Saturday, November 29, 2008

A BYU Student Is Punished In A Church "Court Of Love" & Then Heads Up To The Provo Temple Despondent & Angry, With A Handgun..No Surprise Here!!

This is just another tragic tale of what MORmONISM does to otherwise normal and happy people!! Everything's fine until you screw up or are accused of screwing up and then all bets are off and they'll be coming after you with everything they have, including spies, who will secretly watch you and report back to the Bishop or Stake President.

Here is the direct link to this video story.

This poor guy may have done something or may be 100% innocent and only accused of doing something by the BYU Nazi students, that are so proud and happy to fabricate lies about others(as they are trained from birth to do), without any thought whatsoever of the consequences and what it will do to someone and the pain it will cause them in their lives.

In any case, this kid's Bishop or Stake President called a "court of love" for him, didn't care about his side of the story, judged whether or not he was really repentant and sorrowful and then they probably excommunicated him or at least disfellowshipped him, knowing EXACTLY what they were going to do before they even did it.

The whole court bullshit in MORmONISM is just another MORmON power play, sham and lie, as they actually pretend that they don't know what they're going to do before they do it. It's just another way to show you how worthless you are and how powerful they are.

Just ask Simon Southerton who wrote "Losing A Lost Tribe" or Chad Hardy of "Men On A Mission" fame, who were both singled out and excommunicated....for simply writing a book and making a calendar. Simon's excommunication was 7+ years after he was even active in the cult and had resigned as a Bishop and oh, he was even forbidden to speak about his "scary book" during the court(they were terrified it might de-convert people in the court), as they went after him for adultery instead, that had long since been resolved, as he was back with his wife for years at the time of the court.

Just for the record...what they show(men and women's skin abundantly, with NO MORmON garments in sight, as I've shown above in the video) at the 100% MORmON owned and operated Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii(the home of BYU-HAWAII), is far worse than what is in Chad's calendar and by the way, the next to naked men and women that parade around all day and dance in the final night show at the PCC are BYU students...WOW...what a shocker, more hypocrisy eh?

Oh and they also serve, in the name of the MORmON Jesus Christ And Tommy Boy Monson...the "forbidden and I can't drink it and get baptized or go to the temple or have eternal life or an eternal family" caffeinated coffee to their visitors upon request, along with caffeinated Pepsi products, which are FORBIDDEN at BYU and forbidden period according to the last MORmON PRophet of fraud Gordon "boozer" Hinckley!!

Now, why would this kid do what he did and feel such depression and desperation and want to possibly kill himself? Well, being punished while at BYU means that you are being kicked out of BYU, ostracized by EVERYONE and that EVERYONE(where you live, work, your roommates and who you go to class with, plus your family, girlfriend, etc, etc) knows that you did something terrible and are now NOT WORTHY to be a student at the precious BYU.

On top of that, part of the MORmON repentance process, if he wants to get back into the cult someday; is to tell his family and friends what he did and apologize to them for hurting them through his dirty deeds...yeah, that will help when they all condemn him and bow their head in shame on behalf of him.

Furthermore, they kick your ass out of the cult for whatever reason and then give you no support or help and basically leave you to rot(but telling you that they love you so much), banning you from even praying and participating in meetings. Funny way to show love, isn't it?!!

By the way this is not the first time that a BYU student has headed up to the Provo temple with a gun and I know of one that even tragically killed himself right at the front gates. Does the MORmON hierarchy care? Of course they don't, as they don't even care about their missionaries, as current Asspostle M. Russell Ballard clearly stated a couple of years ago.

Ballard doesn't care if more missionaries die!!

If Ballard is so cold and heartless that he doesn't give a damn if one of his "precious" missionaries get hurt or killed(the cult wouldn't progress at all or gain converts or increased filthy lucre and future shopping malls without them)...then he certainly wouldn't care if any member died, like this poor kid, no matter how tragic it was or if he was the DIRECT cause. There's a reason why Utah has one of the highest suicide rates in the USA, especially for teenage suicides.

What is so sick, is how these arrogant bastards treat you in a "court of love", as described by
Margaret Toscano in the MORmON Hierarchy praised and linked to PBS Documentary, who was excommunicated in 2000 for just being a feminist and speaking openly about a "Mormon Heavenly Mother." 7 years earlier, they had FORBIDDEN her to speak publicly about anything that had to do with MORmONISM and had threatened her membership then. The link above explains it all and you'll know everything you need to know.

The most bizarre, twisted and sickening thing is how the Bishop and those involved in the court treat you after they've announced that you're excommunicated. Margeret Toscano described it as follows:

"Then he said: "However, you are excommunicated. We have found you to be an apostate." ... I'm a nice apostate, I guess, right? [Laughs.] I'm a nice apostate. ... Then he proceeded to explain to me what that meant, what the consequences of that are. And then at the end -- and this struck me as extremely bizarre on one level, that after he made the pronouncement and told me what it meant to be excommunicated, and the fact that you're not allowed to wear your temple garments, that you're not allowed to participate in meetings, that your name is no longer on the church records and all of your church ordinances are canceled and so forth -- then when it was over, everybody got up. In fact, they were just always so concerned about being polite to me, and they all wanted to shake my hand. It just struck me as so bizarre on one level, that here you've excommunicated me, which means that I no longer can go to the celestial kingdom and be part of the community of Saints, and yet you want to shake my hand and tell me I'm a nice person and that you really weren't trying to do me any harm. It just struck me as so -- [Laughs.] -- ironic on a certain level.

Then I left, and they wanted to make sure they walked me out to the parking lot, because it was 10:30 at night, and so there was this politeness. ... In fact, I afterwards talked about sort of the horror of niceness -- that on the one hand they're cutting me off from eternal salvation and telling me that I'm this apostate, which really is considered very bad in Mormon culture, and then I'm this nice woman that they're going to shake my hand. There's something vicious about niceness that struck me in this -- that the niceness covered over the violence of what was being done, because, in fact, excommunication is a violent action. And yet you had this veneer of niceness that covers it over. That was horrifying to me. Afterward it almost made me shudder, that incongruity between the violence of that excommunication and the niceness of the discourse that went on."

Again, keep in mind that LDS/MORmON Inc not only approved whole-heartedly of this PBS documentary, but praised it, bragged about it and STILL link to it from Jesus Christ's official website. I think she described "horror of niceness" and "vicious about niceness" that she experienced and that this young man I'm posting about, which truly how sick, twisted and demented these men and this cult really is.

Here is a clip of Margaret Toscano interview listed above:

Margaret Toscano's "Violently nice" Excommunication From The MORmON Cult!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Well, I hope that this kid will be okay and will somehow get the support he needs from his family and friends, which is doubtful if they're still die-hard MORmON cultists who choose the church over him. Let's hope that they didn't raise him with the "Better Of Dead" doctrine, which wouldn't be a surprise either, especially if they're Utah born and raised MORmONS.

I wish him the best and I hope that he will realize that the MORmON ASSHOLES(The Bishop & Stake President & others in the room) have done him a great favor and let's hope that he'll never return to the MORmON cult or their Nazi University and will see the light and then help others to leave the cult.

Here is a reminder of the MORmON cult's "Better Off Dead" doctrine from a video that I made:

Are you all seeing a common theme yet, between what M. Russell Ballard(A direct descendant of Joseph Smith) said about not caring if missionaries died and the doctrines that they teach regarding "Better Off Dead", that I've shown in the video above?

Gee, why would depression and suicide be among the top in the country, here in Utah...hmmm...I can't figure it out...63% MORmONS in Utah...hmmm...what could it be?!!

As always, I look forward to your comments guys and I hope that the things I post here and record in future podcasts will continue to help you or someone that you know, to know THE TRUTH about the fraud and dangers of MORmONISM, as people are actually dying for and because of this evil, vile cult of death, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The MORmON Church Hierarchy Under Investigation For Undisclosed Prop 8 Contributions & MORmON Hierarchy MUST APPROVE ALL CHANGES To Utah Liquor Laws!!

Well, it's about damn time!! Why didn't this happen back in 2000, when they also read letters from the pulpit, created phone banks and organized their members through Bishops and Stake Presidents and proudly spent millions of the tithe payers dollars to defeat gay marriage in California, Alaska and Hawaii?

The MORmON cult hierarchy can shout all day long that Prop 8 is a moral issue, not a political issue, as they punch their political ballots. The good thing is that NO ONE else sees this as a non-political issue and just a "moral issue", like all the churches do, in order to try and cover their collective asses and not lose their tax exempt status'.

In my opinion, ALL CHURCHES, including the MORmON cult, need to be heavily investigated by the IRS for their involvement in a 100% POLITICAL issue and they ALL need to lose their tax exempt status today. How can something not be POLITICAL, when it is voted for during an election, at the ballot box?

What these churches are doing, especially the MORmON church, is waving the birdy finger at the US Government and IRS, shouting "FU, you can't touch us and we can do whatever the hell we want to." Let's hope that will soon change and that they'll be punished to the fullest extent of the law and be exposed for the liars and frauds that they are. They believe in and brag about how much they love following the laws of the land, so let's hold them to it and punish them accordingly.

Would Jesus Christ hide behind a bunch of well paid lawyers? Why does Jesus' "one and only true church" need lawyers when they supposedly talk face to face with Jesus? Jesus doesn't give them legal advice...LOL? Maybe he should send down Peter, James and John or the 3 Nephites(who are already here on earth, strolling around somewhere) to represent them eh?

Actually, it shows what pussies and cowards they truly are, to not be able to answer for and defend themselves and it further exposes them for the frauds that they are and always have been. Why wasn't Hinckley put on the stand, under oath during the Mark Hofmann "The MORmON Murders" for the answer to that one.

Now, the second story in this video is amazing...amazing because channel 2 told THE TRUTH and said what us ex/anti-MORmONS have been saying for years about the MORmON Hierarchy's involvement in Utah this case, the liquor laws.

Here is the statement that is mind blowing, especially to anyone that wasn't actually aware that Thomas S. Monson or whoever the current MORmON PRophet of fraud is...had to actually approve any changes to the Utah liquor laws, before legislative approval could take place(of course they NEVER get involved in political issues):

“In the past, leaders of the LDS church have had to approve proposed liquor law changes before the legislature would actually pass them...”

Now, why is this? Because, as us ex/anti-MORmONS have been saying for years and years...90% or more of the legislature is MORmONS and they won't do or say anything, until the MORmON cult tells them what to do, as they are terrified of their own shadows.

What this really means, is that the MORmON cult Hierarchy is actually the 'shadow government' of Utah and are calling all the shots, making all the decisions and simply telling the legislature what to do, on behalf of them.

If they are this heavily involved in dictating and approving the liquor laws of Utah, what else are they heavily involved about EVERYTHING!!

However it appears that John Huntsman(who I can't stand either) is actually giving them the finger back and actually had the cojones to publicly state that this is a political issue and that they should be able to make the decision alone(meaning without the dictatorship of Tommy Boy)...doh...really John?

Well at least somebody finally pulled their head out of their ass and realized what all normal people already knew. Maybe they'll excommunicate Governor Huntsman just for saying that eh? Doesn't that mean he's against them now?

Well, no, that would never actually happen since he's famous, rich and in the public eye and in a position of power, which allows him to do whatever the hell he wants...just ask the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Harry Reid, who hasn't been excommunicated or punished in anyway yet.

Oh yeah and dead Hinckley and now Tommy Boy fly around the world on the private jet of John Huntsman's they wouldn't want to lose that perk now would they?

In the MORmON cult, it's not what you do, but who you are and how much money you have(how much tithing you're paying) that really matters, which then allows you to obey a completely different set of rules, laws and standards.

Just ask the current MORmON General Authority Willard(Billy) J. Marriott about all the booze and porno he proudly sells in hotels and then pays tithing on. I guess it's all good, since Jesus will proudly be serving booze in his malls, 7 days a week, within a couple years or so.

If your just a normal member and not a public figure and you do something wrong or speak out against the church hierarchy(like stating your pro-gay marriage)...they will fire you from your job and destroy and punish you in a "court of love" the first chance they get.

Now if you go to the press and it becomes a PR nightmare...they might just back off and leave you alone. You have to bully the bully and just like real life...if you punch them in the nose, they go running off like the little pussies they are.

They're only tough and all powerful until you fight back, which they NEVER anticipate happening, thinking that everyone bows down to them and their supposed "authority of God" and "power." As I've stated many times; the only power these clowns have, is the power you give them.

If everyone left the MORmON cult tomorrow...they'd be NOTHING but powerless billionaires, with no more fairy tales and no one to bow down to them. They figure if all else fails, they still have their billions to fall back on.

Anyway, I just felt it was important that I shared these two stories with everyone and I look forward to your comments.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Marlin K. Jensen, MORmON Seventy/bigot, Says The Church Won't Accept Gays, Even "If The Sun No Longer Shines!!" Now That's Love & Tolerance, Isn't it?

Marlin K. Jensen, MORmON Seventy(and his "MORmON God")...PROUDLY REJECTS ALL Homosexuals!!
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Here is the entire segment from Nightline:

Nightline-The Life Of Gay Mormons
Uploaded by SamueltheUtahnite

Marlin K. Jensen Stating that MORmONISM is the "ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH:"

This was an excellent segment on the life of gay Mormons, showing the pain they go through, after their lifelong church openly condemns them, goes after them and in most cases, excommunicates them.

Everyone from the Apostles Boyd K. Packer, Dallin H. Oaks, to the most recent MORmON Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, admit publicly that they have no clue why people are gay or if they were born that way.

First of all, that's pretty strange, that so called "Prophets, Seers and Revelators" don't know this, since they are supposed to have a special connection or "discernment" from God. They are supposed to be "special witnesses" of Jesus Christ...whatever the hell that means. Maybe they should ask their Jesus about this the next time he pops into one of their meetings or into the "holy of holies." You would think it might come up, since Jesus hates homosexuals so much, right?

Secondly, how can you openly condemn, chasten and punish people through excommunication, regarding something that you openly admit you know nothing about?

Current PRophet Thomas S. Monson has no clue either and approved of and was integral in the electro-shock/vomit therapy that went on right on the BYU campus, which were clear human rights violations.

They now use Evergreen International to hide their attempts to cure the gay MORmONS with their so called "reparative therapy", but claiming that they have NOTHING to do with the place.(weekly firesides with a MORmON General's not rocket science folks...CONNECT THE DOTS!!)

They claim to love everyone and Hinckley bragged about embracing and loving gays and lesbians(but also claiming they "have a problem and need to be fixed"), but in reality, the Mormon church is as anti-gay and homophobic of an organization that exists on don't let them fool you folks.

There can be NO honest dialog with them EVER, as they will look you directly in your eyes and lie about how much they love and respect you, while spending MILLIONS stripping you of your basic human rights and defending their hardcore bigotry and intense hatred of you.

After all, they're "PRO-FAMILY", not "ANTI-GAY", right?

It's just good old fashioned bigotry guys, yet I'm called a bigot by the Mormons, for calling them out on their homophobia. Ironic, isn't it?!!

I've commented a ton about this, so I'll let you guys now comment on these videos and express how you feel about them and the MORmON cult's bigotry and hatred of homosexuals.

It's disgraceful!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Will The "MORmON LORD" Step In & Cause Magic To Happen Again..Allowing BYU To Beat Utah Today Because They're "Living Right On & Off The Field?" LOL!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Utah Utes-48 BYU bigots-24...WOW...I guess they've been doing some pretty bad things "on and off the field" down there in Provo, because "the 'MORmON' Lord" didn't "step in" and "magic" didn't happen...OOPS...LOL!!

Time to go see your Bishop Austin Collie, along with the rest of the team(especially quarterback Max Hall, who had 4...YES...4 ints and ZERO TDS) that was obviously doing some VERY naughty things, right Austin?

Hey Bronco...what happened to your supposed "Band of Brothers" and "Stripling Warriors", as they got their ASSES KICKED from one end of the field to the other...LOL!!

It reminded me A LOT of the TCU game and how they royally kicked your asses and made Max Hall and company look like the amateur that he is. He's got NO SHOT at the NFL and will go undrafted for sure!!

Thanks for making my day guys...let's do it again next year okay?!!


Or have they NOT been living right "on and off the field" and having dirty thoughts, going on single dates alone with girls, dating interracially or non-members, masturbating(which leads to homosexuality and bestiality, according to their beloved Prophet Spencer W. Kimball), maybe getting some Levi Lovin' on the side, etc?

Well, according to Austin Collie, we'll find out today based on whether they win or loose. I don't even want to know what those BYU players or coaches were involved in that caused them to be embarrassed on national TV, getting their asses handed to them by TCU...can you imagine how naughty they must have been...what was it...32-7...DAMN!!

We're talking serious sins for the MORmON Jesus to punish them that badly and I'm sure their Bishops were very busy(but excited to hear graphic details of their confessions) that week...LOL!!

How about when they got lucky and BARELY beat Washington this year 28-27, exposing them and showing the world how shitty they really are. By the way, as of this week, Washington is 0-10 and their coach has already been fired before the season is even over. He will coach through their last game.

To prove just how shitty BYU are some other samples of Washington's other games this season and how badly they lost:

Oregon-Lost 10-44, Oklahoma-Lost 14-55, Arizona-Lost 14-48, Oregon St.-Lost 13-34, Notre Dame-Lost 7-33, Southern Cal.-Lost 0-56, Arizona St.-Lost 19-39, UCLA-Lost 7-27.

Many of those teams are also pretty shitty!!

BYU beat Utah last year again(November 25, 2007) in football, for the 2nd year in a row and Jesus' star wide receiver Austin Collie, caught a 49 yard bomb, on 4th and 18, as it was BYU's(Jesus') last gasp or they would have lost the game 10-9...which Jesus Christ wasn't about to let happen to his personal football team, that plays, hits, tackles and gets personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in his name, every week.

Do they have to repent and go confess to their Bishop when they crush a guy out of bounds, or put a late hit on quarterback after the whistle, on purpose, with the intent to hurt someone? Do they lose their temple recommends, or get put on probation, disfellowshipped or excommunicated for it?

Just to review, after the game, Austin Collie said what I've posted in this video, basically saying that because he/they(the BYU football players) were living right on and off the field, "The Lord" intervened and made "magic happen" and helped them beat Utah.

Austin Collie Said:

"I wouldn't say it was lucky, I would just say that we just executed the play..uh..well and uh..we should have had another but OBVIOUSLY you know when you're doing what's right on and off the field..uh...I..I think The Lord steps in and...and...uh...plays know...plays a part in that...magic happens."

That should pump up you Ute DAMN SINNERS!!

Austin Collie then responded with the following statement, after being heavily and rightfully criticized and laughed at for his arrogant comment, even accusing everyone that was criticizing him as being racists.(ironic coming from a white dude who is part of one of the most racist, hate-filled churches/cult/universities in the world, with BYU being named after Brigham Young, one of the most racist, hate-filled, bigoted bastards that has ever lived:

"I just think it's absolutely ridiculous that people take something like that and blow it up," he said. "I really think it's because I'm a MORMON WHITE KID from Brigham Young University. Anybody else says that from any other team and it's just how spiritual that guy is."

The flip-side of this little comment and what has pissed off and riled up Utah fans so much(and I don't blame them one bit), is that Austin Collie was basically saying that Utah lost, because THEY WEREN'T LIVING RIGHT!!(or in other words, are mostly non-Mormons who probably have sex out of wedlock, drink, masturbate, have dirty thoughts, etc, in his biased, self-righteous opinion of course)

He later denied that was what he was saying or meant, but it clearly was, as it just popped in his head naturally and then proudly slid out his MORmON mouth, because such statements and thoughts are normal for Mormons, in all of their arrogant "I'm better than the rest of the non-Mormon world", "I have the one and only truth" and "I'm a MORmON 'God-in-embryo'" attitude, that offends so many people.

BYU and UTAH hate each other with a passion and every year they play, it's called "The Holy War." Bronco Mendenhall, the BYU head coach, ridiculously calls his team "the stripling warriors", referring to "the stripling warriors" from The Book of Mormon(who NEVER existed) and makes many other irritating Book of Mormon references all the time.

It would be like Pete Carroll of USC using Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to motivate his team and quoting things publicly that they supposedly said and from their movies and comic books...LOL!! The rest of the world would think he is nuts and insane, just as I'm sure people think about Bronco Mendenhall.

Ironically, and in a twist, the Utah head coach kyle whittingham is a BYU graduate and the last Mormon Prophet of fraud Gordon B. Hinckley, graduated from the University of Utah in 1932 or what Mormons consider to be "Satan's university."


Samuel the Utahnite

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thomas S. Monson, MORmON PRophet Of Fraud...Heads To Mexico Singing & Waving His Hankie While The Members In Utah & Mexico Have Spiritual Orgasms!!

Video Courtesy of Christ)

Video Courtesy of Christ)

Well, KSL(Jesus Christ's personal TV station in Utah) finally updated their pathetic website and videos, to include embed codes for anyone to use and to be able to freely post their videos on websites and blogs. Not that it matters if you're a die-hard MORmON cultist, as they freely post KSL and church videos all over YouTube and on their websites, with no problems or threats from the MORmON Jesus whatsoever.

Of Course they're all protected by Jesus Christ's Bonneville communications' copyright(and NO Fair-Use is allowed), which only applies to ex-MORmONS, specifically ME, who they singled out, after seeing how much damage I was doing to their MORmON cult product!! It's funny that they're so terrified of one guy, his blog and his YouTube videos, isn't it?

They spend millions and millions of dollars on their massive and failed advertising campaigns and yet they are terrified of me and all other ex-MORmONS who are fighting against them. You know why? Because we're telling the damn truth and exposing them every single day and their advertising campaign is full of lies, deceit and complete bullshit.

They put out these cheesy bullshit commercials(on the radio, Internet and TV), that have NOTHING to do with MORmONISM at all, rather the warm and fuzzy bosom burning BS that they base their entire cult experience on. They spend $75-150,000 every Sunday morning advertising this bullshit on Meet The Press. Imagine how many homeless people they could feed and house with that $4-8,000,000? But hey, who gives a shit, the cult is true, right?

My only question now, is if Jesus Christ's Personal lawyer(who in my opinion is a STUPID SON OF A BITCH), Boyd J. Hawkins, of Farmington, Utah(who threatened me before over my YouTube videos, on behalf of the cult, which were 100% fair use and legal); will once again threaten me on behalf of Tommy Boy and the MORmON Jesus, for now simply using their embed codes that they FREELY provide to the public? Will they again single me out and only ban me from using them? LOL!!

Anyway, FUCK YOU Boyd, you piece of shit and shove your MORmON cult and KSL up your asshole!! Are you gonna threaten and sue me now Boyd for expressing my opinion and exercising my Constitutionally protected free speech rights?(which the MORmON cult believes only applies to them and their missionaries, who lie on a daily basis) If you could you would...too bad we aren't in Communist China or North Korea or back in Brigham Young's could have me executed with BLOOD ATONEMENT, right Boyd and Tommy?

So now that that's out of the way...LOL...I just wanted to post these ridiculous videos of Tommy Boy singing very badly, embarrassing himself publicly and waving his hankie, along with tens of thousands of Mexicans waving their hankies(yeah, that wasn't orchestrated or planned as EVERYONE just happened to show up with a white hankie, right Tommy?). What did they do, hand them out at the door, to everyone that entered? Maybe they charged everyone like a buck or two or sold them in the lobby...LOL!!

I think my favorite part was right at the end of the one video, where it showed the two assholes Monson and Eyring together, waving their hankies AGAIN...while wearing a native, gaucho outfit...give me a break. I've never seen anyone more phony and pathetic than Thomas S. Monson and you can add Eyring to that equation now, since he is his pathetic sidekick and lapdog. I'm sure crying Eyring was damn near sobbing in his gaucho outfit, waving his white hankie, while watching thousands of Mexicans waving their hankie back at him.

That's what's it's all about baby!!

Who cares about their TRUE doctrine and history or how many women Joseph was screwing and married to and committed adultery with in the name of his MORmON God...who cares how many little girls he threatened, then raped and destroyed in the name of his MORmON God...let's just wave our hankies with tears in our eyes, while we re-dedicate a building that probably cost hundreds of millions of dollars or in other words...more money then all of the MORmONS in Mexico combined will earn in a lifetime.

It truly is sickening!!

I have much more to write about the Proposition 8 issue, including my Steve Young post, but I just had to post this and in the meantime, I invite everyone to go to my new website entitled "Mormon Temple Protests." I've created a forum there where you can all openly and freely discuss your feelings regarding Proposition 8 and the MORmONS hate-filled teachings, bigotry and homophobia and also have a place to announce and organize your next MORmON temple protest.

Please spread the word and let as many people know about this new site as you can, especially in the gay community, so that we help as many people as possible and expose this MORmON cult for their hate and bigotry. I'm thrilled to see protests going on against the MORmONS all around the country and in all 50 states now, and I hope that it continues and only gets bigger and stronger.

I loved seeing the major protests at the Los Angeles, Oakland, Salt Lake and New York temples and I hope that it will continue to spread to ALL the MORmON temples here in USA and all around the world.

So much for their missionary work and "convert baptisms" here in the USA eh?!!

Hey MORmONS...that's why there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, which would help to contain your bigotry, hatred, sexism, lies, fraud, homophobia, fairy tales and fantasies within your own walls and not strip others of basic, constitutionally protected human rights.

You MORmONS are so damn proud of your hatred & bigotry and I'm VERY proud of the gay community and those who are out there standing up to you and defending and fighting for truth and justice and simply expressing their opinions, just like you've loudly and clearly expressed your love of hate and bigotry since 1830. Remember what you did and still do to blacks and women you assholes?

Let us also not forget for a second that even though MORmONS contributed well over $22,000,000 and are my main focus here and by others around the country; they were not alone in their hate and bigotry as a lot of other people(mostly all religious), voted for Prop 8, especially the nutjob and fanatical Evangelicals that I despise and die-hard Catholics.(and many, many other religions)

All of these people are BIGOTS plain and simple, deserve to also be called out and exposed and in many cases, ironically, they're now actually standing up for and defending their arch enemy, the MORmONS. You know something is seriously fucked up in the universe, when MORmONS, Evangelicals and Catholics stand together united as one, as they hate and despise each other in the real world.

They just hate homosexuals THAT MUCH!!

Take care everyone, thanks so much for your support, comments and contributions and stay tuned as I have a lot of stuff on the way shortly, including many more podcasts, which you've all been requesting and Emailing me about for a long time. I can't wait to get behind the mic again and just say it like it is, like I always have and I'm glad that my podcasts have helped so many of you out there and thank you for the kind Emails and requests for more.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Friday, November 07, 2008

There's A Big Protest Scheduled Tonight At 6:00 PM At Temple Square & The Church Office Building In Salt Lake City, Utah...In Defense Of Gay Rights!!

by Troy Williams

Ready to raise some HELL? Jacob Whipple has asked me if I would speak and emcee the protest tomorrow. It's a calling I couldn't refuse. Please join us! And bring everyone you know!

Arrive early -- take Trax downtown and gather at 6 p.m. at North Temple and State Street. Bring sings, banners and noise makers! And be prepared to march for justice and equality. We will no longer be scapegoated and we will no longer be silent.

Today over 3,000 protested at the Mormon Temple in Los Angeles. Let's match that and then some!

I will see you there!!



Great job Jacob and Troy and I hope that THOUSANDS turn out tonight to support you and your cause and to further shame and expose the Mormon General Authority Bigots, especially Thomas S. Monson, the KING bigot of them all!!

This protest tonight will be shown nationwide and worldwide, just like the protest at the Los Angeles temple was yesterday, further showing the world what hate-filled bigots they truly are. The difference is that this protest is being held right at the doorsteps of the MORmON Vatican and so it will probably get more coverage than the Los Angeles temple protest and make HUGE headlines.

I have more videos to post from local coverage here in Utah, which I'll do later on today, but I strongly encourage as many people as possible to turn out to this protest in support of gay rights and for Jacob and Troy and what they've planned.

I also encourage all people around the U.S.A. and world, that live close to a MORmON temple, to organize similar protests at other MORmON temples, so that they are happening everywhere, just like the civil rights protests against the MORmON cult and BYU in the 1960s and 1970s; that finally forced/shamed MORmONISM into allowing blacks to have the Priesthood, callings and the ability to enter a temple for the first time and receive the Mormon's eternal life and family. It took until 1978 for this to happen!!

This had all been banned previously and they still REFUSE TO EVEN APOLOGIZE for it, still selling their hate-filled teachings everyday in Jesus' Deseret/Seagull and BYU Bookstores. Just go to my MORMONBIGOTRY.COM site for that story.

I also think that we should protest and boycott all MORmON owned/operated companies, ESPECIALLY IN UTAH, unless we know that they don't agree with the stance of the church. The Marriot hotels would be a GREAT place to start!!

We need to inflict monetary pain on these bigots and make them suffer for their bigotry and hatred of homosexuals and for the millions they just spent in California proving it. They need to be held accountable for their disgusting and despicable prejudices.

I have much more to say about all of this and I'll be recording podcasts regarding all of these issues soon. I wish you guys, Jacob and Troy, all the best and I hope that tonight is a resounding success for you and I hope to be hearing from you guys soon, so that I can help you spread the word around.

By the way, if anyone has a story to tell the world and would like it posted on my blogs and in an audio podcast, just contact me at my Email Address listed in my sidebar and we'll make arrangements. Same goes for anyone that has audio that they would like posted...just let me know and I'll put it up for everyone to hear.

I'll be back later on to add more videos and I look forward to your comments

***UPDATE*** Here are the additional videos I promised:

Also, here is the latest BULLSHIT statement from the bigoted MORmON cult Hierarchy, once again playing the poor, sad victims, after they picked the fight and inflicted a massive quantity of pain on the homosexual community, backed up by their $20,000,000.

They're now DISTURBED...holy shit, what fucking planet are they living on...oh yeah, Joe's imaginary KOLOB!! It's not disturbing at all that you're being singled out dumb fucks, rather well deserved and very appropriate and it will only get worse for your bigoted, sorry, pathetic, hate-filled asses as your world of hurt and suffering has just begun!! Don't you proudly preach that you "reap what you sew?" BINGO!!

You will NEVER recover from this black eye and the only people that will join your little "only true" cult(less than 1/5 of 1% of the world's population) in the future are the stupid, desperate, uneducated, bigoted, gullible and clueless, which is pretty much who they've always targeted. NOBODY that knows THE TRUTH about your bigoted, sexist, racist and hate-filled doctrines will ever join.

Here is their statement:

"It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled out for speaking up as part of its democratic right in a free election.

Members of the Church in California and millions of others from every faith, ethnicity and political affiliation who voted for Proposition 8 exercised the most sacrosanct and individual rights in the United States – that of free expression and voting.

While those who disagree with our position on Proposition 8 have the right to make their feelings known, it is wrong to target the Church and its sacred places of worship for being part of the democratic process.

Once again, we call on those involved in the debate over same sex marriage to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other. No one on either side of the question should be vilified, harassed or subject to erroneous information."

For those who went to the protest tonight, please return and report, as we'd love to know what your experience was and if you were getting harassed by the bigoted MORmONS who probably showed up. Did Tommy boy make an appearance...LOL...yeah right...he's too big of a pussy and hides behind Jesus' spokesmen and his/Brigham Young's old desk, the one that Hinckley played mumble peg on...LOL!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Breaking News-Massive Anti-Mormon Protest Today Outside Of The MORmON'S Los Angeles, California Temple, After They Helped Pass The Anti-Gay Prop 8!!

Tommy Boy didn't see this coming did he? He just thought he'd quietly dump millions of tithing dollars into passing the POLITICAL issue of proposition 8(like Hinckley did before), along with many millions more from the members, through his direct order and nobody would even notice and then everyone would stand around a campfire holding hands, singing "kumbaya my lord kumbaya", celebrating their intense hatred and bigotry of homosexuals.

So much for being a "PRophet" eh? But we already knew that he was a GIGANTIC FRAUD just like the entire MORmON cult is, dating back to Joseph Smith and the bogus First Vision, that NEVER happened!!

Get ready Tommy Boy as this is just the beginning of your troubles and nightmares, as you will be hated and despised all around the world for your hatred and bigotry...just like Joseph Smith is/was hated!! Maybe, just maybe, the bullshitter Thomas S. Monson has finally been exposed and will be remembered as the man who helped begin the massive downfall and destruction of MORmONISM as we now know it and see it.

After this episode, happening in the day of the Internet and 24 hour cable news...they will NEVER fully recover and like I said, it's only just beginning and will get MUCH worse. Pretty soon, there will be NO baptisms in the US, where they are already struggling and they'll just be stuck with whatever they have left.

Get ready MORmONS, as millions of people now see you as the bigots and haters that you are, which includes at least 5,000,000 + people in California and millions more all around the world, including many millions more in just the USA.

Hmmm...I wonder what impact this will have on missionary work? This is a devestating time for MORmONISM and it's amazing that the church who bitches the most about bigotry towards them, are once again the ones dishing out the bigotry and hatred all day long and backing it up with their millions of tithe payer dollars, that they've achieved by robbing the poor.

Need Proof?

MP3 File

If we were back in Brigham Young's BLOOD ATONEMENT days, Tommy Boy would probably be issuing an extermination order against all MORmON homosexuals and anyone supporting homosexuals and Prop 8, just like Brigham Young did with apostates and the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Just remember this statement, by the arrogant, asshole MORmON Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, who was NOT taken out of context in anyway, shape or form:

MP3 File

Please download it and spread it to as many people as possible!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here Is A GREAT & VERY TRUE Portrayal Of What MORmONS Want To Do By Donating Over $20,000,000 & Voting For Proposition 8 In California..DAMN BIGOTS!!!

MP3-Tommy Boy Congratulates Himself On His Bigotry & Passing Of Prop 8!!

Here is a link to the hate-filled bigot's lies and scare tactics that they were spreading around, entitled "Six Consequences If Proposition 8 Fails" and a response based ON FACTS AND TRUTH!!

Here is a link to an internal MORmON memo that was "presented as a handout to a small group of local LDS church leaders in hard copy form and was emailed to two people of which I am aware." This proves the depth of their involvement in a POLITICAL issue, which should be enough to get their tax exempt status revoked.(even though they claim it's moral, not political...but WAS VOTED ON IN A POLITICAL PROCESS AT POLLING BOOTHS)

"Comments and questions may be directed to Questions about the veracity of the first paragraph may be directed to the persons named in that paragraph in their offices in Salt Lake City, UT."

I have much more to write regarding this stay tuned and let's hope that their $20,000,000+(a big chunk of the $70,000,000 + that was spent/wasted) goes right down the shitter, along with their bigotry and hatred.

How many starving men, women and children all around the world could they have fed with their $20,000,000 and $70,000,000? Whether homosexuals can get married is more important than saving lives and feeding the estimated 25,000 children that die of starvation daily?

To BIGOTS like the Christians/Fanatical Evangelicals, MORmONS, etc...YES IT IS...VERY SADLY!! They openly and proudly praise and celebrate bigotry over dying children...all for their "LOVING/BIGOTED GOD!!"

I just wanted to get this video posted for everyone to see and I'll be back later tonight to report much more.

So, bring it on you MORmON bigots and defend your hate-filled, bigoted, repugnant, grotesque cult of hate, bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia and shame...masquerading as a so called "church of God", that supposedly "loves, tolerates and welcomes everyone"...NOT!!

I can't wait for your pathetic comments!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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