between my blog and Emails that they received, I'm sure that they finally realized it.

The beautiful thing is that it is preserved on my blog FOREVER, regardless of them changing the word. This may seem petty or stupid to some of you but how about the Mormon Church asking women to "take out their 2nd earrings", or "no shorts allowed" at BYU-Idaho and no "five O'clock shadow and beards are unacceptable" at BYU-Idaho.

I'm only trying to be as petty and ridiculous as the Mormon Church and it's leaders are. They want to knit-pick every little thing, well, so will I. I will judge them as they judge others with zero tolerance and with the least degree of acceptance. I'm sure that they hate it, just like the people they oppress and unfairly judge, hate it. I want them to know what it feels like to be so damn scrutinized and condemned, over every little thing or mistake!! If they can dish it out, then they should be able to take it, right?

They destroy lives and push people to the edge and over, with their awful bigoted teachings. In some cases, there are mentally or emotionally unstable or volatile people; their horrible treatment of these people, is more than they can withstand. Instead of love, understanding, acceptance, compassion and embracing these people, they reject these people that are struggling and so down on life and themselves.

In many cases, they call Church courts and punish them, but all in the name of God and love. They say they do it because they love these people so so much....thus the nickname of Mormon Church courts, "COURTS OF LOVE." They should be ashamed of themselves!! People come and pour out their hearts about sexual sins or whatever and end up worse off then they were before confessing. What a tragedy!!

If someone masturbates or commits some sexual sin, and in turn, it invalidates them from serving a mission and then causes them to be shunned by their community and Family, well, that is just disgraceful. These things, lead good normal people into bouts with depression and they beat themselves up needlessly. Instead of a "Church of love", which they profess to be, they are a cult of fear, judgments, condemnation and shunning. They are a disgrace!!

That's why I do what I do folks. That's why I pick up on little things like this and make them huge. I've seen first hand how the Church operates, so I'm simply doing what they do. I want to point out how ridiculous what they do is and ultimately, I want to embarrass the shit out of them and shame them, like they do to normal, great people, every single day. ***Update***

Not sure how long it will stay up, but they are stupid enough at KSL to not see it for a while, so check it out, this is hilarious!! It must be time for the 2nd coming or something. Anyway, here is the link and it's picture 13, counting from left to right. Also, you can just click on photo gallery and go to photo 13. KSL states on that page, "If you have a photo you think would be a great addition to our gallery, send it to (sorry, no guarantees) PLEASE include the name of the photographer, along with a short description of the photo."

"Come back soon, as we have many more photos to add to our collection."

I wonder if they are gonna add anymore with the F-bomb attached? I've got a few pictures that I could send them....LOL. It must have had to go through some type of approval process and well, it looks like heads are gonna roll and someone's gonna get fired on the Sabbath, but then again, they shouldn't even be working anyway, right? I guess the ol'Hinckster is gonna wake up to this. At least whoever is gonna get fired, will then be able to keep the Sabbath day holy, right?

I just found this funny and figured that Mormon Truth readers would appreciate the irony of the Mormon church, putting the F-word on their website. Conference talk after conference talk, pounding into the Saint's heads, how horrible and awful it is to use such foul language and how it offends God and the spirit withdraws from the individual, etc and then they put the F-word on their website. It's delicious irony and one of the moments I live for.

They are so quick to condemn people for masturbation, two earrings and every other damn thing, so hey, it works both ways. Lets just say that I'm going to hold them to the very same 100% obedience policy that they hold members to. Just like them, I have no tolerance for any sin, whatsoever. They say that members can't sin in ignorance, well, ditto you scumbags!!

I guess, at the moment, it is safe to say, that the spirit has withdrawn itself from and is very offended. LOL!! They better get their shit straightened out over there, or loyal, Mormon, KSL readers, are gonna be infected by the evil one after seeing such a dirty word. This will rattle the faith of some Saints...Ha Ha!! I guess Hinckley wasn't warned by Jesus about this one...too bad!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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