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How Much CASH Is The MORmON PRophet Of Fraud Thomas S. Monson & His Gang Of Thugs & Goons Raking In On Just Garments & Temple Clothing Sales Annually?


3/7/2011-Here is a new video of the MORmON Temple Ceremony from Big Love(fast forward to about the 4:35 mark if you just want to see the temple ceremony part)..as the last 2 have been deleted by the MORmON CULT HIERARCHY. So I apologize in advance to this person, who will also have this video deleted from their account at some point in the very near future & most likely will have their entire account deleted as they've done to me & many of my friends, multiple, countless times.

Why do they do this? Because they're TERRIFIED of THE TRUTH getting out there exposing their pathetic CULT. Too late for you Mr. Tommy Boy & your 14 DUMB SHITS!! LOL!!

This is the best & most complete video yet though, as it also includes Barb meeting with her church leaders before going through the temple, then going through the temple & then her church court where they ask her about what underwear she's currently wearing(is she wearing her garments?), excommunicate her & call Polygamy a "misguided abomination" & "shameful practice in the modern church" & then use Boyd KKK Packer's classic teaching/words stating "Some things that are true are not very useful."

Barb then classically asks them why they want to lie, hide & cover-up their past history of polygamy. It's a real beauty folks & I'd enjoy it while it lasts, as I don't expect it to be around long, with the 7-10,000 hits I still get monthly on this blog, many still coming directly from church headquarters, at all times of the day, night & morning...including the middle of the night. Enjoying what you're seeing ASSHOLES?!!

I promise some new posts/podcasts are coming soon...just been too busy dealing with life & personally helping people out of the MORmON CULT. My research & studies never end & I can't wait to have more time to expose even more of MORmONISM than I already have, as I have so much to say.Enjoy everyone & thanks for all the comments, Emails & your support!!

I was searching the web today and came across some ex-Mormons having a discussion about this post. They lamented the fact that I didn't include the links to Brigham Young admitting that he hadn't EVER paid his tithing and to future PRophet John Taylor(an ASSpostHOLE at that time) being on the non-tithe payer list. 

Well, over the last 4 years, I've been pretty well known for always including the detailed links and proof to everything I post from MORmON history and doctrines and I dropped the ball on those 2 items...sorry about that guys...I must have been tired!! 

When I wrote it, I knew it was true because I'd just read it in my research; but you guys don't know that and probably haven't read or heard about it and I have now provided the links above and below, so that everyone can easily verify it and know that both statements are indeed 100% true and factual.

Hopefully this will help fuel the conversation, as these are 2 pretty big and important pieces of information, which again proves how dramatically things have changed in MORmONISM(and with their "GOD") over the years.

I encourage everyone reading this to spread it around to as many places as possible.

TBMs and MORmON apologists will of course vehemently deny that any of this ever happened and they'll call me a liar or worse...even though they mentioned and quoted the very book(directly from BYU's website)by E. Jay Bell(regarding something else I'll be exposing soon) that I quoted Brigham Young from, regarding not paying his tithing. I was researching something else and just happened to come upon that suprising statement...so THANK YOU BYU...LOL!!

Besides that, it was said in the MORmON's general conference in 1875...which I haven't found access to yet...but that makes it OFFICIAL!! I have access to records that go back to the 1880 General Conference until now...but not before 1880.

Thanks again guys for pointing this out and feel free to leave a comment or drop me an Email in the future, if I haven't included something in a post that I should have or if you have any questions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I think the last time I bought a pair of secret & scared "MAGIC" Mormon garments/underwear, around 4-5 years ago; they were around $12 a pair, as the cost had just gone up. Maybe it was the cost of the type I bought, as I remember they had different prices for different types. I remember when they were around $7.00 a pair but of course that wasn't enough for the money hungry cult leaders/Jesus, who want every cent they can get their grubby hands on!!

If anyone has bought them lately and has a more accurate price range, or can access the LDS website that has all of the different prices; please share the info, so that I can be more accurate. It's too bad that Ebay won't let us sell them, as it would be a fun hobby and we could make a good living...selling Mormon magic underwear on Ebay...LOL!!

I'm guessing with the Salt Lake City, multi-billion dollar mall/downtown construction projects...the cost of garments will be going waaaay up, as someone has to pay for "Jesus'" shiny new malls(big and spacious buildings), right? I'm sure that "Jesus" will be having a very special meeting with Tommy Boy, in the Holy of Holies, regarding the much needed increase of the cost of Jesus' Magic underwear...LOL!!

In any case, if they are say $12 a pair and you have around 3 million active, temple going Saints(could be more or less), that buy say 10 pair a year...that would add up to 360 million dollars a year, minus their cost to make each pair which is what...50 cents or a dollar at most? They pay their workers minimum wage, so it could even be even less than that.

So, in my opinion, I would guess an accurate number would be somewhere between $200-400 million, based on the actual number of active temple goers, the actual cost per pair they buy & how many pair they buy per year. Could even be more than $400 million, which wouldn't surprise me at all...I just know it's in the hundreds of millions, even low-balling it in all of the categories that I just mentioned above.

That's why they want you to buy your garments from them exclusively and why you aren't allowed to make your own garments.(and make sure your cut out and burn the little Masonic marks in them when they wear out, so that you can use them to dust the furniture or wipe your car down, etc...LOL!) Amazing how much power those marks have eh...when there...garments are fully functional...when they're gone...garments are just rags and have lost all of their "MAGIC POWER"...LOL!!

God I was a brainwashed dumb ass to believe all of that bullshit and so is anyone else that does!!

Oh and let's not forget the "money changers" in the back of the temple(ching, ching) that are RENTING the temple clothes for a ridiculous price(what they call "a small cleaning fee"), considering what it actually costs them to wash all the clothes, at the end of the day, in one massive load, in Jesus' sacred and blessed washing machines. I'm sure the washer and dryer were included in the dedicatory prayer, right?("Protect ALL from any devastating influence, destruction, or defacement.")

Hey didn't "Jesus" kick the money changers out of the temple...oops!! THEY'RE BACK...time to return bad-ass "Jesus" and kick them out again...LOL!! I guess now he loves money changers...but we have to also add the daily rental money to the above mentioned profits. I'm sure they make tens of millions on the rental charges, mostly from Utah and all of the brainwashed cultists that reside there.

Even when I was a TBM, I was VERY uncomfortable(as were many of my family members and friends) with a cash register ringing up my temple clothes and costume rental costs and I often wondered how that made sense, knowing what "Jesus" thought of the money changers.

Funny how the cash register bothered me so much, but the death penalties and pantomiming my death(along with and beside my family and friends) by slitting my throat and chest and disemboweling myself, if I ever revealed "THE SECRETS" of the temple; was just fine...man, was I brainwashed!!

I was bothered and disturbed by the DEATH PENALTIES when I first did them(not knowing ANYTHING about them beforehand), but then moved quickly into acceptance, because after all...it was divine revelation while I was in "The Lord's House", that I should be murdered that way, directly from "Jesus" himself, through Joseph Smith and it was the "one and only true church."

In fact, I would deserve it(DEATH) I thought, if I did indeed reveal those SECRET/SACRED things to anyone else, which I promised I'd never do, with the fear and penalty of DEATH.

On top of the garments, let's also not forget the absurd cost of buying the temple ceremony clothes that you play dress up with and also the actual temple dresses and clothes that you wear under the dress-up clothes. It's Halloween baby, every day a MORmON temple is open.

I'd be surprised if the whole garment/temple clothing market of The Corporation Of The President didn't easily top a billion dollars annually! It's funny(in a pathetic way of course) that just that part of the corporation alone, could be its own successful, independent corporation in the real world.

In fact, in some of the poorest countries in the world, like in Africa; they don't even offer clothing rental and those poor people have to BUY their damn temple clothes. Couldn't they just let them use them FOR FUCKING FREE?!!


"They wouldn't appreciate it as much if they were able to use them for free and didn't have to work for it" is what they would say. Yeah, like the MORmON Hierarchy works for all of the money that rolls in, based on fears and threats of eternal separation from everyone they've ever loved?!!

First you have to pay your damn 10% just to get to "Jesus'" temple, then they nickle and dime you once you're worthy(garments) and then shamelessly once again when you get to the temple. It's a threefold hammer...WHAT A RACKET!!

When my Grandma died a few years ago, we went to the official church clothing store to buy her temple dress for her to be buried in(I was still a TBM at that time). They said they could have given her a discount if she was still alive, but since she was now dead...they'd have to charge us full price for the dress!!(It didn't even occur to the lady how offensive that statement was and just came out naturally, like most MORmON BS that they spew)

I believe the regular price was like $75 & they said that they could have sold us the dress for around $45 or something like that if she was still alive and that that was their official policy.

In other words...WE SHOULD HAVE FUCKING LIED!! Once again, the MORmON cult teaches you that lying is the best policy, just like they've done since 1820 until today.

I explained that she WAS DEAD and shouldn't have to pay more in her death, than when she was alive and that it was an absurd and unfair policy!! I asked "if we'd come in to buy the dress when she was on her death bed...would we have gotten the lower price" and her answer was "yes." I was even more furious at that point and I even told her I should have lied then", which she didn't appreciate!!

Then I told her that it was "outrageous that they were going to stick it to my Grandma like that when she was dead, just because of the fact that she was now dead!" I asked "why would you have such an obscene policy like that" and that "it didn't make any sense?" I then asked "is it because you now know you won't make any more money off of her?" I was PISSED!!

I was then, at the point, starting to seriously raise my voice and start to make the lady uncomfortable and cause somewhat of a scene in the otherwise "reverent" clothing store of the MORmON "Jesus."(again I was still TBM, but also very emotional and upset after losing my Grandma and I couldn't believe that "the one TRUE church" was doing this to my Grandma after her death and essentially punishing us for her death.) Where was the love and compassion?!!

It was more about the principle at this point, than the damn $30...kind of like when Bednar said "it was never about the earrings." The difference is that I'm telling THE TRUTH, Bednar was LYING!!

I said things like "I can't believe you're doing this to my Grandma", "are you kidding me", "you should be ashamed of yourself", "this is absurd", etc. She then told me to "please clam down" and relented and said that "even though she wasn't supposed to and could get in big trouble, that she'd go ahead and give it to me for the lower price." Of course she also asked me "to please not tell anybody." I was so FURIOUS and couldn't believe what I'd just experienced and I was having flash backs to the BS that I'd put up with on my mission.

Anyway, the bottom line is that this Mormon cult will admit to gladly PUNISHING and PENALIZING you and your family, EVEN AFTER YOUR DEAD, while trying to squeeze your loved ones for more cash and every last cent they can get. They are cold and heartless!! There is no depth that they will not sink to, in order to make a buck off of you(even after you're DEAD) and like the douche bag
Lynn G. Robbins said a few years ago in General Conference:

No bishop, no missionary should ever hesitate or lack the faith to teach the law of tithing TO THE POOR. The sentiment of “They can’t afford to” needs to be replaced with “THEY CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO.”

One of the FIRST THINGS a bishop must do to HELP THE NEEDY is ask them to PAY THEIR TITHING. Like the widow, IF A DESTITUTE FAMILY IS FACED WITH THE DECISION OF PAYING THEIR TITHING OR EATING, THEY SHOULD PAY THEIR TITHING. The bishop can help them with their food and other basic needs until they become self-reliant.
(Lynn G. Robbins, “Tithing—a Commandment Even for the Destitute,” Ensign, May 2005, 34)

Lynn G. Robbins, proudly and literally taking food out of children's mouths for "God."

I want EVERYONE to notice(and I'm pretty sure I'm the FIRST person to point this out) is that in the Ensign and on LDS.org, they've added "and other basic needs until they become self-reliant", after he said "the Bishop can help them with their food."

What's amazing to me, is that Lynn G. Robbins was already lying and then I guess Hinckley added another lie to that lie, by knowingly and falsely stating "and other basic needs until they become self-reliant." I guess they felt it was too harsh. But, you've heard the audio and read the "transcript" and you now know THE TRUTH!!

That statement alone by the asshole Lynn G. Robbins, should be enough for any decent human being to leave the church instantly and realize that it's a cult. Who would ask such a thing? When they are literally asking you to give your money to them(without ANY accountability whatsoever as to where it went) and to then literally STARVE your family, including babies, small children, etc...it's A DAMN CULT!!

What type of animal or beast would ask you to do this(it follows their teaching of always putting the church first and your family second)...as they then hypocritically use your money to build $500 million temples that are open "by appointment only", spend over $600 million dollars to bail out the "Jesus/MORmON" owned Beneficial Life, as they fly around the world in private jets, while eating the finest cuisine and being chauffeured around in luxury cars and building multi-billion dollar malls in Salt Lake and a $30 million luxury resort In Laie, Hawaii, etc, etc?!!


Oh, and the last part referring to the Bishop helping, is a complete CROCK OF SHIT too and just ANOTHER LIE, especially when 99% of the countries the cult is in, have NO WELFARE PROGRAM whatsoever. Hell, they don't even help someone here in the U.S.A. that has faithfully payed their tithing for their entire life "until they become self-reliant."

It's all just another lie, as I have a best friend who has faithfully paid his tithing his entire life, just lost his job and was recently REJECTED by his Bishop for financial assistance of any kind.

Even if you get lucky and the Bishop helps you; it isn't until your "self-sufficient", since I have another friend who was told the limit now is 3 months and they're done with you and kick you to the curb. He was told it was the church's new policy and that was before the economic collapse...it's now probably one week or not at all, like my other friend experienced.

The Bishop told him to "have faith" and of course "to continue paying his tithing(in the spirit of Hinckley and Lynn G. Robbins) and that the 'Lord' would bless him." What a fucking insult and slap in the face...ASSHOLES!!

I of course told him to do the RIGHT THING and to stop paying it immediately and take care of his family and that money wasn't going to fall out of the sky. He ended up pulling out money from his 401K(which he didn't want to do because of the penalties and because it was a temporary problem) and he still paid tithing on it(he was too afraid not to and he seriously considers it his fire insurance...FOR REAL) and after 2 months, things were never worse and he went through hell...so now he's actually questioning, thank the Mormon God!!

Let's say that you've payed tithing for 20 years and averaged $4,000/yr. That would be $80,000(not including fast offerings and every other fund you've foolishly donated to) you've faithfully paid to the MORmON cult, no questions asked(even going hungry on occasions as they tell you to do), with absolutely NO accountability in return as to where it went and then, when you desperately need help(BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE THAT EXTRA $80,000 THEY ROBBED FROM YOU)...THEY WANT A FULL ACCOUNTABILITY OF WHERE YOU'RE SPENDING EVERY CENT(EXCEPT WHAT YOU'VE GIVEN THEM OF COURSE) AND THEN THEY TELL YOU TO SHUT OFF YOUR CABLE, TAKE THE BUS AND TO GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

Did it ever occur to the bastard cult leaders that you're mainly in the situation you're in, because you've donated 10-15% or more of you income for you entire life, right into the black hole of MORmON Inc? OF COURSE NOT!! Imagine if you'd just saved half of that money or even 25% of that money...you'd have a nice savings account to help you out in a tough time.

What do you get for paying tithing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but a pass to Joe's house of horrors, where you can dress up like a dumb ass, take orders from Satan and at least in the past(changed in 1990 and 2005)...agree to be killed by various gruesome death penalties and have your naked body fondled and touched right next to your genitals and for women, also on your breasts(which would have caused you to receive formal church punishment if you would've done to your girl/boyfriend, what they did to you in the name of "God" and Joseph Smith)

There really should be a class action lawsuit against the cult for the naked touching, which we didn't know about before it happened. Any Lawyers out there reading this interested?

For those who want to know more about the MORmON temple...please visit my good friends site, that has all of the audio and text of all the MORmON temple ceremonies, including a text comparison between the pre-1990 and post 1990 ceremonies. It shows how they actually GUTTED the temple ceremony and took out massive chunks and made gigantic changes and that it wasn't just "minor changes" as The First Presidency claimed and lied about.

Of course no one can talk about it, so everyone just accepted it and bowed their head and said yes, as trained to do in the temple. This is the same temple ceremony that is supposed to "NEVER CHANGE", EVER, without God punishing his cult. What a fraud eh?!!

Now, all of you non-Mormons out there, including Ex-Mormons, can easily learn all of the bullshit handshakes and what to say when you meet Joseph Smith at the Pearly gates and you'll be able to easily get into heaven, since the handshakes are the most important things to prove to Joseph Smith and the "MORmON GOD", that you're a MORmON...LOL...and you didn't even have to pay them 10% of your income to learn them and didn't have to dress up like a dumb ass!!

The ONLY reason MORmON temples even exist today and have been built at such a rapid pace the last few years...is for generating revenue. They are desperate once again for cash(running 90+ days behind on their bills for Jesus' billion dollar malls), just like the late 1800s, early 1900s and the early 1960s, as history is repeating itself once again, as they've gone on this massive building spree, like drunken lunatics. The world is wising up, more educated regarding MORmONISM and all religions(the Internet has a lot to do with that) and they've already saturated their markets.

In order to enter these "houses of horror", you have to be a full tithe payer, which wasn't even required until 1910.(the paragraph mentioning this, is right under the one I mentioned below) In the 1870s, even Brigham Young admitted that he NEVER paid his tithing and said "that neither himself nor anyone else....had ever paid their tithing as it was revealed." When they created a list in the early 1900s of all of the non-tithe payers, the future PRophet John Taylor was surprisingly on the list.(scroll down to the paragraph that has numbers 29 and 30)
The paragraph says:

In early 1900 President Snow asked the Presiding Bishop to prepare a list "of non-tithe payers and about 10,000 names were in the record."29 Snow told the apostles that non-payment of tithing "was worse than the non-observance of the Word of Wisdom" prohibitions against tobacco and alcohol. The time had long since passed when general authorities were exempt from the obligation to pay tithing, and one apostle was shocked to learn that Apostle John W. Taylor's "name is on the Non-Tithing List!"30

In April 1910 the church president announced it was necessary to comply with this greatly reduced law of tithing in order to have temple recommends.31(The Mormon Hierarchy-Extensions of Power-D. MICHAEL QUINN)

By the way, the entire chapter 6 from his book, entitled CHURCH FINANCES, is available for everyone to read for free there and I highly recommend that everyone read it and then go buy the awesome book!!

Michael Quinn is an amazing man and absolutely brilliant when it comes to MORmON history and all things MORmONISM and he has created an amazing work...a masterpiece in that book, which is full of indisputable and 100% verifiable evidence that helps expose THE UGLY TRUTH OF MORmONISM to the world. Quinn's book is the MORmON Hierarchy's biggest nightmare!!


Hmmm...I wonder why the perfect, unchanging "MORmON Jesus" didn't require tithing to enter the temple until 1910 and then changed it to something they "considered more important than the word of wisdom" and a MUST, in order to enter Joe's cult house of DEATH? If MORmONS didn't require tithing to enter the temple, they'd be no different right now than the reorganized church(The Community of Christ now), because they'd have no money and very few temples.

Notice that they have to use threats and the literal FEAR OF GOD and the literal and eternal separation from your family, friends and loved ones, in order to FORCE you to give them your hard-earned money and to sustain their fat asses, sitting on their thrones in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Like Lynn G. Robbins said in his conference talk, that I shared above, with Gordon B. Hinckley and Thomas S. Monson's proud approval:

"One of the FIRST THINGS a bishop must do to HELP THE NEEDY is ask them to PAY THEIR TITHING."

Why should faithful members have to be accountable for their money when they aren't accountable to them?!!

Aren't they supposed to be setting the example...YEAH RIGHT...DAMN HYPOCRITES...DAMN THIEVES!!

As a side note, as I just eluded to above; that statement by Lynn G. Robbins was never corrected(Hinckley was sitting right behind him and had no problem with anything he said and in fact, had pre-approved it beforehand), stands and is still on LDS.org(it was toned down though in the church news report of the talk to "Destitute families should pay their tithing first and then the bishop can provide food and other basic needs.)

It's truly sickening!!

Mormon Inc. is clearly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a CORPORATION and a CULT, not a church and I rest my case!!


Samuel the Utahnite

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At Tuesday, August 11, 2009 3:23:00 PM, Blogger Saint David said...

Amen and Amen

Well said

Great Blog

At Wednesday, August 12, 2009 6:31:00 AM, Blogger Pamela said...

My TBM parents are currently having financial troubles, and when I think of all the hundreds of thousands of dollars they've poured into that fraudulent church it makes me want to cry.

I've tried to talk to them about it, but they are so brainwashed they really think that they will be blessed with everything they need if they continue to pay it.

I think if the 'blessings' you supposedly get don't end up equal to the amount you've given up, if not greater, you should really question your faith. If the best thing you can do is pay tithing, then the rewards should be so much greater.

The truth is there are no rewards, there never are. The things that happen are things you've worked for and earned. You can't thank a non-existant deity for the things you've achieved of your own volition.

At Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:21:00 AM, Blogger Demon of Kolob said...

Do not forget the cafeteria in basement of the bigger temples more money cash reristers in the temple

At Monday, August 24, 2009 3:51:00 PM, Blogger "Mormon Coward" said...

$400 million in garment sales? Where does all that money go to? I'm assuming you're going to say Thomas Monson and other church leaders. Why would Thomas Monson or whoever gets the money want $400 million a year. Does it look like Thomas Monson lives on $400 million dollars a year? If the Mormon church is a huge fraud and the leaders of the church know it, why go through all the hassles in deceiving the entire world only for money? There's easier ways to make money. I'm assuming that $400 million (that's if your correct) is put back into fulfilling the mission of the church. May be the money is used for humanitarian purposes throughout the world.

At Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:01:00 AM, Blogger Saint David said...

Mormon Coward:

That's exactly Samuel's point!! The whole post is about how the church does not disclose where their money goes. Its completely kept from the public view. So it makes rational people ask, "Why is it such a secret? If it's God's church there should be nothing to fear about disclosing truth. Its almost as if they're afraid of the truth in this matter.

Very odd behavior from a church which declares that they ARE the truth....

At Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:04:00 AM, Blogger Saint David said...

It really irritates me that this church somehow manages to get every video of the temple ceremony erased.

The tinypic link you had is now gone and deleted.

Once again, they keep hiding the truth.

At Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:51:00 PM, Blogger socrates said...

Thank you for this website. Someone had to do it. ExMormons.org looks like a good one too for those trying to escape the cult. I only recently became aware of how big a problem this is, of how evil the Church of LDS truly is. I'm curious on how many people actually believe this rubbish compared to those like yourselves who figured it out.

At Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:03:00 AM, Blogger Saint David said...

wow....In the link you provided about Brigham Young not paying his tithing as revealed by the Lord, it then states that Lorenzo Snow ordered that all new converts had to pay a tithe on their current property when baptized!!

So on baptism day if you had only ten dollars to your name, the Church wanted a tithe on it to get baptized!! LOL
Reminds me of how the catholic church operates.

At Thursday, August 27, 2009 11:55:00 AM, Blogger "Mormon Coward" said...

onestly? I don't think that's Samuel's point. However, I'm not going to waste too much time posting this comment, but I found a Wikipedia article about the Church's finances and it makes a lot more sense that what I'm reading on these blogs. According to the Wikipedia article, the church must disclose it's financials in the United Kingdom. May be you guys could use your time better and start looking at the church's finances in the U.K. and may be that'll give you a better sense of how the church uses it's money I'm sure other countries require the church by law to disclose it's finances, try taking a look at those countries too. Or may be better yet, you can make up with a sinister conspiracy between Thomas Monson and a member of the the Royal Family, or even the Salt Lake Temple and Buckingham Palace. Here's the Wikipedia article:


At Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:35:00 PM, Blogger "Mormon Coward" said...

Just another thought! I'm looking through the Church's finances in the UK for the year ending 2007 and in the beginning of the document it's reviewing the laws and the regulations that an organization must meet to be considered as a charity. For the church to proselyte in any country it must abide by the laws of those countries, it cannot just move into a country and start knocking on doors. Therefore, if the church is doing anything other than acting like a charitable organization, due you think the United Kingdom or any other country would recognize the church according to it's own laws? For example, UK has provisions in how the church can proceed in fulfilling it's mission. The church must submit it's plans for future periods. For example under future plans for buildings it reads, "We will continue to work with and amend where necessary the new criteria for deciding when to
build new buildings. Research will continue into whether using modular buildings is a more cost
effective alternative.

"There are plans for 2008 to commence construction on one new meetinghouse and build additions
to five meetinghouses".

If the church is abusing society with it's funds do you believe UK or any other country would allow them in their countries? No, the church must abide by the laws of the land and UK accepts where the church wants to spend it's money. In areas such as, building, missionary work, humanitarian work, temple work, genealogy, and publications, etc. If the church isn't following those provisions, I'm sure there would be problems.

Take a look at the Church's finances in the UK.


At Thursday, August 27, 2009 6:43:00 PM, Blogger socrates said...

You are a member of a transparent, evil cult "Mormon Coward." Let me rephrase that. You are either a disinfo focker acting like a cult member, or you drank the proverbial kool-aid. The Mormons are some of the worst people in the world. They are the dregs of the dregs. They are child abusers. They rape young minds and ruin their lives.

At Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:52:00 PM, Blogger Saint David said...

LOL ouch. I'm not sure if I would go that far, lol, but they do manage to do their share of damage.

The church is allowed in the UK but so are are many other "religious" societies. The Church of Satan, for example, (an actual church by the way) also operates meetings in the UK and is classified as a religious organization. Just because a group is allowed to operate as a religious unit, does not mean that it is a good one. Also, if you know anything about accounting, appearances are always meant to be deceiving. Although they may disclose all their monies in the UK, a simple manuver around this is to flood all possible monies to the "haven/shelter" where no one will ask questions legally.

So just because in one country they have to share the info does not mean at all that there is transparency. The church does not operate in this way. The money books were closed in america a long time ago because they knew the church had too many enemies here. Its easier to do as they wish behind closed doors.

I just find it extremely odd that they hide everything uder the guise of being too holy to reveal, or that it would be pearls before swine. In essence, they're telling all the members that they wouldn't understand why they're using the money as they are. You're just supposed to trust them. And this, my friend, comes again to the great point where the church tells you that God speaks to a prophet on the earth today and that through revelation he will know what to do with the money. This idea sounds good, but it eliminates transparency, responsibility, and trust between the leaders and its members. Joseph Smith tried this style of money management with the Kirtland Safety Society which ultimately turned out to be a huge financial loss for the church and its members. It was during this time period that Oliver Cowdery walked away from the church announcing that Joseph was a fallen prophet who sinned greatly.

So again, the church can do whatever it wants. Its america, so who cares. The problem is that they truly get honest and faithful people to donate tons of money in order to build their kingdom while many of their members are hurting financially. As you look around Temple Square, doesn't it remind you of the Book of Mormon passages warning about elaborate ornated buildings? As if somehow a beautiful Temple building will bring us closer to God? The original temples built by Joseph were simple and plain. It wasn't until Brigham Young led the church that it took decades and millions to build just one.

The church poses as a great humanitarian effort, but in reality it is a business. It makes profit and takes advantage of its American religious tax exempt status. Its malls and restuarants sell items that the church bans such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco; its own University has a terrible history of expelling people or holding back degrees for simple and stupid reasons. I.E, men not being clean shaven.

There is just too many problems, too many strange ideas, too many bad histories about church leader's lives that all add up to the conclusion that the church is made of men trying to pose as if they are acting under God's direction. With so many terrible mistakes, this church has proved that it is simply of man. And I tell you the truth, in time, it will come to nothing. So if you want to be a member, that is your freedom. However I warn you that I was once deceived by the idea that the church is what it says it is.

At Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:52:00 PM, Blogger Saint David said...

I strongly encourage you to study church history. And I'm not talking about anti-mormon literature. Read history books written by members. If they are honest with the details, you will see a whole new side of the Church. You will see a Joseph Smith with a very shady history and an ever changing story. You will see Polygamy in the church's infancy yet all the leaders then absolutely denied it. You will see Joseph Smith evolve as a person and get grander in his stories. And you will see just how strongly the church was influenced by people such as Oliver Cowdery and Sidney Rigdon, and Brigham Young.

Just as the members tell you to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, I encourage you and anyone else to read and pray about the church's true history, about its archeology, about The Book of Abraham Facimiles, about all the problems that came from polygamy and Joseph marrying other men's wives, 14 year old girls, and then ask God if this is really His truth and His church...

If you do this with an honest heart, and with a rational mind seeking truth, you will find your answer, but you must be prepared that it may not be the answer you want or were trained in sunday school to have.

At Friday, August 28, 2009 7:35:00 PM, Blogger socrates said...

It's a very tough situation. I don't mean to be cruel about this, and nothing an outsider like me says will be able to match the power of words from sincere people who left the cult. It is definitely fried. No one wants to believe they've been brainwashed. But come on, no one is gonna see a bible through a hat. Yes, no one pure as an adult is going to have sexual relations with minors. No elephants roamed North America, and none of us can become a God. Maybe we can reach some form of enlightenment, some peace. And my heart goes out to those who figured it out but are still filled with anger. I feel bad for the rotating crop of children who are being indoctrinated. This religion formed out of sexism and racism. I'm not sure if my outsider view does more good or not. I do apologise for being a bit malicious. Perhaps there needs to be different approaches for each individual you are trying to save. Maybe sometimes they need the tough love, other times maybe one needs to be more gentle. Recently a racist dude came out and apologised in his old age. There's always hope. Thanks to all you dudes and dudettes do to get the truth out. It's admirable that you aren't giving up on getting through to those still involved. If you could figure it out, so can they.

At Friday, September 04, 2009 6:47:00 PM, Blogger socrates said...

I've been reading through some of the archives. Great Job!!!! The Church of LDS is clearly a mind control cult out to make profit. Their past is clearly full of self-evident jibberish. Now since you and others were raised Mormons, you are gonna be able to save many others who stumble across your great website. I also appreciate the exmormon.org place. Yes, an outsider like me can easily see even after ten minutes of research how utterly fried this Church is. But the beauty of the ex-Mormons is that you have experienced the inside of it. Who better to counsel drug addicts than former addicts? Who better to help rape victims than other victims who have healed. You guys fricken rule. As a fellow American, I am so proud of all of you.

At Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I join the cause?

I opened a new message forum called "Complain about Mormons".


Let us get acquainted!

At Saturday, October 03, 2009 1:50:00 PM, Blogger Kendra Nielson said...

I am pretty shock about this site. Not necessarily the content or opinion (or illogical anger) express...

...because people will be people.

But I'm shock at how it's delivered.

If someone is a lover of truth and really seeks to know it (as Jesus taught) through study, prayer, obedience and faith then that person will have the truth revealed to them by the Spirit of God like the scriptures teach.

If you are reading this blog and know God is your loving Father then ask him for direction.

If anything, the delivery of this content reveals to me more about the deliver of it, then who they claim to know about...

Be wise...

At Tuesday, November 24, 2009 2:03:00 AM, Blogger Kenna Christensen said...

to think that you people have any idea what you are talking about makes me so sad... to think that you have no lives to the point of going out and making a blog against a specific religion. i feel so sorry for all of you. why do you care what other people believe? let people believe what they wish. i feel so sorry for you all.

At Saturday, November 28, 2009 3:09:00 PM, Blogger artfilstitch said...

What is your purpose on this earth? So full of hatred and evil thinking. It appears that your time spent as a missionary didn't take...what are you so upset at? If we could all follow the first commandment and "Love the Lord God with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength", then we all would have peace with ourselves and every mankind. Hope your soul finds quietness and rest.
There must be some goodness to the mormon faith as it certainly gets attacked more than any faith that I have ever read about. Have you asked God for direction lately?

At Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:53:00 AM, Blogger Saint David said...

No... Jehovah's Witnesses also get a lot of attacks. That's what happens when you spread "the only true and living church" lie across the world. You have to expect someone to challenge that.

At Friday, January 08, 2010 2:51:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

And the idea that each active, temple-going LDS member is buying 10 new pairs of garments a year is laughable. I haven't bought more than 30 in my nine years of temple attendance. I can't imagine my father-in-law has bought a new pair in years. Plus, garments are like $6 or $7 a pair nowadays.

There is NO WAY the Church brings in anything close to the $300+ million estimate you gave.

At Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:26:00 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Don't all religions and churches ask for tithing? I was asked to tithe just because the church was late on it's bills in a Methodist church. I have been going to the LDS church for a month now, and have never been asked to give tithing. They don't even do regular tithing in the service. They ask you to volunteer if you are able and invite the missionaries for dinner, but you are not obligated to do anything.

At Friday, January 29, 2010 3:51:00 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Mormons get a bad time from its own former members much more than from any other source. This is significant. The demand to give in any circumstances, the failure to provide any information about the spending, the charging for sacred things (simony is a great sin according to the NT), the constant obfuscation by the hierarchy instead of dealing with uncomfortable facts all seem so dishonest and unfair and it would piss me off too if I had been paying 10% of my income to such an unholy outfit and would want to stop others beeing taken in.

At Wednesday, February 10, 2010 9:01:00 PM, Blogger A.M. Wright said...

I wasn't going to say anything because both the blog and many of the comments on it sound so...idiotic.
But I did want to respond to this:
" ...or that it would be pearls before swine..." written by "Saint David."
This blog kind of proves the point of what and why the Mormon Church is trying to keep sacred. Many of these fools say whatever they feel like without a thought, determined to disprove LDS doctrine because they are disgruntled or bitter over something or another, and the Mormons have become their scapegoat.
For heaven's sake, if I had a knowledge of something sacred and I didn't want it to be tossed into the mud and stomped on there, I would keep it "secret" as well.
I am not really sure why people often find it necessary to mock and harass religious groups who seek only to aid humanity and just do good for others; not even delving into LDS doctrine, anyone can see that an active, faithful member of the church tries to do what is right and true. Even if you disagree with their beliefs, why would you try and stop someone from being a good person, if their religion is what leads them to be so?
Many people talk about corruption and sketchy beginnings, but has anyone ever taken a look at the history of the Catholic church or any other organized religion? There has always been turmoil when something new and foreign comes into society, because it scares people.
I am not really sure why there are so many hateful people in the world, trying to spread their maliciousness to others. It is like a disease. But I pity them. There is so much more, so many other productive things you could be doing with your time.
And I am sure that once this is posted, someone will come back with a quick remark, saying how dumb I am for defending mormons blah blah blah, but that is okay. I am not the one spelling mormon like a "MORmON," am I?

At Wednesday, February 17, 2010 9:28:00 PM, Blogger Brookie said...

You are sick people. Obviously, you aren't fully educated. I don't understand why you care. If you don't believe in the church, then don't. That shouldn't affect YOU. So give up on this hatred stuff. It is all C-R-A-P. Mormon's are the NICEST people you will EVER meet. Do you find yourself a god for saying all of this rude stuff? Why do you keep ragging on how bad they are, if you are doing the same. Get. Real. Move. On. Sick people like you will BURN IN HELL

At Sunday, February 28, 2010 3:30:00 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

enjoy you blog. my family left a few years ago and always amaze ourselves at how perfectly we believed it for so many years. I'm sorry about your Grandma, what a scam they have going!I did my dads work after he died and when I went back to the temple they told me I had to re-do it because of some paper work issue? What it didn't stick because of paper work? Imagine getting to the celestial kingdom just to find out they lost your paper work and gave you to a different spouse?

At Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:05:00 AM, Blogger ShaBANG said...

Just wondering what God you believe in that would give you such joy in swearing, mocking and belittling ANY religion. I don't see you trash talking Catholics, Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist, AME, COGIC, Atheist, Protestants, Lutherans or any other religion or spiritual awakening for their beliefs.
Unless you have a belief in ALL of them.
It's quite OK to leave or no longer be a part of something you don't believe. IT's even ok go forth and Save other from what you feel is evil. However the way you are doing it... makes you more vile than the place you say you left. Fighting with hate, anger, bitterness, makes you look WORSE. I couldn't trust your words because they stem from hate of what you don't believe instead of love from what you do believe. Which makes you more damned than the places you warn other from.
Maybe since your last post was 9 months ago, I hope you found whatever it is you need to be at peace and happiness. Hopefully you'll have more of a desire to Share and promote that kind of happiness, light and love than the bitter darkness and negativity you stopped promoting last August.
Best of Luck to you.

At Monday, June 07, 2010 12:53:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened across this blog by accident, and I am horrified. Completely shocked. You know nothing about 'Mormons' To start out the prefered term is LDS. This. This is horribly sad that you are going out and just blatently attacking one religion. Have you ever been to an LDS church? Have you ever talked to a memember of the church. Have you ever thought of peoples feelings? I know this is a free country. Free speech. But things like this make people look like arrogent jerks. If you don't like our religion then don't associate yourself with it, that's fine, but the attacking isn't okay. There really is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with any religion. People choose to believe what they believe for a reason. It is so crude to go and mock anyone's beliefs at all.
I hope that someday you learn that this is completely wrong and that maybe one day you'll realize that you're not doing any good.
Good Luck.

At Friday, July 30, 2010 6:50:00 AM, Blogger Galtzo said...

Thanks for all your great work! I am still struggling with the idea that the leadership of the church could be so deluded that they think they really ARE apostles and prophets... but I think they do in fact believe their own effluent.

If they know they are frauds then they are even sicker bastards... but I give them the benefit of the doubt and try to imagine them just being completely crazy and deluded. :)

At Thursday, August 26, 2010 7:21:00 AM, Blogger Solito Britton said...

I can't believe how moronic 99% of Mormons are. I once heard that 99% of Mormon Men abuse their wives. Also a friend of a cousin of mine said that 99% of prozac in the world is produced in a company owned by the Mormon church. So they are profiting from the 99% of all the Mormon's in the world. I also heard from a family members work buddy that 99% of Mormons don't attend church. So only 1% go to church and out of that probably only 1% pay tithing. So the Mormon church is bilking tons of money from the few. I the worst thing is that 99% of you anti-mormon MORONS believed 100% of this comment. Get a life and move on past the church.

At Monday, September 06, 2010 2:29:00 AM, Blogger Sofia said...

I pray that you people will realize your ignorance and soften your hearts.
I'm an LDS girl who didn't always believe in the church.
I was born into the church, raised in a good mormon family, all that jazz. Around 15 years old though, I started rebelling. We're not talking small rebelling, we're talking things that could get me killed. Things I was too immature to understand, but too sucked into the hype of high school to care. It was at this time that I started to think that the church was a fake, the church was phony, it was just there to put restrictions on me. Oh, if only I'd known at the time how wrong I was. I made so many dumb decisions. I hurt myself in so many ways, and now I have to deal with those consequences. About a year ago, I met another LDS girl. She helped pull me out of the hole I was in. I was in a hard situation and life really didn't feel like it was worth living anymore. I got no real enjoyment out of anything and I felt empty and angry just thinking about the church. My friend that I had just met convinced me to start participating in church activities again. Once I started to do that, I immediately changed as a person. I've stopped making those bad decisions (I can guarantee I'd be dead right now) and I learned that life doesn't have to be as hard as it was when I felt empty. Now, I want you to tell me. Is it a bad thing that because of the church I am still alive? Is it a bad thing that I stopped making stupid decisions and learned the importance of responsibility? How on earth could the LDS church really be as evil as you guys make it to be?
I love that church with all my heart. I'm not brainwashed, I've seen both sides of the spectrum. I still see both sides of the spectrum sometimes, it's only natural. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt that the LDS church was put on this earth to help. Just like any other church. That's what religion is for. Internal and personal growth, which in turn becomes service and charity, and acts of kindness.
I'm not very old. Just out of high school. I'm still vulnerable to the world and it's ripping tides. But with the church, I'm going to stay strong and I'm not going to make decisions that will get me or others killed.
Is there really anything so wrong with that?

At Wednesday, October 20, 2010 3:05:00 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

The Mormon church is true. Christ did suffer for all the world. We are his children and he loves each and every one of us. Ridicule me if you want, but you cannot break my faith.

At Thursday, October 21, 2010 1:24:00 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Give me a BREAK!! This is the most absurd post! There are falsehoods throughout. If you're going to base all of your information from anti literature... you are sorely mislead.

Do you REALIZE the kind of humanitarian efforts that are done throughout the WORLD??? This church is always one of the first and most helpful in every big disaster! They send supplies by the shiploads to 3rd world countries.

Church leaders are NOT PAID. They are also human. Human's are not perfect and make mistakes. Some also are not very good examples. Because of a few you choose to degrade and pummel a group that does so much good in the world??

As far as the finances go, the Church does have paid positions. There are ranches and orchards that are used for welfare. There are institute and seminary teachers. Professionals of every kind. Our son-in-law was an accountant for them at a ranch in FL for a few years. The cattlemen, ranch hands, etc... And these go right into feeding members and others in need throughout the world. They do not SELL this!! Garments average $7 a pair. Covers materials, seamstresses, and those that work in the store. That's IT!! Geez! You'll pay $4 for a lousy pair of boxers which is a whole lot less fabric and more than a top or bottom! You know better! You should be ashamed of what you're doing here.

There IS a church welfare program that helps those in the church that have come into a hard patch. I was in that boat for a bit and I WAS ASSISTED on bills and FOOD... and helped back on my feet to be self-reliant again. They have Family Services where families can have counseling or individuals. They have employment offices where people are assisted in finding jobs. The goal is to help people help themselves. It is the most productive welfare system there has ever been. It is how people become an asset to the community rather than a burden. Sometimes people need to be willing to take a job a little "beneath" their skill level to get through a rough patch until the "right" job comes back around. They are not going to be encouraged to sit back and twiddle their thumbs and wait for it to come to them...

The story about the grandma and the dress is just as absurd. Now if you went to an STORE which was not the Distribution Center... Maybe that's the case. But AT the Distribution Center which is run by the church AND the most affordable you can find! You can even purchase these online. The prices range from $15 to $55. They average about $38. There is even a burial gown with buttons all the way down the back for $46.35. These are SET prices. You just BUY IT!! So if you went to an outside retailer... THERE's your SIGN!!

The obvious photoshopping of the Romney's is offensive. If you choose to turn your back on the Gospel, that is YOUR choice. but to stomp on things that are SACRED to others... NOT SECRET... SACRED... is just wrong! You must have done something that you feel so guilty over tht you have to spew so much hate to a people that are so good natured and honestly strive to be and do good. Everyone is human and mistakes are made... by EVERYONE... and the beauty is, that we can pick up and try to do better again.

The ATONEMENT is a beautiful thing! I hope the day will come that you will realize that and take advantage of it. Christ paid for your sins. So do you spit in His face or take that gift with gratitude. Declaring Atheism speaks volumes... but I don't believe it. If you TRULY didn't believe at all... You would let it go and move on with your life in peace...

Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Your water is rancid... I hope you find peace and tolerance and leave others in peace.

At Thursday, February 03, 2011 10:36:00 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

After stumbling upon this blog and reading the comments I just shake my head.
Yes, absolutely the references are correct...If you look objectively at all of the information then there are many reasons to know that the church is based on falsehoods...the B of M, the temple ceremonies, the prophecies are not "divine revelation." Mormons do not seek out any information other than what the church gives them because it is ALL deemed "anti." However, there are many books that are just a recreation of information from various diaries and letters. But, if it is not faith-promoting then it must not be true is the common feeling among members...and they are so wrong. I am sad that the church doesn't come out and teach that there was a rocky and absurd beginning and that the church 150 years ago is very different from the church today...but then that can never be done...Anyway, I digress from my reason for posting.
On the matter of tithing it is absolutely true that you are pressured and expected to pay tithing NO MATTER WHAT. And yes, often the church will help you with food, housing, utilities...short term until you are able to do it all. But, I'd like to share an experience that I have been living now for almost 4 years.
My ex-husband has only paid 9 months of child support in 4 years. 9 months...and he can't hold a temple recommend because of that. However, he is the secretary in the EQ, home teacher, does scouts...and when he spoken to his Bishop and SP about his finances and how he can't pay child support and tithing both they each have told him to not deprive his kids of the blessings of him paying tithing! Our kids have had almost no financial support from him in 4 years! I'm not sure what blessings the Bishop and SP are referring to...the financial stress of having a single mother working her tail off, the stress it has put on my new marriage, the realization from my now adult son that his father is so behind in support and the stress and frusteration that has caused him???? Plus, for some reason they will not help him with his rent or anything else...not sure why because when we divorced the church was certainly a big help to me and the kids as I struggled with work and school and a mortgage.
The church is filled with some of the best people I've known. Trusting, trust-worthy, giving, wonderful people....it also has some major quacks in it too. But, that is not isolated to only the LDS church.
I think this blog in it's use of name-calling and foul language loses the credibility that I wish it had. It comes off as angry and mean which will be interpretted as "anti-mormon." You want to plant the seeds of seeking out the truth about someone's religious teachings then give them the place to find it in a way that isn't repulsive.

At Tuesday, April 19, 2011 7:29:00 AM, Blogger Michael said...

What happened in your childhood that made you so bitter? It is pathetic reading how angry you are. Every religion is flawed and every religions leaders are flawed, it is almost comical how you have focused all your attention on one religion. Get a life

At Wednesday, May 04, 2011 6:30:00 AM, Blogger parrabomba_pg said...

He leido que hizo la mision en Argentina, espero que se acuerde del español, yo soy de españa y un ex-mormon ha hecho un blog que quiza la pueda interesar a usted y sus seguidores, un saludo

At Tuesday, June 14, 2011 5:57:00 PM, Blogger mo no mo said...

samual i want to thank you for your site..i to have learned the church is not true its about money sex and lyes and there is nothing true about it..they try to run your life take your money and lye to you..they talkabout the b o m being a true book but the church sent people to mexico and south america in 1961 for ten years looking and digging for artifacts but nothing found..david o mckay sent them and spent 100thousand dollers,,,for nothing..it is wonderfull how many people are learning the truth and leaving the church..please keep up the good workkk fred grant

At Monday, July 11, 2011 6:36:00 PM, Blogger honey x3 said...

Wow... i think you are the stupidest people ever haha come on man if you say that you hate mormon things and blah blah blah you must leave them alone haha i mean... they don't care about your weirdo blog, ok? hahaha i think you must go with a psychologist man hahaha you have an obsession with them , you know? you said that you hate them hahahahaha but you're always talking about them hahahahahaha you're funny man hahaha bet your an old cow hahahahahahaha btw.. at least have a good redaction hahaha people get bored of reading some "copy paste" articles hahahahahahahaha

At Monday, July 11, 2011 6:44:00 PM, Blogger honey x3 said...

wow... hahahahah i can't stop laughting hahahahahahaha come one man grow up hahahahahaha do you think mormons care about you and your weirdo blog??? hahahaha i think you just need a psychologist hahaha you say that you hate them haha but you can't live without them hahaha i mean... do you talk about them all the time hahahahahaha you're funny man hahaha bet you're an old cow hahahaha btw... at least have a good redaction haha i mean people get bored about read and read a "cpoy-paste" article hahaha

At Saturday, July 23, 2011 4:54:00 PM, Blogger Ken & Kristina said...

Wow. You need to spend a little more time reading up on Sons of Perdition. That would be you. Someone who had the truth and not only turned their back on it, but slandered it in an unholy and inappropriate way. I would be saddened if you did this to ANY religion. There will be plenty at the judgement bar to testify against you. Be prepared for an eternity in hell. I pity you. I really do.

At Wednesday, February 08, 2012 12:31:00 AM, Blogger Geek Reader said...

What are you gaining from insulting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

See that blank space above these words, that is what you are gaining: nothing.

Honestly, it's not the fact that you are lying about what the LDS church is about, but the fact that you have actually convince people through your lies that Mormons are bad people. That the LDS church is corrupt. You seriously need to do some legit research before you write about this. Please, if you don't like the church keep it to yourself and don't hinder other people from following the gospel. Because of people like you, my mother believes that my church is evil.

Also, here I am, a 17 year old girl, and yet I am mature enough to know that the kind of things you said, are just not okay to say about any religion.

I don't go around telling people lies about Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism. I respect that other people have different views than I do but at the same time I will always tell people my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true.

To any people who have read this, if you truly want to know more about this church visit mormon.org or lds.org to find real information.

At Wednesday, March 07, 2012 6:35:00 PM, Blogger Omega Degalo Handra said...

Great information on this blog. Keep up the good work. I'm nauseated by some of the Mormon's ill deeds the and warping of Christ's message and Words. Turning your back on them let you see that Jesus was behind you the whole time.

At Thursday, March 22, 2012 4:57:00 PM, Blogger Heather Dodd said...

If you bash your old religion, what makes you think that you will never bash your new religion... Just a thought to those who read this and believe what he says. What he says about one religion may become what he says about another.

At Wednesday, July 11, 2012 8:56:00 PM, Blogger melanie13 said...

I actually converted to the LDS church a few years ago and have received so much help from other members and my Bishop that I was astonished when I read this blog. I have gotten help with rent, utilities, and food orders for about 8 months now. I haven't paid tithing yet (although I am almost in a place where I can start) but I will be happy to do it! One of my friends is a single mom and had her transmission go out and her Bishop paid for it ($2500). Not sure where your anger comes from, when I was Methodist half the sermon would be about giving more money to the church so they could build a gym and coffee shop etc. I can guarantee the pastor would not have paid my rent, utilities and school fees! I love the LDS church and the amazing, giving, generous members of it.

At Saturday, September 08, 2012 5:11:00 PM, Blogger wacky chipmunk said...

Hi, heart broken here, been a Member for 27 yeaRs,

I joined the church believing it to be true, now I acknowledge that when Joseph smith was murdered, everything changed, and you may not know this, but he actually did not teach polygamy, but Brigham young married more than one wife and some other apostles, Joseph :-) took to court those that accused him of polygamy and expelled from the church and found with more than one wife or teaching it, Joseph on 1st of June 1844 said he wold expel polygamists from the church, so I'm guessing there was a conspiracy to kill him, both John Taylor and Willard Richards and hrber c Kimball plus Brigham young had note than one wife, they also did not want slavery abolished.. .

If you actually carefully studied the facts like a real investigator, you would find that Joseph smith was set up, and all the sleazy evidence against him as fabricated, you will discover journal entries falsified, and the,please records falsified, and affidavits of lies . . . All to protect Brigham young and his false usurpation of the truth, Joseph is a viCtim.

Emma on her death bed said Joseph neither had other wives or received doctrine and covenants 132,

So the church is not true, but the good people were true, and they joined the church after polygamy was got rid of, and after blacks were given the priesthood, although in Joseph s day, blacks were given the priesthood and endowed in the kirtland temple

if you like the church, don't feel pressured by it as it has no leg to stand on, you will be accepted into heaven at death easily, its simple . Treat others how you would like to be treated, have faith in Jesus Christ, believe in prayers being answered, help the sick, afflicted, widowed and orphaned, love yourself ie take care of you, and in the pureness of your heart trust in the still small voice , if the holy ghost says something to you that your leader does not agree, you know you have lived the gospel, and been faithful in your prayers, then trust in that still small voice, that gives you peace and warms your heart and ignor e that leader or whoever it maybe, because if you are righteous, you will be discerning and led and guided. Remember Jesus was killed by his church leaders , they were meant to be the priesthood, also the book of Mormon is full of examples of good gone bad, so rather than trusting in the SRM of flesh, trout the holy spirit within you, it ,at save your life or your mental health, which church can both destroy if you are unfortunate to be guided by an uninspired leader.

The church can bring you joy, but it does not have the authority it claims, if anything, Josephs son had the authority, and it followed through til 1970 when the church went astray, so some where upon the planet people had truth up until that point, who knows what will happen next, but Jesus will return and a temple needs to be built to his name, and as all LDS temples are tainted by corrupted ordinances, I don't know what is to happen, we are told to stand in holy places . . . Each of you will personally be guided, write a journal, liv when you fall, pick yourself up again, you are not judged til you are dead and apparently you judge yourself, and you feel and see the pain you caused others, abut most of all sin just hurts us, sin is when we damage ourselves physically, mentally, etc.. even not believing in ourselves is sin against us, so, watch out for yourself, know you are worth loving, there is someone somewhere thinking of you, and that includes angels and god, don't waste your life in fear and sorrow, spread happiness as you go along, keep repenting and keep believing in ODs love, and you will make it, all you can do is your best, :-) good luck, god is on your side . . .go move a mountain,

At Saturday, June 08, 2013 7:55:00 PM, Blogger Megaroo said...

May I ask what changed your mind? You say you were a faithful member of the church, served a mission, went to BYU, and even got married in the temple. What happened that would turn you so completely away from all of that? Just leaving the church is one thing, but why do you hate it so vehemently?

At Monday, October 07, 2013 2:14:00 AM, Blogger AiYaRyDeR said...

I will pray for you!!! There must be so much pain n hurt in you that you feel obbessing over spreading your hate make you feel better! The fact that it takes so much time and energy to do so tells many that you don't have much else to do. I will pray for u! For these things are sacred NoT secret!! You will be held accountable for ur words n actions, I pray that God has mercy on your soul! just know mercy CANNOT rob justice!!


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