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Are Die-hard Christian Zealots Or Apologists Worse Than Their Counterparts In Mormonism? Hell Yeah They Are!!

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***The above Audio clip, is of Eric Hoffman, from "One Living Truth", on his "living truth podcast", using very strong words, to condemn ALL MORMONS, that do not follow him in his Christian beliefs and ideas. I encourage everyone to listen, and hear his offensive words for themselves, in order to understand why I had to address this issue of "blanket condemnation."

I don't care who it is, Eric or some other right-wing, fanatical Christian/SDA/JW/Mormon, or any other religion, condemning all good Mormon people, or anybody else, even an Atheist..gasp, just because they don't follow you and what you believe; it is offensive and wrong!! These people must be stood up to, just like the Mormon Hierarchy and that is what I have done in this instance

All I can say guys is that I had been missing something that was right in front of me, right under my nose, but now I can see the light perfectly. Die-hard Christians or Christian activists, are even worse than Mormons with their blanket condemnations toward all those that don't believe exactly as they do. At least most Mormons don't come right out and actually condemn everyone, even though we know that is what they truly believe.

These die-hard Christians though, just say it like it is, in their eyes of course, without caring how hurtful their words are. I mean let's be honest, the Mormon Church also condemns all other religions and has called them abominations, corrupt and false, since the First Vision supposedly occurred and Jesus said this to Joseph Smith, but they just have a nicer presentation and way of saying it.(I should know, I did it for 2 years on my mission.) They just claim that they have the only truth and then you can surmise on your own, what that actually means.(That your Church is an abomination, with corrupt preachers and false doctrines.)

The past few weeks, as I've become increasingly disturbed by the hateful rhetoric, coming from Christian activists, I decided to re-visit some of Eric Hoffman's podcasts, where I seemed to remember him using blanket condemnation for all Mormons and everybody for that matter, that didn't come to his Jesus, or beliefs specifically. Eric and I have been friends, done podcasts together, talked and chatted for hours and hours, etc, so it really wasn't a task that I was looking forward to, but one that had to be done, in my further search for truth, common decency and justice.

I didn't start my blogs or podcast as some type of popularity contest or to only do what doesn't offend anybody, or to make everyone love me, rather a place to seek out and present the truth, with facts to back it up, which I have done for over a year now and will continue to do. I have just as many people or more that love what I do, as compared to people that hate me, hate my passion, hate what I do, hate what I write, hate my podcasts, my style and everything about me, while insulting me with many colorful, offensive terms, but do I care? No, I don't!!

This blog, along with my others blogs and podcasts are for truth and were first created as a place for ME, to express MYSELF and feelings freely and openly, without censorship and secondly, to help other people to know the truth and that someone is out here, that understands their pain. In other words, I'm helping myself and others at the same time and if you don't like it, don't read it and don't listen to me and go live your life. This blog is not for people that have no passion or desire to know the truth.

I don't care who you are, whether you are the Mormon Hierarchy or my former friend Eric Hoffman, you start lying about me publicly, and condemning innocent people that I love and want to help and are now claiming that you have "the only truth on the planet", I 'm gonna call your ass out, every single time. So again, is it a popular thing to do? No!! Would it be easier to say nothing? YES!! Do I care that many Christians, especially Eric Hoffman supporters and followers now hate me and condemn me for speaking the truth? Nope, not one bit and I'd do it all over again, especially knowing what I now know.

Speaking the truth, most times, is not an easy or popular thing to do and is hard for those to handle, that are being exposed, especially when they didn't think that anyone would have the courage to do so and stand up to them. I get my strength from all of you supporters out there and I thank you guys for that support and strength. I just do what I do, because it needs to be done and I believe so strongly in truth and justice, especially after 30 + years of being stuck in a cult.

Now, Eric, who has never been Mormon in his life, claims to love the Mormon people and care a great deal about them, so much so, that he dedicates a lot of time in telling them how wrong and evil their Church is, through his blogs, podcasts and now his new website and podcast. So what is his motive, what is his agenda, if he has one? He of course claims that he has no agenda and does everything for the love that he has for the Mormon people and out of his heart.

My agenda, is to simply preach the truth about Mormonism and this huge fraud/cult to all that want to listen and I don't force it upon anybody, as they are free to come and go from my sites, my podcasts, etc. Eric on the other hand, uses different tactics, which I would never use, while at the same time, claiming that he has no agenda whatsoever, which I consider to be laughable, ridiculous and an outright lie. Talk about cognitive dissonance at a grand scale!! If somebody even has a pea sized brain, they can clearly and easily see why he is doing what he is doing and what he hopes the end result will be; conversion to his "one and only truth."

Eric and many of the Christian activists, like to go handout their pamphlets all over the place, like for example: at temples, as good Mormons come out to leave, the Manti Pageant(where Eric went a few weeks ago), temple open houses(Eric already can't wait for the Draper temple open house, as stated in his podcast), General Conference(but respectfully Eric says), and any other places, where they can harass and bother the good Mormon people, that are just trying to live their life and be happy and worship the God that they believe in.

Hey Eric, if they want to know what you've got to say, let them find you on their own, instead of having some pamphlet stuck in their face, right after they came out of what they consider to be a very holy, spiritual and sacred place. Place classified ads in the newspaper or run TV ads, just leave them alone, in their places of worship. You are offending them and embarrassing yourself, all in your quest to convert them to your Christianity.

Personally, I think these tactics are extremely offensive and devoid of any value and only make Christians and Christianity as a whole, look very very bad. What effectiveness would or do they have? I know how I felt about these people when I used to wait in line for General Conference; I used to believe that they were from the Devil, evil, inspired by Satan, etc, because that is what I had been taught in the Mormon Church.

I wouldn't even look at them, talk to them or allow them to talk to me, at all. These Christian activists think that these kinds of public displays, are going to bear fruit and bring people to their Church or Christianity? Get a clue guys, you are wasting your time!! Eric claims that I'm wasting my time, while he condemns anyone that doesn't follow him. Who's wasting time?

So, as I mentioned, in my quest for greater understanding, a few weeks ago, I went back and listened to some of Eric's podcasts and at the end of podcast 3, I found what I was looking for(the audio above), unfortunately, as I really wished that I hadn't. So, I wrote down the quote and shared it with Eric, over on his blog and asked him if he still stood by the quote and sadly, he does, admitting that even his father was in danger. I'm now going to share the exact quotes, word for word(and you can listen to them for yourself with the above audio player) and then the post that I wrote Eric and what his response was.

Interestingly, not one person, not one of his avid Christian supporters, weighed in with a defense of Eric, or his condemning words, as he was on his own for this one. I find that to be very interesting and it tells me that most of the Christians that support Eric, and what he does, do not stand by or support his highly offensive comments, which specifically condemn all Mormons with a great big blanket, unless they come to his specific Jesus.

If they do support him, most would be embarrassed to admit it publicly, because the comments are so offensive and just morally wrong in every way. Now, he does have a few supporters, including himself and Joe McCormick, his local preacher/cult leader and right hand man, but outside of that, not too many people are getting in line to support his blanket condemnations.

If they are supporting him, I certainly haven't seen it anywhere. Many say to stop picking on Eric, leave him alone, etc, but not one of those people, have actually defended his comments and outright condemnations. Instead, they just ignore them and pretend as if he didn't say them by not addressing them at all or using the famous Cognitive Dissonance, that is used by so many Mormons, to overcome their screwed up teachings and history.

The reason that I posted a comment on his blog, asking for clarification, was to give him every chance to change his awful, offensive comments, before I wrote this post. Since we've been friends, I wanted to be fair and give him a chance to say, "I misspoke, I got carried away, I'm sorry, etc," which sadly didn't happen. If anything, he just stood by them even stronger and confirmed that he meant every word of what he said and that it is truly what he believes, very sadly I might add.

So, after giving him a chance to recover and strike those words from the record, only to find out that he truly believes what he said, it has forced me to write this post, in the interest of all that is decent, to expose Eric, for once and for all, for his condemning ways, motives and agenda.
Oh yeah, but just remember how much he loves the Mormon people and how big his heart is for them. In fact, he loves them so much, that he is willing to condemn them if that is what it takes. Kind of sounds like Brigham Young and Blood Atonement, and the quotes that Eric recently and ironically shared on a podcast, doesn't it?

Brigham Young said:

The way to love your neighbors is to kill them:

“THIS IS LOVING OUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is NECESSARY TO SPILL HIS BLOOD on the earth in order that he may be saved, SPILL IT. Any of you who understand the principles of eternity, if you have sinned a sin REQUIRING THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD, except the sin unto death, would not be satisfied nor rest until your blood SHOULD BE SPILLED, that you might gain that salvation you desire. THAT IS THE WAY TO LOVE MANKIND.” (Sermon by Brigham Young, delivered in the Mormon Tabernacle, Feb. 8, 1857, printed in the Deseret News, Feb. 18, 1857; also reprinted in the Journal of Discourses, Vol. 4, pp. 219-220) and:

“All mankind love themselves, and let these principles be known by an individual, and he would be GLAD to have HIS BLOOD SHED. That would be loving themselves, even unto an eternal exaltation. Will you LOVE your brothers or sisters likewise, when they have committed a sin that cannot be atoned for without the SHEDDING OF THEIR BLOOD? WILL YOU LOVE THAT MAN OR WOMAN WELL ENOUGH TO SHED THEIR BLOOD?... “I COULD REFER YOU TO PLENTY OF INSTANCES WHERE MEN HAVE BEEN RIGHTEOUSLY SLAIN, IN ORDER TO ATONE FOR THEIR SINS....(Sermon by Brigham Young, delivered in the Mormon Tabernacle, Feb. 8, 1857, printed in the Deseret News, Feb. 18, 1857; also reprinted in the Journal of Discourses, Vol. 4, pp. 219-220)

Now Eric obviously isn't promoting blood atonement, in any way shape or form for anybody of course, thank God, but is suggesting a spiritual death or "non-existence", absolutely awaits anyone that doesn't accept his view of God/Jesus and Christianity, thus the comparison is effective for the point at hand. If you lose your soul forever and are banned from heaven forever, as Eric says, where will you go, what will happen to you? I'm guessing that means either HELL or ceasing to exist, doesn't it? What other options are there?

Anyway, here are the comments by Eric, from "The Living Truth Podcast", word for word and then my question for him and his exact response:

"As long as you believe Joseph Smith and believe his lies, you will lose your soul forever."


"Believing this false doctrine that Satan taught and that Joseph Smith believed and that Brigham Young carried out to all the rest of the Prophets, will keep you out of the Kingdom of Heaven forever. These are dangerous grounds folks; to believe in Mormonism, it really is........


My comment on Eric's "living Truth Podcast blog:"

Hey Eric,

I just had a question for you and some other comments; do you stand by your statements at the end of podcast #3?

As a reminder, here were your quotes and exact words in question:

"As long as you believe Joseph Smith and believe his lies, you will lose your soul forever." And:

"Believing this false doctrine that Satan taught and that Joseph Smith believed and that Brigham Young carried out to all the rest of the Prophets, will keep you out of the Kingdom of Heaven forever. These are dangerous grounds folks; to believe in Mormonism, it really is........
I haven't seen or heard any public statement from you, regarding these quotes that I had mentioned in my comment section and I just thought this would be a good place and time for you to respond.

I know that we've been friends Eric, but I can't stand by and let you condemn all Mormons with a blanket and for that matter, anyone else that doesn't believe as you do, while claiming how much you care about them and how much you want to help them.

To me, it seems very hypocritical and insincere and like a one way street; either my way or no soul or heaven for you, for all eternity? Isn't that what Mormons teach, which you condemn of course?

I found these comments from you to be very disturbing and I just thought that everyone might want to know how you really feel. Did you mean it, did you misspeak, did you get carried away, do you regret it and finally, would you like to retract them?

You claim to be all about helping Mormons, and that you are so concerned about them, while condemning them at the same time? What's up Eric? This condemnation doesn't flow with a lot of what you say, about wanting to help them so much and not having any agenda.

I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt Eric, by asking for a clarification or retraction.

Everybody, at some time or other, says things they don't mean or gets carried away in the moment and hopefully this was the case with you.

Also, you do realize that your statement, directly condemns me, right? If you meant what you said, I guess I appreciate you being friends with someone, that you actually condemn.

I know that you weren't always a Christian Eric, at least the way you are now and maybe you need to reflect back on those times, in order to try to connect with those of us that don't believe what you believe.

If you hadn't converted and been "born again", would you have lost your soul forever? Where you a horrible, vile person, destined to never taste of heaven? Then one day, you believe in Jesus and it was all cured?

What if you had died before you figured it out and found this only true path? Would you have been doomed for all Eternity and "lost your soul forever?" Good thing that didn't happen, isn't it? So much for those that didn't figure it out before they died, right?

What about your Dad, that you've talked about in your podcasts. He's a Mormon, goes to the temple, pays tithing, etc.

If he never leaves the Mormon Church, no matter what his reasoning is and never comes to your side, is he gonna "lose his soul forever?" Do you know anybody else that doesn't believe what you do? Do they know that you condemn them and that they are on the verge of "losing their soul forever?"

So, great people that don't believe in your Jesus, are screwed? I don't find this to be very loving, comforting, compassionate or understanding Eric. Do you?

I can honestly say, that I feel there is a huge, massive disconnect between us, if this is truly what you believe and I can't remain quiet. I did not realize that you felt this way, when we first became friends.

You always say that you want people to correct you if you are wrong and to leave their comments, so this is mine and I look forward to your response, as I'm sure many others do.

Just a hint Eric; if you really want to help Mormons, don't condemn them again, since they are already trying to escape lifelong condemnation, at the hands of their cult hierarchy and leaders.

If your goal, which it clearly is, is to convert them all and everybody else in the world to your brand of Christianity and beliefs(or else lose their souls forever); starting off with blanket condemnation and instilling the fear of your God/Jesus in them, isn't the right tactic or the way to go.

I just thought I'd try to help you out man and try to steer you in a better, kinder, loving direction. I know your gung-ho and want everyone to feel what you feel, but your freedom in Christ, maybe be captivity to someone else and your blanket condemnation, is outright offensive.

If you back off on the condemnation, you may actually help people and get more support from those that you have truly helped, rather than just those that already agree with you and support you 100%.

I just think you are way off base Eric, but now is your chance to correct it, if you didn't truly mean what you said.

Anyway, I leave these comments as a way to try to understand you Eric, what you believe and what your true motives are for why you do what you do.

I also appreciate F2K's honesty, when he says that he is absolutely biased. At least he can admit it...thanks F2K.

I think F2K is strong in his beliefs, but I don't hear him or read on his blog, where he is condemning anyone who doesn't believe as he does. Maybe you do feel that way F2K, but I get the feeling you don't.

You just seem to truly desire to share the happiness that you've found, which I have no issue with whatsoever. Now, if you start to condemn people to "losing their souls forever", as Eric has done, then I'll have an issue with you too.

Who is anyone, to force their beliefs on anybody and start condemning the average person, just trying to get through life the best way they know how. What makes you so right Eric and everyone else, like me, so wrong?

How did you get the market on correctness and who gave you that authority, or did you just create it?

I served a 2 year mission for the Mormon Church and believe me; I know what that's all about,(the judging people, telling them that their path and Church is wrong, corrupt, etc) better than most of you Christians, that were never even Mormons, but act as if you know everything about the Church and what we went through, etc.

Believe me, no matter how much you study and learn, you will never, EVER, know what it was truly like and will never fully understand or comprehend what it was like to be a lifelong missionary, or Mormon, indoctrinated by a cult from birth.

If you think that you understand the emotions, pain and psychology involved, think again Eric and all of you other "never Mormon Christians."

It's real easy for you guys to act like authorities about something that you don't really have a clue about, isn't it?

Didn't you hear Grant Palmer Eric, in the John Dehlin interview, part 4, when he said that his discoveries about the Mormon Church, were more devastating and painful, than losing his beloved wife and having cancer and the chemo that followed? He said that no other single thing was as painful as that was.

Ponder that and think about it, the next time you want to start condemning people to "losing their souls forever."

Best wishes and I look forward to your response Eric.


4:02 PM

Kolage said...
Samuel, Let me explain something to you. When Adam and Eve believed Satan that they could become gods and be like God if they ate from the Tree of Knowledge...what happened to them? They were kicked out of the garden for eternity. Mormons believe you can become gods...So I stand by what I say. Yes...even my dad is on dangerous ground. Only the Lord God truly knows what is in every man's hearts. But according to scripture....yes a different Jesus and another Gospel...Galatians 1:8.

I have no idea what you believe Samuel. It seems to be rather post modern....but more important than that, I could care less if you think I am preaching false doctrine. I have a heart for the Mormon people...I am not here to convert or save anyone...that's up to God...I just spread the Gospel.
As for me...if I had not been born again would I have been saved? Well...I was agnostic...which means "without knowledge." Once I looked into God's word I did not reject it.

If I had rejected...yes my soul too would have been in great jeopardy. This is not "my" religion or "my" side. It is the word of God
.....I am tired of me. Cell is still the same #.
I can share with you in more detail all the things you have addressed.

4:50 PM

So that was our exchange as I gave Eric a chance to recant his blanket condemnation of all Mormons, in my comment section and then in his comment section and he didn't do that, rather he said, "So I stand by what I say. Yes...even my dad is on dangerous ground......but more important than that, I could care less if you think I am preaching false doctrine. I have a heart for the Mormon people."

So, your Blanket condemnation of all Mormons stands, sadly, and reveals your true nature and heart, along with lack of compassion, love and tolerance, specifically for the Mormon people, that you are supposedly trying to help. The "heart" that you supposedly have for the Mormons, means nothing, and is a moot point, because you condemn them if they don't follow you and your ideas and beliefs and they are indeed "yours" by the way.

You have found beliefs that you like, for your life, your family and your kids, that make your bosom burn and you latched onto them, became "born again" and made them YOURS and now want to force them upon the whole world, while threatening them with no soul and no heaven. Is that Christlike in your world Eric or anybody else that believes this? So, don't run from your beliefs Eric, by saying, " This is not "my" religion or my" side. It is the word of God." It is your interpretation, that you have accepted, of what you consider to be the "word of God", for YOU, personally.

Come on Eric, it is your belief, due to your personal confirmation and experiences, that what you believe is the "word of God" and that makes you no different than the Mormons, the JW's, SDA's, etc, who feel the same things and confirmations that you claim to feel. Can you seriously not see this and the extreme hypocrisy that is involved with what you and others say, versus what you do and say in your own personal life, including your condemnation of Mormons, who are saying the same thing you are?

My suggestion is, if you are so worried about everyone "Losing their souls forever", that you go after all the religions and all cults, such as SDA's, JW's, Catholics, Moonies, etc. Why single out Mormons, since you haven't been any of those religions (except for Catholic), including Mormon. Don't hold back and tell everyone that "they will lose their soul forever" if they don't follow you. Start your very own ministry, build a following and grow it worldwide and make it your life. You can become the next Chuck Smith, who started you Church in 1965.

The bottom line guys, is that people are entitled to believe what they want, without being condemned by somebody that claims to have "all the truth" or "the only truth." As I mentioned above and in many posts and podcasts, the Mormon Church does indeed claim to be the "one and only true and living Church on the face of the earth" and so does about every other Church out there, including Eric's.

They are all mind-controlling, destructive cults and if anyone wants to look into Eric's Church, you will find the same problems, at it's core, as you do in Mormonism or most other Churches. Joe McCormick, the pastor of Eric's Church is just another cult leader, who I'm sure never discusses the problems of the Church or of the founder of the Church, Chuck Smith, such as predicting more than once, when Christ will return.

With the men that run the Church, which was started in Costa Mesa, CA in 1965, there have been sex scandals, financial scandals and I'll get more into this in a future post, but again, suffice it to say, the Calvary Mountain View Church, in American fork, is just another cult, in a network of some 1,300 cults, in a world full of cults.

I appreciate everyone's support in my efforts in exposing cults(mainly Mormonism), that are destroying lives and families, one by one, every single day. I have much more to write about this "Calvary Mountain View Church" and its network, but that will be in another post. Anyone that is a member of this Church, certainly cannot condemn Mormons, along with everybody else, while calling them DEMONIC, without looking like a huge hypocrite.

For now, those that want to know more about this Calvary Church, please look back in the comment section of the last post I made and you can start with the words of the post from "Scientist" and on down, which also includes the words of Beth, a former member of the Calvary Church. She left a great link to Rick Ross' website on cults, regarding comments from former Calvary members and what their experience was like.

Looking at the above graph, if Eric is right, and we include all Christians, that would mean that at least 4+ billion people are currently at risk for "Losing their soul forever." Now, if we filter out all of the Churches that are listed above under Christian,(basically all of them) that Eric considers to be false, including Mormons, Catholics(over a billion people), etc, we are now getting closer to Eric condemning almost the entire worlds population or 6 billion + people.

Wow, now he sounds just like Mormonism, who with 12,250,000 members worldwide, claim to have the only truth and account for like .0005% of the worlds population, when taking into account the 3,000,000 or so that are actually active. Eric's church isn't even a blip on the radar, compared to Mormonism and doesn't even rank in the top 13 of US Churches.

It's hard to tell exactly how many members there are in Eric's cult, but I'm estimating that his Church is probably like .00000005% or less of the worlds population or some very minuscule percentage. From what I can gather, there are maybe 100,000-200,000 members or close to that. This just goes to show how narrow minded cults brainwash people, as Churches with such small percentages of believers, actually believe, with all their heart, that THEY, have the only truth. Pretty sad, isn't it?

I used to be a part of this nonsense, as you all know, but now I'm free, living in reality, with freedom of thought and expression. To be honest, I now feel bad for Eric Hoffman, because he is stuck in a cult, just like I was and doesn't even know it. Hopefully somehow, he will get the help he needs, wake up and be able to see his cult for what it is and get out sooner than later, for his sake and that of his family. Good luck Eric in your journey to free yourself from a cult; it isn't easy!!!

I thank everyone for their support!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Monday, July 24, 2006 8:03:00 PM, Anonymous Shuumitsu said...

Hi Samuel,
you wrote an interesting post on people condemning other people.
I want to comment on why some religions condemn other religions, while others don't.

Monotheism and condemnation:
When it comes to condemnation of other religions, the three top religions are the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, including minor spin-offs like Mormonism.

This is inherent in their belief:
Monotheism tries to keep a constant doctrine, which has to be kept seperate from other religions at all cost.
While in Polytheism, you can add a new concept or idea by just adding a new God to the Pantheon, this is forbidden in Monotheism.
Let's have a look at old testament Israel:
Jos 23:12-13 "Else if ye do in any wise go back, and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, [even] these that remain among you, and shall make marriages with them, and go in unto them, and they to you:Know for a certainty that the LORD your God will no more drive out [any of] these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which the LORD your God hath given you."

The taboo to mingle with other people was also a taboo to mingle one's own monotheistic religion with theirs.
As you see, religious intolerance is also intolerance against the believers of other religions: "God" commanded the Hebrews to drive the other people out from Israel violently.

In conclusion, intolerance against other religions has the aim to keep a constant doctrine unchanged by other religions.

Let's contrast this with a religion which does not promote intolerance: Buddhism.

Buddhism has the same truth claims as Christianity, let's hear a quote assigned to Buddha:
"I am the most honorable one in heaven and earth."
Why does Buddhism, holding the same absolute truth claim, not fight against other religions?

The reason is simple:
Fighting against other religions means hatered, intolerance, violence. Acting like this leads to bad Karma, and bad Karma leads to a bad reincarnation. In other words, if Eric Hoffman was a Buddhist, he would be reborn as a lower being because of his intolerant behavior.
By the way, Jesus promoted the same selfrestriction towards any violence, intolerance, and hatered:
Mt 5:39 "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."
Of course, this verse is ignored in the bible interpretation of Christian fundamentalists.

What is the downside of extreme tolerance towards other religions?
The disadvantage is that one's own religion starts to intermingle with thoughts from other religions.
If you look at the history of Buddhism, you will see that it adapts to the circumstances of its home country and also is combined with other religions:
- In China, Buddhism became intermingled with Taoism. When searching for the right Chinese translation of the Sanskrit word "Dharma", the translators simply took a word which was already familiar to the Chinese, "Tao". Thus, ideas of Buddhism and Taoism became combined to form a special flavor of Chinese Buddhism.
- In Japan, when Buddhism was introduced to the country, the major religion was Shinto. Although there were minor struggles between the two religions, Japanese created a blend, a synthesis of both to create their current religion. Funnily, religion statistics in Japan add up to more than 100%, as many Japanese marked both Shinto and Buddhism in their survey.
As the Shinto-Gods were associated with Boddhisatvas, the cult of the Shinto-Gods could be combined with the belief in Buddhism.

In conclusion, many Eastern religions which are not intolerant against other religions were often changed, adapted and mingled with other thoughts.

You can also understand this process if you see it from an evolutionary perspective:
Compare religions to animals
and missionary behavior and the general attitude to animal behavior.

If animals only reproduce with other animals of exact the same subspecies (e.g. German shepherd dogs only with German shepherd dogs), they keep a clean and unmingled speccies.
If however, dogs of different races intermingle, you will get crossbreeds.

In addition, animals which are very agressive in their fight for survival will spread, while weak animals will cease to exist.
In the same way, Christianity only spread because of its aggressive mission (and its good connection to politics via Constantine).

So, Eric Hoffman is not to be blamed for intolerance against other people, as the intolerance is inherent in Christianity as a monotheistic religion. If you read his quotes, he derives his intolerance against other religions directly from the bible.
While there is a variance of interpretations (as I quoted Jesus saying the opposite thing, promoting non-violence), Eric is just concluding what is already inherent in his Christian religion.

In this way, you might conclude that Monotheism is inherently evil, as it promotes intolerance against all people who do not believe the same.

Buddhism on the other hand, while holding the same truth claims, is not so intolerant, because Buddha is only a name.
If a Christian, Mormon, Atheist, Jehovas Witness, Shaman or Feminist lives a good life, he/she will earn good Karma and will have a good rebirth. Moreover, as Truth can be found in all religions, enlightenment can also be achieved in being a Christian or other believer. If you read for example the Buddhist Sutras, you will find that many statements are almost literally identical to statements Jesus made. So if you read the things Jesus said and apply them, you will gain the same insight Buddha also taught.
That's why Buddhism is not as aggressive in its mission as Mormonism or Christianity, because Nonbuddhists will not "lose their soul forever" but first get a chance for enlightenment in this life, even if it is suboptimal, or they might get plenty chances for enlightenment in a future life.

You see that reincarnation is also a source of great tolerance.
As Christian doctrine teaches us that we have only one chance, Christians get desperate "I have to save him now, or he will lose his soul forever." Buddhists are much more relaxed "Well, if he doesn't get it this life, he will understand it in a future one." That's why, Buddhist mission is not aggressive, as it has infinite time to lead people to enlightenment.
Instead, aggressive mission activities (including "lying for the Lord") only leads to bad Karma for oneself.

Ok, Sam,
this might be a bit exotic, cause it's from an Eastern perspective, but I hope my post made clear why some people become intolerant, while others are more relaxed.
I have been raised as a protestant, but now I am studying the Buddhist tradition, as I prefer tolerance and harmony over agression and hatered.

Your Shuumitsu.

P.S.: Another poster on this blog ended his post by
"May the force be with you". Many elements in Star wars are in reality derived from Taoism.(Light side: ying, Dark side:yang)

At Monday, July 24, 2006 9:58:00 PM, Anonymous ray said...

Really, Eric, who are you to condemn everyone who doesn't believe like you? The Bible not only teaches tolerance, but also to NOT JUDGE. God knows what is in each persons heart. If a person is Mormon and a good person, God will take that into consideration. If a person is a Christian and is an evil person at heart, will being Christian alone save him? According to you, he will. All I have to do, according to your screwed up beliefs, is say the words, "I'm a sinner. I need Jesus. Save me, Jesus.", and that's it, I'm done. I'm saved. Now I can do anything I want, good or evil, because I've already been saved. If anything is a lie of the devil, this is it! Christianity is a lazy man's way to heaven! Why? Because it requires no effort or thought, except for the few seconds it took to say the saving prayer. Do you honestly believe that you can earn the kingdom of heaven by saying a simple prayer and calling it good? Sounds a lot like a get-rich-quick scheme to me. No work with huge rewards. Life doesn't work that way; neither does God.

I mean, you talk about this all-knowing, all-loving God. Yet, your fear of everyone losing their soul forever describes a vengeful God, one who confuses the hell out of everyone by making a million different religions (and having only one of them be true) and then damning everyone who isn't lucky enough to belong to the true one. Come on! That type of God is a stupid god. He is obviously a God who doesn't believe in giving anyone a fair chance... only the lucky few who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

If that is true, then Jesus was a liar. Jesus didn't say come to my only true church... he said, "Come unto me." And the Bible clearly teaches that anyone who does a good deed or a bad deed has done it to Christ. So no matter what religion you are, Jesus will reward your good deeds and punish your bad deeds. If you believe in faith without works, then again, you are calling Jesus a liar. Of course all of this is according to the Bible, which I happen to personally believe is BS along with the Book of Mormon and all the other crap that is the supposid "word of God". Jesus never formed a church! Jesus simply hated hypocrites and taught the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is very important. If you want to talk about losing your soul forever, then remember that you should do unto others as you want done unto you. So, if you want to spend your whole life condemning other people, what do you think your Christian God will do to you? He will condemn you because you reap what you sow.

So really, if there was a one true church that had the stamp of approval from the creater of the universe Himself, then EVERYONE WOULD KNOW IT! The leader of the church would be able to move mountains and part waters. He could predict the future. He could use divine revelation to find terrorists and kidnapped children. But I have news for you... there is not one religion on this earth with the power to do that. Not Eric's church, not the Mormon church, nobody. Why? Because all religion is mythology and is nothing more than a sugar coated illusion. Believe me, if there was a one true religion, people would flock to it so quickly that every other religion on earth would disappear. This has never happened and it never will. There is no such thing as a one true church.

So the important thing is to live a good life, no matter what your religion. Follow the Golden Rule and be tolerant of everyone.

In the movie, "Flight of the Phoenix" is a quote that is profoundly true. It says, "Religion divides people. Belief in something unites them." Get rid of your crazy, fanatical religions and start believing in tolerance and humanity. Stop condemning everyone who is different than you. Does God want us to condemn each other? If you think so, then you need to read your Bible again.

Eric, you want people to open their minds and listen to you, and yet you fail to see how similar you are to the Mormons. They think their church is true probably more than you do. They are willing to die for their religion. Even though the blood atonement is no longer taught, they still covenant in the temple to sacrifice everything, even their lives if necessary, for the church. Although their religion is false, their devotion to God is far beyond anything you can comprehend. Just as you, they think they are the chosen people of God. The only difference between you and them is a few minor details in doctrine. Other than that, you're both in a cult, both living in a dream world, where you alone are right and everyone else is wrong. It's all so f***** up that it makes me sick.

Let go of your blanket condemnation and let God be the judge. Like Samuel, I was Mormon once. Anyone who smoked wasn't good enough to be my friend. Anyone who cussed was a bad influence. Then I finally realized, God loves all people the same and I will let Him condemn the smoker (or Gay, or Mormon, or Jew, or whatever) because it is not my place. When I realized that, a huge burden was taken off of me and I found that I could love anyone, no matter what they do or believe. Of course, there are limits to that, but generally, if my neighbor smokes, I CAN STILL LOVE AND ACCEPT HIM! The basic message of all religion is to do this. If God did create different races and religions, it was done to test and see who could learn to be tolerant and who could not. Any activist or fanatic is failing the test miserably!! The lounder they scream damnation on everyone else, the more the condemn themselves. True religion is no religion; just love and tolerance. Nothing more.

Eating sacred bread (sacrament) won't save you. Wearing garments won't save you. Condemning everyone who isn't one of "God's people" won't save you. Saying a three second prayer to Jesus won't save you.

So, Eric, unless God came to you personally and commanded you to do what you're doing, you are wrong! Unless you heard it from God's own mouth, then it isn't His will at all! The only thing you are supposed to be doing is reading the Bible and applying it to your life. Only you can save you, so only worry about you.

Samuel isn't going to hell. Mormons aren't going to hell. Christians aren't going to hell. Jews, blacks, whites, yellow, red, brown, Buddists, Catholic, JW, SDA, athiests, Unitarians....

If I had read these words a few years ago, I would never believe that I had written them. I knew the church was true. I knew I had the truth and was called to share it with everyone. Now I realize that I was in a cult and now I believe that God (whoever God is) loves loves all creatures the same, humans, bears, birds, fish, bugs, plants... all are equal in God's eyes because all are alive and all deserve respect. Tolerance is freedom!

At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 7:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


So you and Eric have fallen out but it has taken you a revision of all of his podcasts to decide this? In as much as you disagree with him, is not your disagreement with the LDS doctrine a greater cause? It strikes me at odds with what you are trying to do. You write as if you are becoming an appologist. The kick for me is listening to all of the bs in yours and Eric's podcasts that seem to start with a worthy cause but end up just ragging on someone else's religion. Who cares? TBM's dont and those of us with other things to do in life dont either. Get a life man.

At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:30:00 PM, Anonymous Tames S. said...

Thats funny!!! Samuel an apologist!! This guy has the scope of a gnat. He knows 2 things. Mormon church leaders are bad and so is Eric Hoffman. Ya, some apologist. Maybe if he were to cut down on the Hotpockets, Dr. Pepper and Xbox 360, he could get back on track to what he really started his online diary for. Maybe he should change his site name to "Eric Truth." It's good though!! I am very entertained. It's good to see the podcasts are moving right along. Let's see, ummmm June 7 was the last one we got to listen to. Not bad considering all the long winded comments this guy has to keep up on. Uh oh Samuel, street lights came on!! Time for your bed time.

keep up the ummmmmm, gossip?
-Tames S.

At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 3:19:00 PM, Anonymous Martin said...

Anonymous/Tames S. (probably Eric/Joe),
Why should Samuel fight against bigotry in the Mormon Church, yet accept Eric's bigotry?
It's not a "worthy cause" to help people out of Mormonism only to lead them into other cults like Calvary Chapel.

If you had a life, why bother posting on websites you don't like? Go back to Eric's website www.calvary-chapel.lsf
(.lsf is the new top level domain for die-hard christians:
"Lose your Soul Forever")

However, I agree to Tames S.
Samuel, I know you got lots of things to do, but your fans are waiting for your next podcast.
Why don't you interview an Ex-member of calvary chapel.
That would be a really interesting interview.
And if you have time, ask embarassing questions about the trinity.


At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 5:03:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Anon/Tames,

If you don't care so very much and have so many other things to do, just what the hell are you doing here, leaving a comment and listening to my worthless, "ragging on someone else's religion" podcasts? I think you are the one Anon that needs to get a damn life....then again, maybe you are just a comedian and don't know it!!

Also, the hundreds of Emails and 1000 downloads a show and 5-9,000 page views a month, plus all the comments and interest, show everyone, that you are the one without a single clue. You are clueless!! Did you not read the first 2 amazing comments? Are you capable of even seeing how awesome they are? Apparently not!!

So, I spend a few posts out of 160+ on this blog, dealing with blanket condemnations, Eric Hoffman and other fanatical Christians or fanatical anything and his new cult and cult leader and hypocrisy. So what?

How does that affect the other 160 posts, that basically have nothing to do with Eric Hoffman? Yeah, these last 3 posts render completely useless every other post I've written, not that you even care though, right?

In fact, it's as if I scrapped my entire blog and only have 3 posts listed now, all dealing with Eric Hoffman. Of course, there is absolutely no other point or comparisons being made in the posts that include Eric Hoffman, they are just about him and not one other thing.

I'm just curious Anon; Are you okay with his blanket condemnation of the people he pretends and professes to love so much? I guess you are!! Is he your personal God or Prophet? I hope not!!

So, if you really care so little and can't see the bigger picture, than why the hell would I even care a little bit, what your opinion is? If you are regular poster and we know each other, don't wimp out and hide behind Anon, tell me who you are.

If you want to correspond with me, feel free to Email me. Then again, I'm sure you have better things to do, right? LOL!!

You are the one that really needs to get a life!! Please quit wasting your time and start doing all of those other things that you should have been doing, when you were writing this comment on my worthless blog.

Oh yeah and Tames...glad to see your still lurking buddy, but, you should do something about your anger and need for blanket assumptions about me or anyone else, when you don't even know the person at all. Let's see, I hate Dr. Pepper, don't own an X-box and I can't remember the last time I ate a hot-pocket and oh yeah, you are an idiot....LOL!! It's good to see that you feel the need to hang around, like anyone gives a damn what you think.

Also, dumb ass...I do have a new podcast that I started, in addition to my old one, so your June 7th date is wrong as well. Looks like you are batting...uh...ZERO...LOL!! I do the best I can and put out podcasts when I can, but helping people that need my help is my number one priority, over blogging and podcasting and they will always have priority. I also have a life and family that take priority over blogging and podcasting and helping those people that I help. You gonna fire me Tames? LMAO!! Like I said, you are an idiot!! Oh no, I'm name calling with a 5 letter word...the shock and horror!!

Anyway, thanks for the laughs, as it's good to know that dumb asses like you are out there and from your tone, it sounds like you could be one of those stupid Mormon Apologists that I love to talk about, so go back into your little Mormon apologetic hole and play with yourself(while looking at the "pornographic" picture from my website), unless you are afraid that will lead to the gross sin of homosexuality, like KKK Packer says.

I'm sure you believe every word Packer spews, in all his bigotry and hang on his every word, since he is a living Apostle of Jesus Christ and can't possibly lead anyone astray, without being removed by the almighty God.

Maybe in your next comments, you could actually deal with what a cult your Mormon Church is and how pathetic your cult leaders are and actually deal with the issues, instead of revealing your IQ for all the world to see, with stuff that doesn't have anything to do with reality.

I also love how in your last comment, you said, "I am out of here", when you were never "in here" and never supported what I'm doing and then you accused me of having a sin that I'm hiding?

Tames, you need to wake up and learn how to read, comprehend and understand why I do what I do. It must be embarrassing to be you and to have such a pathetic, shallow mind, while enjoying heckling from the sideline. Let me were the school bully growing up and enjoyed beating up other kids just for fun? You really need to go see your Bishop and repent my brother.

Also, isn't it cool, that you can just come in here and trash me anonymously with lies and say whatever the hell you want. See if you can do that over on Eric's site. You can bitch till the cows come home "TAMES", but one thing you can't whine about, is your ability to freely express your complete stupidity and it must feel good, to get it all out!!

Please post again soon, as I and everyone else here, needs the entertainment and can't wait to see what brilliance you come up with next....LOL,


At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 5:04:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...


I loved your comments as always, especially the new TSF domain that's some funny shit.(one of those dreaded 4 letter words..LOL!!) I also loved the Eric/Joe reference, as you read my mind bro. If Eric or Joe posted over here, they wouldn't have the balls to use their actual names, would they? Nah..they would either make one up or just be some new Anon, that has lurked for 8 months and suddenly decided to post...yeah right!!

Of course, if Eric and Joe posted with their own name, they couldn't be rude and accusatory, because they'd have to show their Christian "Calvary Chapel love" and not be hypocritical. However, under the guise of Anon or some other name, they are free to be as un-Christlike as they want to be or really are.

Also, I love your idea of interviewing an ex-member of Calvary chapel, maybe even an ex member of one of Joe's Churches, where he presided. So, if there is anyone out there, that fits into this category, and would like to be interviewed, please let me know asap. This interview would be fascinating and show how a "non-denominational Christian Church", can be just as much of a dangerous cult as Mormonism is. People could learn a lot from that.

Anyway, Martin, I always appreciate your comments, common sense and ability to reason and see gives me hope. It is a breath of fresh air from the Anons and Tames of the world, who are either die-hard Eric/Joe followers, die-hard Mormon apologists, Eric and Joe themselves or just morons.

I also want to mention again, how awesome the first two comments in this post are and I really loved the passion of Ray, who couldn't have said it any better. Ray, thanks, you are awesome!! You expressed every single thing that I'm thinking and feeling and I agree with and fully support EVERY SINGLE WORD.

Too bad others don't believe in the freedom and compassion, that you talked about and would rather support blanket condemnation of innocent, good people. How can anybody support Eric's type of condemnation, of basically the entire world? It is indeed a sad world Ray!! I thought that Mormonism was bad....damn!!

Take care everyone and as far as the podcasts go, you won't be disappointed and I'll let you know, as soon as my next 2 are out.


At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 11:35:00 PM, Anonymous ray said...

Hey Samuel,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you appreciate what I wrote. I hope you don't mind if I add a few more follow up comments.

We don't care what religion you are. Eric, if you love your religion, then we are truly happy for you. If Mormons are happy with their religion, then we are happy for them. That is what tolerance is all about. Go ahead and put up a website. If someone is interested in your church and you help them improve their life, then job well done! But to go around telling everyone that their religion is totally false and the only way they can be saved is to switch to your religion, that's just ridiculous. I'm guilty myself... I went on a mission for the LDS church. I knocked on doors. I testified that the LDS church was the only true church on earth. Thankfully, due to Samuel and a few others, I was able to see my own hypocrisy.

Life in a cult has been compared to having a box on your head. You think life is wonderful inside the box. Life outside the box is sick and wrong! But once you get the box off, you see how much you were missing. You see a totally different world that you never even knew existed! Issues, such as religion, become crystal clear. I'm sure Samuel will know exactly what I'm talking about. It is a marvelous thing to experience. Watch the movie, "The Island." Wow! What an amazing movie about taking a peek outside the box.

I have no doubt that Eric and McCormick have good intentions in what they are doing. In their minds, they are doing a huge favor for God. I commend them for that. When Mormon missionaries go door to door, they truly believe that they are doing the work of the Lord. I commend them as well. While I commend them for their honorable intentions, I want to let them know that the world doesn't need to be saved. We don't need a constant religious war. What we do need is more compassion, more understanding, more service, & more tolerance.

I'm not here to preach and brag to the world about how "enlightened" I am. All I know is that when I put away my religious prejudice, I discovered that I can now let a person be what they are, and that is true freedom. If you disagree with me, then great! It is your right and I'm not even going to try to convince you otherwise. All I will say is that you don't know what you're missing. If you enjoy life in a box, then hey, I'm happy for you.

At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 12:22:00 AM, Anonymous ray said...

One more thing, sorry. I was once where you are now, Eric. I once sat in all my glory, knowing that I was right and the whole world was wrong. Anyone who disagreed with me would be condemned because I was doing what god wanted. I was even cocky at times, challenging people to "Wait and see. In the next life, you'll know that I'm right." What arrogance!

It's a great feeling when you think you know everything! This is why people love religion so much.

I am so grateful that I was able to escape from that poisonous way of thinking. Like Samuel said at the end of his last blog, it isn't easy. Damn right! Especially when your entire family thinks you have deliberately chosen the easy and broad path to hell. Oh well, they are still living in the box, but I still love them.

At Friday, July 28, 2006 7:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had really enjoyed Eric's podcasts, but mostly because he was condemning Mormons, and being an exMormon, I liked to hear that. (not proud to admit that, but there it is)

His podcasts started becoming so much like a cult-do this my way or you suffer eternal condemnation. Crap, I already had that from the Mormons, don't need it from another cult.

Ericc, I thought was a nice guy. I imagine he is in a lot of ways. But he KNOWS from Samuel and his time here in Utah that what exmormons hate is the condemnation of their former cult. and then he proposes that we should jump into HIS cult.

Eric, I think you have lost your way. I am glad that Samuel called you on your remarks. I wish you would have realized how intolerant they are. If you want to spread the love of Christ, then do so. But condemnation is not love.

If peole are good, that is the most important thing: whether they are Mormon, Catholic, or Calvary Church goers like you.

I had to stop listening to Eric because he preached intolerance. I wish him well, but do not plan to listen to any more of his ramblings.

At Saturday, July 29, 2006 3:46:00 PM, Anonymous Cernovog said...

Hey Samuel,

Boy, you sound really angry with Eric!

Eric and I don't see eye to eye on many issues either, but our relationship is still civil.

I discovered Eric through his Living Truth podcast, and, to some degree, I agree with you.

I found his podcast difficult to listen to because, despite his protestations of love for Mormons, he would constantly use insulting, mean-spirited language.

Each podcast seemed to be punctuated with some nasty comment. He says Mormons are his target audience, but who would listen to a podcast that does nothing but insult you?

I wrote to Eric about this and he promised to reform, and he did to some extent! His podcasts from #11 onward take a much less confrontational tone.

Unfortunately, his newest podcast "Oxymormonics" is nastier than ever, right down to the title. Only time will tell if he will see the error of his ways and behave in a more loving, Christ-like manner.

The only thing I ask of you, Sam, is to recognize that Eric is human and Eric is prone to make mistakes.

Please, don't throw out all of Christianity because there are a few confused people who are still struggling to do the right thing. None of us are perfect and we are all going to make mistakes.

I know Eric believes in the Bible. I hope he will remember Matthew 7:1

"Do not judge, that you may not be judged."

As for bothering people with pamphlets at the pageants or outside of temple, I can only ask Eric to remember the Gospel of St. Mark 6:11

"And whoever does not receive you, or listen to you -- go forth from there, and shake off the dust from your feet for a witness against them."

If people don't want to listen, leave them alone.

Be open to them. Invite them into your home and into your life. But if they don't want to hear, there is nothing more for you to do.

Now, handing out pamphlets is a fine line. I would say that if you just make yourself available with information, that should be okay. Getting in someone's face and badgering them until they take a pamphlet is wrong.

But regardless, Sam, I hope you can find it in your heart to recognize Eric's shortcomings as simply human and try to let go of your animosity and bitterness.

If you hang on to this anger, it will just eat you up.

I know leaving Mormonism left a void in your life that you are seeking to fill. I hope this bad experience hasn't discouraged you. Keep looking for answers. God will not abandon you.

Remember Jesus' promise to us:

"...and behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consumation of the world."
Matthew 28:20

I hope you find what you are seeking.

At Tuesday, August 01, 2006 10:49:00 PM, Anonymous Calvary Grace said...

Hey, Grace and Peace, man.
Just want to tell you that you won't find any rest till you join the only true church on the planet earth, which is Calvary Chapel.
Let me spell it:C-A-L-V-A-R-Y-C-H-A-P-E-L.
You know, as Eric is not attending our church any more, he lost his soul forever anyway,
so don't worry about him!
Greets and peace,
Your Joe McMillan.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006 2:17:00 AM, Anonymous Scientist said...

Hello Samuel,
wow, the new podcast of Eric Hoffman was really great.

I mean not Eric, he was quite embarrassing, because those Atheists discounted everything he said and made him look as ridiculous as if he had the bikini on he always condemns.

But these two were really decent and rational fellows.

The sentence I liked most in this episode was Eric saying:
"You're reverting back to science, but you know, the bible is not necessarily..."
Yes, Eric, the bible is not scientific, it's bogus!

Anyway, have fun folks,
(No, I am not Martin)

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006 3:24:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Thanks Ray, Bonnie and Cernovog for your comments.

Like Ray said, Eric and Joe McCormick, think that they are doing something wonderful for the Lord, just like I thought on my mission.

However, what I was actually doing and what they are doing, is creating conflicts and problems for people, and in some cases, people that were perfectly happy before we came along. When people reach a point of wanting to convert to any religion, which claims to be the "only true path to God", it insults the rest of their family or anyone in their family, that doesn't share their new "one and only truth" belief or choose to follow their path.

This creates division, conflict and problems between couples, parents with their children, brothers and sisters and best friends and for what? Why? It is divisive and evil in my opinion to manipulate people into these types of decisions, where they have to actually choose between God/Eternal Life and their loved ones and friends. That is pure emotional torture and evil in its finest form and the furthest thing from any so called "love."

Of course, it's nearly impossible to try to convince the person that has that "only truth", doing the condemning, that this is the case, because they are so damn brainwashed and emotionally involved in what they believe to be the “only truth on earth.”

Then again, they do know the difference between right and wrong and openly condemning the world, if they don't follow them and calling them DEMONIC, is so wrong, there aren't even words to explain it. It is vile behavior!! Those that want to defend this behavior, are a very low form of life in my opinion.I saw this division first hand on my mission, yet accepted it under the guise of "this is the only truth" and just hoped that the other family members would someday fall in line and want to be with their family members that were now on that “only path to God.”

Eric will never see this, nor will anybody else like Eric, unless they open up their eyes and heart and replace their arrogance and absolute surety, that "they have the only truth", with true love and compassion for humanity and I should know. At this point, their brains are shut down, they have nothing left to learn, nothing to consider, because, they have "the one and only truth", it is perfect, case closed!! That is a very sad position to be in, no matter how old you are. They consider the rest of us to be destined to "no soul" or "hell" and pray for us. That is an insult!! Like I would want the prayers of some pathetic human being that calls me “DEMONIC” and condemns me to “losing my soul forever”, unless I fall in line with what they believe?!! What a joke!! They can take their worthless prayers and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

Up until a year or so ago, I still felt bad for those that didn't have my "only truth" and I couldn't understand why they wouldn't want it. Now, I can clearly see just how misguided and lost I was. It's too bad that these people aren't capable of learning a single thing from those of us that have already been through it all.I realize Cernovog, as you mentioned, that Eric is human and prone to mistakes just like all of us, but his mistakes appear to be done and spoken knowingly and he is therefore fully accountable for them.

He isn't mentally handicapped that I know of and isn't doing any mind altering drugs that I know of and oh, I believe that he is an adult. The only drug he's hooked on, is Christianity and it's affecting his brain, attitude and sense of right and wrong. But, this is his drug of choice and he is getting plenty of warning and throwing it all to the side for his "one and only truth."

It is amazing that people like myself, you, Martin, Scientist, Bonnie, Ray, Christoph and many others, are pointing out to him how wrong his blanket condemnations and hypocrisy are; yet he not only defends himself, but confirms that he truly does believe this and then backs up why and continues on with his mission of condemnation, disguised as “love.” He has learned nothing from any of us and at this point, seems incapable of learning a single thing, unless it comes from the Bible or Joey boy, his right and left hand, along with his brain and boss. Eric appears to no longer be in control of his own life and I’m afraid that their are many people out there in the very same situation as Eric.

As you say Cernovog, he may be human, but everything he does, especially his new podcast, just confirm his open disdain for the average Mormon, as he mocks them and continues condemning them. How can they be his target audience? Does he even understand what he is doing? The only people listening to him are people like us, looking to see how hypocritical he is being and his die-hard Christian defenders and followers, that agree with his blanket condemnations and every word he says. It's very sad that Eric doesn't even read or comprehend the Bible that he claims to be the guide to his entire existence.

Those verses that you quoted Cernovog, are perfect examples of why he shouldn't be doing and saying the things that he is, but I'm sure he can state a completely different meaning for them, that have nothing to do with him or what he is doing and saying. After all, Cernovog, he is not saying these things, God is, and who can argue with God, right? If it's in the Bible, the speaking has been done, as it was perfectly written and translated. Sound familiar, you former Mormons?

I also think that a lot of this attitude and behavior, or insensitivity toward Mormons (and others beliefs and other religions) and his basically clueless attitude, is that he has no clue what is like to even be a Mormon psychologically, mentally and emotionally, since he was never a Mormon. It is a very deep issue, which he can't comprehend, instead of a shallow, “doctrine only” issue. I guess he learned nothing from my 2 part cult podcast, obviously!!

I continue to "Stand all amazed" at these so called "Experts on Mormonism", that have never been Mormon. It is so apparent that they don't have a clue, because everything they talk about is on the surface, because they don't even know or comprehend anything below the surface and are clueless. They can't discuss or even know about something they don't have a clue about in the first place, right?

It would be like me, doing extensive posts on Jehovah's Witnesses or Moonies, as if I was the expert on them, even though I was never a member. Then I start an anti-Moonie podcast and blog, spend hours trashing them, but claiming how much I love them and have a huge heart for them, while condemning them if they didn't follow me and leave their awful cult.

I wouldn't just condemn their leadership, for being evil cult leaders, rather, condemn ALL OF THEM, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, with a gigantic blanket, but remember, I just condemn them out of love and concern. Would that make sense? It’s absurd!!

I'd be asking them to leave their cult and join mine, because I was right and they were wrong. What condescending arrogance and stupidity, how pathetic and I'm sure you guys get the point. What would give me the personal authority, to say that my cult was the true one and that theirs was false?

Now, if I want to point out why they are in a cult and state facts, that's fine, but to then railroad them into my cult, claiming ultimate truth and authority, while threatening their soul and all eternity, is asinine and cruel.

Maybe if I was living in the middle of Moonie land, then I'd be qualified, which appears to be Eric's one and only qualification, that is, living in Utah. I lived in Argentina for nearly 2 years, which is Catholic land, like 95%, so am I now an expert on all things Catholic? No, I'm not!! Do I understand all of the emotions and feelings of Catholics, just like I was one? No, not even close.

I know a lot about them, but I do not and will never know, what it is like to truly be a Catholic. I have a friend from my mission, that is now Catholic, maybe I'll ask him what it's like. All I know, is that he is happy and why would I try to ruin what he has found for himself and family, if it makes them happy. What happened to freedom of choice?

My friend has that right, to believe whatever he wants and he respects me a ton, along with Mormons, Atheists and everyone else, and does not openly condemn them for not being Catholic. He is simply happy where he is and allows everyone that same freedom to find what makes them happy.

Cernovog, you said:

Now, handing out pamphlets is a fine line. I would say that if you just make yourself available with information, that should be okay. Getting in someone's face and badgering them until they take a pamphlet is wrong.

But regardless, Sam, I hope you can find it in your heart to recognize Eric's shortcomings as simply human and try to let go of your animosity and bitterness.

If you hang on to this anger, it will just eat you up.

I know leaving Mormonism left a void in your life that you are seeking to fill. I hope this bad experience hasn't discouraged you. Keep looking for answers. God will not abandon you.

I disagree that it is okay to be handing out pamphlets on the actual property and grounds of temples or Churches, of any religion. I believe it is wrong, highly offensive and unacceptable, but that is my personal belief.

I actually wish that the Mormon Church would have them arrested for doing it, I really do, as they deserve it. If they can't respect Mormons on their own land and space, and allow them the right to worship where and how they want to, which is their constitutional right in the USA, then when can they respect them? People like Aaron, the missionary from Jesus not Joseph, Eric's friend(mall and MTC podcasts), is a street preacher, that shouts at them, calls them to repentance, etc.

It is shameful behavior and Eric says that he has the right to do whatever he wants and is his friend, even though he wouldn't do it. If I was Eric and had a friend that was so fanatical and had to shout down the Mormons to slam them with “his truth”, He wouldn't be my friend, but that's just me. I would be highly offended and embarrassed, both for my friend and the people that he was offending. Maybe one day, we can all go watch Aaron in action. I'm going to get this guy on tape, so that you guys know what I'm talking about.

Now, Cernovog, as long as Eric continues to condemn Mormons, all of them collectively(while claiming to love them so much), if they don't follow him and his pal Joe, then I won't let up. I won't discuss him all the time or do many posts about him or even mention the guy that much, but it doesn't change my belief that he is way off base and does not give a damn about the Mormon people, or anybody else, but only cares about his own personal agenda and proving to everyone that he is right and they are wrong. He wants to prove that he indeed, has the “one and only path to God.”

I will always use him as a prime example of what is wrong with these die-hard Christian activists and fanatics, that go around condemning the world if we don't follow them. Do I take it personally? Yes I do, because I am one of those being openly and publicly condemned by his pathetic words and this guy used to be my friend. How could one not find this to be offensive? Who would want their personal friends going around openly trashing them, telling lies and condemning them to “lose their soul forever?” In my world, that isn’t what friends do, but that’s just me I guess.

The anger that I feel Cernovog, is a healthy anger, because it is an anger against lies, fraud and injustice and this includes Eric Hoffman and Joe "don't ever question my words" McCormick and his sick cult.

My anger toward the Mormon Hierarchy is due to the daily reminders from people and experiences in my own life, of what this evil cult is capable of and what it is doing to them and I fight for these people and I always will. I truly care, love and have a heart for the Mormon people, because I was one of them one short year ago. Eric on the other hand, does not have these same feelings, or he wouldn't condemn them as he does.

As far as God not abandoning me Cernovog...well, when someone can explain to me how God abandons innocent men, women and children, to be raped, murdered and tortured(among a few things), every day, all day long around the world, well, then I'll worry about whether I'm even a blip on his radar.

Like God is gonna hear my prayers and bless my food or help me find car keys, while some child is being kidnapped, brutally raped and killed, is to me the ultimate naiveté and arrogance. I'd have to be pretty damn important, to take precedence over that poor child, wouldn't I? It makes no sense at all and nobody has the answers without using deep fantasyland cognitive dissonance to explain it. Of course, God gets all the love and praise for every good thing that happens and never any blame for the bad and evil, that he has put into this world and allows it to go on with no end in sight.

How can God not be responsible for the evil committed by his spirit children, that he created in his own image and that he sent to this earth? Does he know the beginning from the end or not? If he does, then it’s pretty sad that he allows these horrible, evil men, to come down to earth, when he knows the awful, heinous acts they are gonna commit, long before they commit them. What’s even worse, is that this all powerful, all knowing and loving God then does nothing to stop it and watches it happen. Please explain this? Could you do that with your kids?

My void is filled, I now know what I believe and I will be discussing it in explicit detail, in Mormon Truth Podcast #21, coming out in the next day or so.

This experience with Eric has just reminded me of what a pathetic life and belief system I had and ditto for any Christian like Eric. I would never, EVER, want to be the part of any religion that would openly condemn innocent people, that didn't believe what I did. Isn't there enough condemning and killing of innocent people everyday in this world, without adding to it? These die-hards just negatively impact an already screwed up world and cause far more pain and harm, then they do love or understanding. They are one of the problems of this world and can’t even see it. The sad thing is, they do it all in the name of their God, which justifies everything they say or do.

If I did want that in my life, I'd just go back to Mormonism and what I know and am familiar with, instead of some new, pathetic cult, like Eric's. That would be the easy way, the easy path, but I have chosen a different road, and helping myself and others as I have, is well worth the difficulties that this road includes.

Thanks for you concern Cernovog, but I'll be just fine, as I continue on helping as many people as I can, without the need of condemning them first.

Take care everyone and best wishes,


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006 4:04:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Calvary Grace...LMAO!! Thanks for the comment....that was great!! Yeah, I'll check into your "one and only true cult" ASAP!!


I just listened to Eric's latest podcast and I was shocked at so many of Eric's close minded views of life in general. He has not only climbed into his little tiny Calvary box, but sealed it and closed it, all around him, so that he can't ever escape or see the light.

It's probably safer there, so that he'll never ever have to see a bikini again and have to repent for his desire to "get off" and commit adultery in his heart.

But, it was actually quite startling that a person with so little understanding of human nature and life, is at the same time spewing BS, that everyone will "lose their soul forever", if they don't follow him. Follow him where....into the woods to bury my head in the dirt?!!

Wow, is all I can say!! It was nice to hear two logical people, that can actually use "logical thought processes" to dispute his "my whole life and everything I believe and know comes from the only true Bible and God", point of view.

He had to attack the gay issue, of course and admitted that he didn't choose to be heterosexual and actually said "absolutely not" to the question.

So, he "absolutely" didn't choose to be heterosexual but all homosexuals, "absolutely" chose to be homosexual and he KNOWS this, beyond any doubt and is the psychological and emotional expert on all homosexuals, worldwide. Bottom line for Eric-they are all sinners and it isn't natural and violates the laws of God.

I'm still waiting to hear back from him on why God is sending hermaphrodites to earth. He wanted to discuss it privately, said that he had the answer, but I'd prefer a public discussion on the issue and I'm sure that it has nothing to do with any God, right Eric?

Also, if Eric wants to discuss how there aren't gay animals...I'd love that too, because he is dead wrong and as per usual, hasn't done one shred of research before making such an unintelligent statement.

Also, his theory about homosexuality being a geographic issue, was so laughable, I fell off my chair and had to pause the podcast.

I think his guests were momentarily shocked, that he didn't actually believe that homosexuals move to common areas and that instead he believed that they were all born there and that it was society that made them gay, due to the environment of where they lived. Again, how closed minded can a person be?

Eric sure did a lot of laughing in this podcast, at what he obviously considered to be the ridiculous opinions of his guests, when he should have been laughing at his own views, like I was doing.

I could go on, but why? I've sent in the same review twice, on his new Oxymoronic podcast and iTunes won't post it, obviously, so I'm gonna post it on my blog here. They must be die-hard Christians, that review and approve the comments. Bottom line, episode one sucked and I haven't gotten the stomach to try out episode 2. Hopefully it is better and at least organized and they knew beforehand what they were going to discuss and share.

Isn't it amazing how 2 NEVER-MORMONS, are experts on Mormonism? Too bad they don't have a clue!! Who is really listening to these podcasts? Probably just his critics and die-hard supporters. Why would anyone else even bother, since he only wants to convert them to his beliefs anyway?

Well, take care everyone and I'll talk to you again soon.


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006 5:53:00 PM, Blogger Kolage said...

Hey there!! just catching up with your blogs and I see you have a lot to say about me.
I guess you are not going to return my phone calls. So I have decided... if you want people to hear some of the ideas that you have about me and how I would answer them....well, invite you back on the podcast.
Sound good?
I await your answer... Also, still your friend if you can allow that.

At Monday, August 07, 2006 6:56:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Wow, it's Eric!! Welcome back bro!! Long time no see man!! I mean, you haven't left a comment on any of my blogs since June 5, nearly 2 months ago and here I thought you were just gonna hibernate over in your super-safe forum in fanatical Christianland, forever more. I’m glad to see that you’ve stepped out for a moment to breathe some fresh air.

So, where have you been for the last 2 months? Now, you suddenly want to do a podcast with me? LMAO!! You haven't answered or addressed my comments and haven't apologized or corrected the false statements and lies that you spewed about me, so why would I answer or return your phone calls, let alone do a podcast with you? You really are in dreamland, aren’t you? You tell me to “man up?” LMAO!! I could say the same for you pal!! 2 months of public silence on my blogs, except for the lies and exaggerations, that you told on your personal website, which you decided to share with your readers and you are telling me to man-up..please!! Talk about the perfect definition of hypocrisy.

So that’s where you have been, over in your new forum, trashing me and making up lies about me, my blogs and podcasts, that are suddenly so offensive, full of 4 letter words and of course, who can forget the fact that I’m now using a pornographic picture of girls in bikinis. Oh the horror!! Oh the shame!! Like you said, “guys will now go there to lust and get off.” Good for them!! Have you done it yet? Give me a break dude and come back to reality please!! What planet exactly have you blasted off to? Kolob? LOL!!

Basically, you have the right to say what you want about me and I have that same right to say what I want about you, in response, while at the same time, defending myself against your lies and absurd conclusions, and blanket condemnations of innocent people, which is all I've been doing. I’ve also been responding to others comments, and you have been quite the topic of discussion as of late. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right Eric? You should be thanking me, not pissed off at me bro!! It’s all good, right? I’m sure your listening and reading audience is growing by the day, because of the “9” posts that I've written about you...LOL!!

As far as being my friend? Why on earth would I want you or anyone like you as a friend Eric? You openly and specifically condemn me to "lose my soul forever", along with my family, friends and all of the other great Mormon people that I love and am trying to help. You profess to be doing and saying what you are, out of love. Some love!! For you, condemnation equals love?!! Have things gotten that screwed up in your mind? This group of people that you are condemning, would also include Catholics, JW’s, SDA’s and any other religion that doesn’t see eye to eye with you, which would even include other Christians. In other words, at least 80% + of the world will “lose their soul forever.” Tell me again, how you aren’t just like the Mormon Hierarchy that you openly condemn for claiming to have the ultimate, one and only truth?

You also, as I've mentioned many times, enjoy trashing me personally, while your preacher and supporters keep saying that you have taken the high road, which is downright laughable. If that’s the high road, I’d like to see that low road. Talk about Cog Dis or blatant hypocrisy!! You've said many things Eric, that are not the high road and you know it!!

Now, I find it interesting, that so many of your supposed defenders and supporters, have been over here infesting my message boards, and your Frappr map, telling me to stop talking about you, that I'm too angry, that they are done with me, thanking you for taking the highroad and being so Christlike; now you want to do a podcast together, which would get really nasty? Your preacher man Joe, would flip out and maybe call you in for that one Eric.

It’s a really bad idea homie and it would kill your podcast ratings, if these people supporting you and leaving comments, are even for real. They admire you and the fact that you haven't responded to me and this includes your cult leader/forum moderator, TheoJoe McCormick of the Calvary Cult Network, that was bragging about the fact that you haven’t said a mean word about me and have taken the high road.

If you want to have a public debate and get the issues out on the table, let's do it right here and let everyone jump in and share their opinions....even your die-hard followers. Since we can't do that over on your new pristine site, that only welcomes skeptics and not critics or people that want to debate, this would be the perfect place, wouldn’t it? The bottom line Eric, is that I’m done with the subject of you. You waited 2 months plus to now jump in and start defending yourself and your asinine comments.....well, it’s too little too late. I regret that I had to spend the time I did on the subject of you, but it had to be done and it is done!! I’ve said what I’ve gotta say and it’s time to move onto more important things, like how the Mormon Church is an evil cult. Of course, you wouldn’t know firsthand, because you’ve never even been Mormon.

I also, don’t appreciate you calling me DEMONIC and telling me that “there is this new article about pedophilia and how it is now being viewed as an alternative lifestyle and that I should check into it.” WTF? You now equate people that defend homosexuals as down with pedophilia and think that “I should look into it.” Maybe you should go check it out pal!! You are really out there buddy and nobody that I want any association with. Don’t claim you didn’t say that either, because you did and you know it. You’ve lost your mind Eric and you really need to get out of whatever it is your in, which is a damn cult, because it is changing you in very ugly and twisted ways. I freaking you out, because I’m openly discussing your condemnations of innocent people, while you tell me to check into pedophilia as an alternative lifestyle? You are sick!!

You should be ashamed of yourself, but like you keep saying in your podcasts.....”God thinks you are a complete pile” anyway and With comments like that one....I can’t say that I don’t agree with your God!! However, you are saved by grace, so it’s all good. I sincerely regret any association I've had with you Eric and I can only wish you the best in your journey. Now, just to be crystal clear, for you and everyone reading this, since you keep calling me and leaving me messages saying that you want to be my friend, that you are there for me, that you want to send me my stickers that your friend made for me, etc; I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to be your friend and I don’t want you as my friend, and I don’t want to do a podcast with you and I don’t want you calling me or leaving me voice mails anymore. Got it?

I can’t be much clearer than that, can I? I’m done discussing you and so move on and continue being the poster child of fanatical Christians that condemn everyone to “lose their souls forever”, if they don’t agree with you; while booting anyone that wants to debate you, out of your precious new website that is for kids 5 and under. I’m gonna do my thing and you can keep doing your thing and our paths never have to cross again, which I pray to your God and the Mormon God, and every other God, along with Satan(remember, I’m now DEMONIC), will be the case. I wish you the best and like I said, if you want to openly debate the issues and not get personal and nasty as you have, this is the place to do it. I mean, if you want to get more personal, we can do that too, but I doubt that you want to go down that road. I realize that you told me, “that if you were me, knowing what you know about my secret identity, that you would shut your mouth, even though you would never do that.”

Right on Dude.....threaten me, but then let me know you’d never do it. What is that? Besides, you don’t know shit about me, in reality. Your threats made me laugh, because you think you know so much, when you know so little. If you really want to go down that road....I know plenty about you too pal, but how about growing up Eric and not acting like a 2 year old. This is the high road that Joe and your followers speak of?

I will not be coming over to your forum, where I will be censored, edited and ultimately booted by your heavy handed cult leader, who apparently is running your site and your life. You think Mormons are being controlled and unhappy, while you think that your God believes you are a “complete pile?” Are you serious? I would say that most Mormons don’t think that God believes they are a “complete pile”, like you do. They try harder, know they aren't perfect, but don't go around saying how God believes they are a complete pile!! What you believe is far worse than Mormonism!!

At least Mormons try to be good and feel that there must be SOME works, to go along with the grace. Of course, they are gonna “lose their souls forever”, so who gives a shit, right? After all, it is you, the complete pile, that has the only truth on the planet earth. At least Mormons don't believe that rapists, serial killers, pedophiles and murderers get a direct pass to heaven, if they give their life to Jesus. How absurd is that?

Have a good life Eric and Maybe one day, you can actually help someone, by not condemning them in the name of love and your God!!

Good luck, the floor is now yours!!


At Thursday, August 10, 2006 10:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samuel is right about what he says regarding Eric's intolerance. I used to listen to Eric because he blasted Mormons, not so much for his Christian message.

After relistening to his message telling all Mormons they will be condemned, I became disappointed with him. He has some great things to say, but when you lay a blanket condemnation on the entire Mormon people, that is wrong.

I an no fan of the Mormon church. I believe the leaders are liars and hhypocrites. But the Mormon people are generally very good folks. They are following some screwed up doctrine, IMHO. I think good Mormons will live with God. I think hypocritical Christians will not live with God.

We need to stop all this fighting and bitching we do and look for the types of behaviors that Christ would want us to have. Condemning our fellow man is not one of them.

But how does Eric get off condemning anybody? He is not God, not a prophet. he is just a man with faults like all other men.

I sure as heck did not want to leave one cult to join another. Eric, keep up your message of love, but dump that condemnation stuff. It is quite unbecoming of a professed Christian ambassador of God.

Reread the Bible and find that good message, the Gospel, and spread that message of love and good will. I will do the same thing.

I would listen to your podcasts if you can find it in your heart to become more Christlike in your attitude towards all men...not just the ones who have accepted Christ the way YOU think they should accept Christ.

Eric, you have a lot of good in you. Go with your strengths, not your intolerance.


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