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Only In The Majority Mormon State Of Utah, Do People Publicly Celebrate New Year's Eve, The Night Before New Year's Eve To Keep The Sabbath Day Holy!!

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Well, first of all, before I begin my last official rant of the year, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, as I did. I was struck by several things in the last few days, one of them being how ridiculous the state of Utah really is and what religious fanatics the Mormons truly are. Sometimes I forget and begin to feel like it's somewhat normal here, but then something like this happens, to snap me out of my self-induced trance.

They(Mormons) want to be accepted so badly by the world and considered normal, mainstream and not "a weird people", as Hinckley would say, but then they buck the whole world and decide to celebrate New Years Eve, with countdown and all, the day before New Year's Eve? Are you kidding me? WTF?!! How ridiculous is that?!!

Then, on the "real New Year's Eve", they, the Mormon Hierarchy, decided to have a "special devotional" and encouraged all the youth to go. I'll comment more on this fireside, once I have a chance to watch it and review the transcripts. What youth, in their right mind, think that that would be a fun way to spend the "real New Year's eve." Maybe if you are in a cult, but not in the "real world."

I heard a clip of Hinckley telling the youth "to stay away from filth and tattoos", etc and that it will just bring them feelings of despair and so on and how much they need the Mormon cult, to get through life and to be happy. Same typical BS, trying to put the fear of God in the poor youth and members and then telling them and defining how they will feel if they ever sin.

Then I heard a clip of Holland(he wasn't even crying this time-it probably came later), saying that he was sure that the fireside was the only meeting like it in the world, on New Year's Eve, while everyone else was out partying. He was basically saying that they weren't "OF THE WORLD."

Yeah, in a few years, Holland will be able to head on over to Jesus' malls, a block away and get some Vodka on the rocks, right after General Conference, while saying that he "isn't of the world" and how alcohol destroys lives and families.

But yes, it's really true!! Delusional Mormons were out in force everywhere, celebrating in the streets with their party poppers and hats, banging pots and pans together, counting down...6..5..4..3..2..1..Happy New Years Eve?

I'm sure their eyes were glossed over from life-long indoctrination and they were just so happy to be honoring their easily offended God and Hierarchy, while justifying racism, homophobia, sexism, polygamy, pedophilia, criminality, etc. Amazing, isn't it, how "keeping the Sabbath day holy", is more important to their God and his Hierarchy than all of the things I just listed?

I mean holy shit man, are you serious? Maybe they thought it really was New Year's Eve and that tomorrow is really January 2nd? It's just insanity!! Maybe the days are different on Kolob?

The funniest part of
this video, is when the Mormon anchor, Keith McCord, at KSL, tried to justify it, by stating that they had scoured the country and found out that others, around the country, were also celebrating on Saturday night, instead of Sunday.

He then stated that those places were, a "motorcycle shop in Illinois" and a "renaissance club in Michigan." Is this a practical joke? Come on...where's the candid camera? Where are you hiding Peter Funt?

I guess in the delusional world of Mormondumb, it all makes perfect sense and those other two obscure places, "that are also celebrating on Saturday", made all the Mormons in Utah feel better and normal about themselves, and not "like a weird people" and just like everyone else in the "real world."

Mormons are always seeking acceptance from the rest of the world, because they know they are in "a village" and "not normal", in any sense of the word. It's just like when someone famous becomes Mormon or is just rumored to be a Mormon; it proves that Mormonism is true and their bosoms light up like an inferno.

Sometimes I just can't believe the idiocy of the state of Utah and Majority of Mormons that run it and occupy it. The majority of Mormons here are just a bunch of sheep being led around by their nose, doing whatever they are told to do, by their corrupt, lying, hypocritical hierarchy, who always say one thing and then do whatever the hell they please.

So, why did they do this? I'll give you one guess...."religious reasons" and "religious fanaticism", or in others words, they are terrified of their God and want to keep the Sabbath day holy, unlike their precious Mormon Hierarchy, who run and operate KSL(Kolob Sure is Lovely) on Sunday, which is the NBC affiliate here in Utah. KSL employs people all day long on Sunday, starting when they show "The Spoken Word" on Sunday mornings, right up through the 10 o'clock news.

My favorite aspect of KSL's operations on Sunday, is the BYU coaches show every Sunday night, either BYU football or basketball, or sometimes both. First of all, Mormons aren't even supposed to be watching the evil TV on Sundays, especially anything to do with sports. Second of all, KSL(the Mormon Hierarchy) actually makes(on most Sundays) the coaches drive from Provo to Salt lake, late at night, in order to do the show.

It just begs the question; why would they go to such great lengths, against their own teachings, to provide a show on Sunday night that nobody who is a good active Mormon, should even be watching, if they are obeying the Mormon Hierarchy's "no TV rule" on Sunday, to keep the Sabbath day holy?

Maybe they are focusing on the Salt Lake market and the fact that it's 50/50 Mormon or less? Actually, what it also comes down to, is just the fact that the Mormon Hierarchy is always hypocritical in everything they do and rarely, if ever, actually do what they tell all of their sheeple to do.

And who pays for this BYU coaches show? Advertisers of course, many who are also Mormon, like Mr. Mac, and that is why KSL/BYU and The Mormon Hierarchy, go to such great lengths every Sunday, to produce these shows. As everything else with the Mormon Hierarchy, it always comes down, in the end, to the filthy lucre they stand to gain and they can never turn it down.

That tradition started with Joseph Smith, the first Prophet(profit) of fraud, when he opened up a bank, made it look like he had chests full of gold to back up their deposits, when in reality, he had nothing(one layer on tops of bricks) and then went bankrupt, took everyones money and got the hell out of town, in the middle of the night, to "escape mob violence." why would a mob be after him? Then he transfered all of his property and money to the names of over 100 other people, so that nobody could touch him, because he was so poor and bankrupt. Wow, what a great example to follow and what a great, honorable man!!

I was also thrilled this year, to see the NFL move over to NBC this season, because that meant that KSL, Jesus' TV station, was going to have to show that "evil football" every Sunday night. So, what did KSL do about it? Well, in the beginning, they seemed reluctant to pump it up and make a big deal out of it, but within a few weeks, they were advertising it big time and then advertising their "special post-game wrap-up show", right after the game. Can anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

They say that Sunday is supposed to be a family day, to sit around, thinking about the Mormon God and Jesus all day, reading their scriptures, pondering and praying to their God, not watching the evil BOOB-TUBE, but then they go all out for "Sunday Night football" and the "BYU coaches show?" As I mentioned, they make the BYU coaches spend a couple of hours driving from Provo to Salt Lake and back, on SUNDAY NIGHT, so that they are away from their families, to make the Mormon Hierarchy more bucks.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the New Year and the spreading and growing of "Mormon Truth" and I appreciate everyone's support and patience, even with my lack of posts and podcasts over the past few months, as I've been really busy with family and the holidays and also over at
YouTube, posting videos, commenting and debating the deluded TBM Mormons, who think I'm the 2nd coming of Satan himself.

I now have 33 videos posted, that have been seen over 94,000 times in about 4 months, with thousands of comments, including both the videos and my profile. The place is absolutely swarming with brainwashed TBMS that are shocked and horrified by every word I write and every video I post. I was told the other day, for example, that "Deseret book" was absolutely not owned by the Mormon Hierarchy or the Mormon church and I was "a liar?" Oh really? LMAO!! It's funny how these TBMS I speak of, think they know so much, when in reality, they know NOTHING.

It's like shooting ducks really and gets a little boring. I've challenged every single one of them, to come on my podcast, to show me who's boss and to embarrass me publicly and gain converts for their cult, and that's usually when they vanish into thin air, never to be heard from again.

The bottom line, is that they are just cowards, who know that they can't possibly defend the issues I bring up, if they are indeed true and I have documentation to prove them. So, they just go back into their little safe Mormon box and hibernate again, where everything is warm and fuzzy, thanking God, that an evil, vile, anti-Mormon didn't take away their testimony.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are even sharing the experience they've had with me in testimony meeting and how much it strengthened them, how they overcame Satan, etc. Only Mormons, can take any situation and twist it into a faith-strengthening/promoting experience, that once again, proved "the church is true." Everything they do, every discussion and debate they have about Mormonism, ALWAYS beings with "THE CHURCH IS TRUE." It really is hard to argue with a brainwashed cult member, because they can't understand anything you say.

Well, that's gonna do it for now, as I need to get some rest for football tomorrow. Take care everyone and once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and let's keep spreading the "Mormon Truth."

Samuel the Utahnite

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