Saturday, November 10, 2007

Henry B Eyring "The Crybaby" And His Best Pal From Their Stanford Days, Quentin L. Cook, New Mormon Apostle, Meet The Press And Shed Some More Tears!

I don't have time right now to write a description, but I will try to do it later on, as I'm going to return to blogging now, after I've been very busy in my personal life and I also took a little break to focus on my YouTube videos, which now total 274, with over 1,200,000 hits and over 20,000 comments since July of 2007, mostly thanks to all of you, who watch the videos and send them to others, who pass them on and on.

Many of you have wondered where I've been and have asked me to please start blogging and podcasting again, which I have been planning to do and I look forward to it, as I've really missed it.

I will be posting many back posts here on my blog, that I started but never had time to finish, like this one. I will be publishing mostly current posts, but please scroll down often, as you'll also find new posts there as well, over the next few weeks.

Take care guys and enjoy "crying Eyring" and his sidekick and college pal "Cook the crook", as they blubber their way through this ridiculous, bullshit press conference, where they act like they think their comedians at times and the Utah press stand in awe of them and kiss their asses up one side and down the other, with mostly one softball question after another.

Now with Hinckley kicking the bucket, we have to wonder all over again who the next Apostle will be and then sit through yet another half-assed press conference.

Richard G. Hinckley anyone? LOL!!

Thanks again everyone for your strong support, even when I'm not on my blog very often and for those that have found me over on YouTube and have supported me there(and you all know who you are) and helped me to expose this evil, vile, MORmON cult and helped me fight against the vile, disgusting and pathetic MORmON apologists...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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