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The Rational Response Squad-Kelly And Sapient(Atheists)--Debating Die-Hard Christians Kirk Cameron And Ray Comfort In Nightline Face-Off.

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For anyone that is interested in the topic of God and if he/she/it exists or if you can prove God's existence, I highly suggest you invest the hour and a half and watch or listen to this great debate, which was held on ABC's Nightline. The Rational Respondersdid a GREAT job taking on Kurt and Ray, from "The Way Of The Master" ministries. It's not hard to defeat the religious fanatics, when you have truth, logic, reason and common sense on your side.

The Rational Responders admit that they brought their B game, but still easily defeated Ray and Kurt and I would have to agree. He admits that they are learning and growing as they go along. Kurt and Ray are used to being on TV, with their TV show and of course Kirk Cameron grew up on TV's "Growing Pains." Kelly And Sapient, who are not used to being on TV, for millions to watch, seemed very composed and did a hell of a job considering that fact.

Everyone has to make their own decision on this topic of God, but to me, it's clear who is using logic and who is using fairy tales and fear, to threaten people with Eternal damnation, and it ain't the Atheists.

Amazing, isn't it, that it's the Atheists who seem very reasonable and show more love, inclusion, understanding and compassion for everyone, while the so called "Christians", are the hate-filled condemning people, inducing fear and threatening everyone with hellfire and Satan/Demon possession, if we don't all follow them.

I've been fighting these type of fanatical Christians for over a year now and I condemn them often, openly and strongly for their God induced hate, threats, and condemnation of innocents. These die-hard, fanatical Christians, really are pathetic!! One thing for sure, is that logic, reasoning and common sense, are something that CANNOT be a part of any organized religion and in fact, they are the complete opposite of the fairy tales and horror stories they tell.

It's amazing that Christians always state Atheists have no values or morals and no reasons to ever do anything good; when the Christians are the ones that want innocent people to burn in literal flames, for ALL eternity, if we don't follow them. Even most of Mormonism's doctrines and teachings, aren't this vile, offensive and condemning.

I have also decided to release this debate as a podcast, on my Mormon Truth Interviews Podcast, which is available for free on iTunes, so that those of you who cannot take the time to watch it, will at least be able to listen to it on your audio player, while on the way to work, or working out, etc.

Enjoy everyone!!

I hope that everyone that watched or listened to this debate, has had their mind expanded and has learned something and enjoyed this debate and I look forward to your comments, as always.

Samuel the Utahnite

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