Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is Mitt Romney Politically Connected To The Mormon Hierarchy?!!

I thought that you guys would enjoy this story. Here's the video and then I'll comment below, with the links and references.

(Here is a link to another video about Mitt Romney that I posted, entitled "Can Mitt Romney, A Mormon, Actually Win the U.S.Presidency?" It was an interview that he did with the local Salt Lake City, ABC affiliate.)

The Boston Globe came out with a story on Sunday, October 22, 2006, plus, there was another one on October 20, saying that yes, he is connected. Also, in his own words, Mitt Romney admitted he was and could be in some trouble, along with the Mormon Hierarchy.

At stake is their precious tax exempt status, which would cost them billions and also the need to reveal their actual income and finances to the world. Now that would really would be wonderful, wouldn't it? I doubt Hinckley and co. would think so!!

Here are some excerpts form the October 20 Boston Globe article:

"Governor Mitt Romney vigorously defended a plan yesterday by his political advisers to develop a network of Mormon supporters for his potential presidential bid, while a former Internal Revenue Service commissioner said discussions among Romney operatives and Mormon Church leaders about the initiative could violate the church's tax-exempt status."

"'Clearly, I'm going to raise money from people I know, and that includes BYU alums, people of my church, people of other churches, Harvard Business School graduates,' Romney said in an interview, as he and Governor Jeb Bush of Florida campaigned for a Republican candidate for Florida's chief financial officer.

Romney's comments suggest that the fund-raising initiative, which his political advisers dubbed Mutual Values and Priorities, or MVP, remained an active effort. On Tuesday, one of Romney's top aides, Spencer Zwick, said the MVP program had been abandoned."

It gets even more interesting in the October 22 Boston Globe article:

"Despite repeated denials by the Mormon Church and Governor Mitt Romney's advisers, e-mails from a key Romney consultant state that the leader of the worldwide church was consulted on an effort to build Mormon support for the governor's potential presidential bid and that a key church leader has been involved in mapping out the plan. One e-mail also describes Romney's personal involvement in the planning.

The Globe reported Thursday that Romney's political team
had quietly discussed the plan with officials from the church and church-run Brigham Young University and that Gordon B. Hinckley, president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was made aware of the effort and had no opposition.

A church spokesman said last week that it was nonsense to suggest church leaders were working in any way to aid Romney's political campaign, adding that Hinckley did not know of the Romney initiative to build a nationwide network of Mormon supporters.

But a Sept. 8 e-mail from Romney's Utah-based political consultant, Don Stirling, states that Hinckley and James E. Faust, the church's third-highest ranking leader, knew about the effort from another church leader, Jeffrey R. Holland, who had been in close consultation with Romney operatives about it."

To not think that the Mormon Hierarchy isn't sitting around all giddy, high-fiving each other in the holy of holies, thinking about Mitt Romney being President; would be ridiculous.

Ever since Joseph Smith crowned himself "King of the world" and failed in his attempt to be President of the US; it is all they fantasize and dream about. It would truly be the crowning achievement of Mormonism and they would feel that world domination wasn't far behind, which has been their goal since at least 1830. They would hope that Mitt could get them into those countries that they haven't made it into yet.

There is nothing more that the Mormon Hierarchy would love, than to not only control Utah, but to be in control of the USA and the world if they could be. Everyone has to realize that if Mitt Romney is the President of the USA, whoever the Mormon Prophet is, Gordon B. Hinckley or Thomas S. Monson will be the acting de facto, shadow President.

Do we really want the bigoted, homophobic and clueless Mormon Hierarchy calling the shots for the USA and trying to control world politics?

Can you imagine the sickening photo ops with Hinckley or Monson and all of the trips back and forth between DC and Salt Lake, kissing each others asses? Maybe they could just move the Mormon Prophet right into the Whitehouse, next to Mitt's room; that way, if the Mormon Prophet received any burning revelations in the middle of the night, he could simply knock on Mitt's door and tell him what he needed to do next.

I know that Nancy Reagan was really into astrology, so why not have Mitt using the Mormon Prophet as his personal fortune teller, right? I mean after all, isn't he supposed to talk face to face with God and Jesus, just like Joe did? The sad thing is; there would never really be any revelations and Nancy Reagan probably learned more from her astrology, than Mitt could ever learn from Hinckley or Monson.

Maybe Mitt could just live in the DC temple, with the Prophet, to make sure that the USA and world were being guided 24/7 by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I wonder if Jesus Christ himself would actually visit Mitt, since he is a member of Jesus' "one and only true church" and would be President of the "Promised Land?"

Nah, he'd have to go through the chain of authority and just pass on the information through his Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Mouthpiece. I'm still waiting for the sequel to the "only 1 earring in each ear" revelation, since that was so damn profound and powerful!!

Mitt Romney would push every single Mormon agenda he could while in office and would do nothing without the approval of the Mormon Hierarchy. At least we now know that there is "an official" connection between Mitt Romney and the Mormon Hierarchy, and that they are already working together, which of course they outright and strongly deny, because they are born liars and cult leaders.

It sure is nice though, isn't it, when they get busted with dirty hands in the cookie jar? If they think they are under scrutiny now, just wait until Mitt is "officially running" for President. This could turn out to be the Mormon Hierarchy's worst nightmare come true and they are too stupid, power-hungry and arrogant to even see it.

They are just doing what they do best and what they have always been doing since 1820; LIE!! Joseph Smith was the father of all Mormon lies and the greatest teacher and example they have of how to scam the world.

Do we actually think they will ever admit to their connection to Mitt or to any wrong doing? Will they ever tell the truth about anything? Please!! Hinckley can't even admit that they teach and believe that God was once a man and they've never taken responsibility for "Mountain Meadows Massacre." (They restored John D. Lee's temple blessings in 1961.)

The Mormon cult Hierarchy is corrupt and Mitt Romney would just be another cog in the wheel, to further their agenda of fraud and lies, in my opinion.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Wednesday, October 25, 2006 9:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt is going to run if he thinks he has the political support--cuz he won't need to worry about money at all. the Morg will provide him all the funds he needs. no not officially, but we all know how things work.

God forbid that a Mormon gets into the White House. That would be a disaster for our country. A cult follower in the most important position in the world.

We who have been in the cult know damn well that it is the number one thing in LDS people's lives. Mitt would embarrass America with his garmies and devotion to old Gordy==who would be his special guest more often than we could handle. The thought of a Mormon in the presidency sickens me.

We have already had enough years with that major dumbass george bush--the major retard of the century.

For the love of all that is holy, NO MORE dumbasses or cult followers in the oval office.


At Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:15:00 AM, Anonymous Galatian said...

I second everything that Bonnie just said. I'd rather an atheist, a gay, a minority, an atheistic lesbian black woman ... I don't give a damn ... just spare us all a Mormon president! One could only imagine the circus and horror-show that would lie ahead. Although neo-con evangelists have helped push the psycho Bush agenda forward, their bigotry may ironically be our last hope - they may be the ones to denounce Romney and his presidential campaign and convince the country of his CULT connections! (PS - I always enjoy reading your blogs)

At Thursday, October 26, 2006 4:39:00 AM, Anonymous Youtuber said...

What to do when the Mormons keep knocking on your door:

At Saturday, October 28, 2006 12:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to answer the question:

Yes. Even if no direct links are proven (I think he's been talking to them in one form or another) he expects the Mormons to vote as a block for him, and was looking for some support from the church (unofficially if not officially, and I wouldn't put it past the Salt Lake crowd to funnel money to his campaign somehow).

The problem with support from the church of course is that their are only a few million Mormons spread across the US, and their could only really carry Utah. He is risking alot by thinking of forming any sort of alliance with the church. His only real chance is too become as moderate as possible and distance himself from that crazy religion in the West.

*Wouldn't it be great though if some link was proven and the church lost its tax exempt status though?*

I wouldn't worry about it though, I seriously doubt if Romney gets out of the primaries. Once the primaries head toward the south he'll be blown out of the water by all the Evangelicals.

Stranger things have happened, but I seriously doubt he will win the nomination, much less the Presidency. The Mormon stigma is too much to endure in a very conservative, Religious Right controlled Republican party right now where social issues (including religious orientation) are more important than fiscal policy.


At Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:40:00 PM, Anonymous ray said...


Sorry I've been away for so long. I've just been super busy. I had a hard time watching the video. It plays for a few seconds and then stops and bring up the "watch again" screen. I've noticed a lot of YouTube videos do that.

It wouldn't surprise me one little bit if the Mormons are trying to get a man in the presidency of the United States. Joseph Smith even ran for president so that tells you right there it has always been their goal.

Mormons running the country... now that's a scary thought. Just imagine how many of our freedoms they would take away. Although they talk about free agency, we all know they would do everything they could to remove any "appearance of evil". Next thing you know, it would be against the law to buy a Playboy (Mariott would probably still be in business though). Restaurants would no longer be allowed to serve any caffeinated drinks, let alone alcohol (unless they are located in the churches mall).

Just imagine if the LDS population grew enough so that the senate, house of reps., and the president were all Mormon. I would hope the country as a whole is smart enough to not elect any Mormon officials.

Most everyone has heard of the Mormons and most people have an opinion about them. I personally think the churches growth spurt is slowing and the church will never have enough members to contol the presidency and the senate. Let's all hope and pray that day never comes.

At Wednesday, November 01, 2006 8:42:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Thanks Ray for the comment.

I don't know why you had a hard time watching this video. Maybe at the time you tried to watch it, YouTube was running slow or something. in any case, sorry about that.

You can always pause it, if it's too slow or stopping intermittently and let it download first, which seems to work at those times.

You can see the red line which shows it downloading. I assume you have high speed, so I'm sure it was YouTube, as they've had some problems lately.

But, anyway, I completely agree with you Ray. I mean, seriously, reading your post and just the thought of Mormons controlling the Presidency and both houses of Congress, scares the shit out me. I think at that point, I'd have to leave the country.

I'm sure they are lusting and foaming at the mouth, thinking that they can get a man into the Whitehouse. They always want to get that damn foot in the door, just like they do when they send their singing/dancing group "The Young Ambassadors" over to China to perform.

I recently watched a special on them and it was truly sickening, as they talked about the spirit of God allowing them to touch the Chinese people and the impact it had on them and what it will hopefully lead to down the road.

They talked about people crying, how impressed the Government was, etc. All of this is very carefully orchestrated and planned out by the Mormon Hierarchy as they try to back-door their way into China.

The funny thing is, not one emotion felt by those Chinese people, or felt by the performers, has a single thing to do with the teachings or history of Mormonism. Once again, it's all about feelings.....whoa whoa whoa...feelings....what a crock of shit!!

The new slogan for us ex-Mormons, regarding Mormonism and the Mormon Hierarchy specifically, should be "GOT MEAT?" The answer is no, they don't!!

They hope that all of these warm and fuzzy "feelings", lead to missionaries in China, just like they would hope that Romney in the Whitehouse, would lead to controlling Congress and taking away everyone's free agency. They already have Harry Reid on the left and Orrin Hatch on the right, just to mention 2 of them.

They never do ANYTHING, without the motive of baptizing people and generating more profits.

Like you said, they would try to ban anything that was against their teachings, unless they sold it themselves, in their malls or by their current, Virginia Area President/Seventy, J. Willard Marriott's hotels.

I mean after all, I'm sure the tithing they get from his hard-core alcohol and porno sales, must be awesome!! But, it's a good thing that he keeps that Book of Mormon in every room. It gives "holding onto the iron rod" an all new meaning, doesn't it? What a joke!!

Take care everyone,


At Thursday, November 02, 2006 12:54:00 AM, Anonymous brad said...

The Mitt Romney supporters say it all, folks! Take a look at the main page of (which was created by the LDS director of that missionary movie “the other side of heaven”).

Their whole slogan is “can a Mormon be president?” and they say that since Gladys Knight was a Grammy winner, Steve Young a star quarterback, and Jon Heder a movie star then why not a Mormon president?

Well, I’ll tell you why…a brainwashed person can become a star quarterback because all they have to do is throw a bunch of balls (okay, its not that simple, I know…just proving a point here). One can also become a Grammy winner because it takes no logical thinking to write music and sing well….especially when its BEFORE you become brainwashed (in Gladys Knights' case). And one can become a movie star, especially when they are and always will be typecast into rolls that involve a brainless idiot (I loved Napoleon Dynamite, by the way…once again proving a point, that’s all), but that says nothing about making the most important damn decisions somebody in this country has to make.

I don’t know what type of Mormon he is, but no matter what, I see problems with him being our commander in chief. For example:

- Maybe he is a true believing Mormon, caught up in the splendor or Mormonism’s falsely painted picture, fully unaware of any discrepancy, lie, or contradictory doctrine…in which case, I would be afraid that his closed mindedness and ignorance would prevent him from seeing issues in a true light…I’d hate to know that he is basing tax increases on “warm fuzzies.”

- Or maybe he is a closet doubting Mormon…in which case I would consider him too cowardly to confront the difficult issues of our country, since he can’t even confront the difficult issues of his own faith.

- Or maybe he is aware of the “Mormon Mishaps” but has decided that he needs the comfort of the social structure…in which case I would consider him just too plain weak.

- Or maybe he is aware of all the “Morhaps” and takes his stand that the church is true regardless (like an apologetic)…in which case I think I would trust Pee Wee Herman to do a better job.

Anybody want to join me in creating or or ???


At Thursday, November 02, 2006 2:53:00 AM, Blogger mckay said...

Romney Bush 2008 WHOHOOOOOOO!

At Thursday, November 02, 2006 6:44:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Romney is an actually believing Mormon, or if he just declares a religion so he'll have a religion?

I would admit that he has the presidential look (Young, energetic, handsome, good hair, dignified, etc) but their are big names in the game. Romney is a relative small fry compared to Guilliani or McCain. It'll all shakeout in the next 6 months as people start declaring.

I wonder if it'll turn out like '94 when Clinton young for touching the youth movement solely because he was young and could better relate to young voters (of course Romney is almost 60).

But I still believe Romney will bomb in the southern primaries like SC (3rd I believe) and then the Super Tuesday primaries. Evangelicals can become amazingly bigoted when "Mormon" is thrown out.

of course its all theoretical until he declares.


At Sunday, November 05, 2006 11:56:00 PM, Anonymous 123 said...

I think you should recognize how bigoted and hypocritical you are being, Samuel, by discarding Romney's presidential ambitions purely on the basis of his religion. What would it matter if the president were a Mormon? If he can provide strong leadership and move the country in the proper direction, what significance does his religion make? His track record has proven that he can provide superb leadership, even (arguably especially) under rather undesirable and hostile circumstances.

Your apparent ignorance of Romney's accomplishments and willingness to lambaste the man on the simple basis of his religion is astounding. The notion that the Church wants political control in the context you described is also ridiculous and unfounded. You mentioned Utah as an example of what might happen to the nation as a whole, completely ignoring the fact that the Church hasn't got anything like iron grip on Utah politics. To believe that the LDS Church will find itself in a new position with access to unprecedented amounts of political clout is utterly irrational, and can only be defended by a true bigot who refuses to appreciate the reality of the Church's and Romney's situation, as well as the workings of American government.

Provide some tangible examples of how it would be to the Church's realistic advantage to wield control over the head of state, and then perhaps credence can be lent to your concerns. But thus far you have only reinforced the argument of your reputed blind hatred of Mormons, their Church, and their social policies, by withholding even an iota of credible disagreement or evidence to substantiate your position. Further, you display no commitment to your own self-described purpose for this web site: your political attacks have not a thing to do with exposing the fraud of Mormonism. In fact, for someone who really wants to expose the Church, I should think that you would be absolutely pleased with these alleged happenings that could lose lose the Church its tax-exempt status, expose it as a political advocacy organization, and as a multinational, profit-seeking corporation, and so on. If you genuinely hoped to expose the Church as a fraud and cripple the power of its leadership, I should think that you would be unabashedly thrilled with these allegations. I should expect you to be among the loudest proponents of a Romney bid, for it might give put you in a position worth acknowledging. This, however, has not been shown to be the case. You, therefore, must for the time being be disregarded on the basis that you are an anti-Mormon bigot whose disenfranchisement with Mormonism has reached far beyond quips with the Church's deception and now extends to a blanketed, personal suspicion, devaluation, and hatred of members of the Church as well.

At Wednesday, November 15, 2006 10:56:00 PM, Anonymous Galatian said...


Your ignorance is apparent. The mormon hierarchy has always lusted after power, even from its conception. Joseph Smith desired to be President of the United States and wanted to run. Mormons tried to get Brigham Young into a presidency position. If you actually learned about the history, you would see this for yourself.

Two books I HIGHLY recommend (free e-books, the links are on my site) are:

"Under the Prophet in Utah: The Menace of a Political Priestcraft" - written by Frank Cannon, the son of a First Presidency member who exposed the corruption of the church at the highest levels, it's political ambitions and the way it weaseled itself into politics ... an absolutely astounding and incredible read. I urge everyone to read it.

The second book is: "The History of the Mormons: up until the year 1901" which is a FASCINATING read. It goes in-depth and into great detail about the tenure of Brigham Young, and how he almost paralyzed the nation with his antics in Utah, and how he was building up an army to rival that of the US army, etc. I unequivocally urge everyone who wants to truly understand Mormon history to read these two books.

Mormons have always wanted a mormon in the presidency. They wanted mormons in the senate (which is why they created the Manifesto of 1890) and they want mormons in positions of power, in famous careers and jobs ... and any mormon that can help give the church good publicity, political power, and help it in any form possible.

Let's not forget Joseph Smith and his arrogant power-drunken quote about how 'no one would stop him, and if need be he would run rivers of blood and kill all the infidels like Mohammed did, etc.' (paraphrasing)

The Mormon church is more than a corporation. It is more than a cult. It is more than a misguided, ridiculous religion. The hunger for power has always been there. They literally want to convert every person in every country in the world. They want to control every state like they do Utah - politically, socially, and religiously. They want mormons in the congress, senate, and whitehouse and any other position of power. Utah just happens to be their stronghold.

And mormons do believe (as the article pointed out) that the US constitution will be hanging from a thread and the whole nation and world will depend on the MORMON CHURCH to save them and pick up the pieces. They actually believe this! Not to mention the talk of stockpiling goods, and a big war coming, and how things are going to get "really bad" and god only knows what the heretical mormon leaders will tell their followers to do if war breaks out, or if anything happened they were displeased of.

In fact, mormons believe that their prophets "speak scripture" and "the words of God" and that they literally lead all spiritual and temporal affairs on earth and just about worship them! THESE MEN ARE POWER HUNGRY AND LUNATICS! They love to be worshipped like inspired prophets that speak for God, and they'd love to control the affairs of the world!

I might sound extreme here, but anyone who actually understands mormonism, the history, the brainwashing and power of the cult KNOWS EXACTLY what I mean!

So YES I am afraid of a mormon in the whitehouse. I don't want a cult follower that could be unconsciously controlled by a 'prophet' or religion running affairs in a powerful position. I wouldn't want any extremist to be president - not a muslim fanatic, not a neo-con fanatic Christian, or Jew, or anybody else. And I consider Mormons to essentially be brainwashed fanatics and radical right-wingers, and even the most liberal of mormons is susceptible to emotional manipulation, guilt trips, blackmail, fear of "hell" and need to obey the prophet, and loyalty to the church ABOVE ALL ELSE.

So YES, the mormon leaders want a stranglehold on power, and they'll take advantage of it if they can. It wouldn't suprise me if old Joe's prophecy did turn out to be true ... a mormon got to be president, ruined the constitution, set up martial law, and had the "church body" running the affairs of the nation while he went on some lunatic "God inspired" rampage which created civil war ...

*Sorry, I'm getting carried away here* I'll stop rambling. The point is:


At Thursday, November 16, 2006 7:48:00 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Thank you Galatian for responding to 123 with the last comment. I simply didn't have the desire, nor time, to lay out such basic things to 123, who couldn't call me a BIGOT enough times. His comment was ridiculous and wasn't even worthy of a direct response from me.

I'm the freaking bigot, when he believes and supports, as a die-hard Mormon, in a completely racist and bigoted organization since its inception in 1830? I mean, was the KKK just an offshoot of Mormonism, that has stayed true to their roots? He believes that racist men like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other bigoted men, were Prophets and Apostles, when they detested, hated and cursed black people? But we are the bigots?

In my opinion, anyone that supports bigotry or an organization that supports or has supported bigotry(which refuses to even apologize for their bigotry), is clearly the BIGOT, not those that are against the bigoted organization and calling them out on it. Those that defend and justify the racism and bigotry of Mormonism completely disgust me.

The only break I give these people, is that they are brainwashed cult members that have lost the ability to think for themselves, control their own brain and know the difference between right and wrong.

Whenever something comes up that may jeopardize the greatest Mormon catch phrase of all time; "THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND JOSEPH SMITH WAS A PROPHET", all bets are off!! It's sad too, because 123 actually appears to be a fairly intelligent person, until it comes to Mormonism that is.

So, 123, next time you want to go around like a dumbass screaming BIGOT, BIGOT, BIGOT, maybe you should pull your head out of your TBM hole that it's buried in and realize what and who you believe in and support and that you owe us a big apology.

I won't hold my breath!!

Do, me, yourself and everyone else out there, that wants to know the truth, a big favor and tell me how many black Mormon Seventies there have been since 1978.

Open up your latest Ensign to the centerfold of Mormon GAs, and in the First and Second Quorum of the Seventy, the Presiding Bishopric, Apostles and First Presidency(which includes the beloved Mormon cult leader/Prophet), please tell us how many black men you see.

The number of course would be ZERO and I'll look forward to your answer on how many black Seventies there have been since 1978. I of course already know the answer and you can find that answer right in my blog, if you are too lazy to do your own research!!

Also, 123, please explain to all of us, why it is that black women were also banned from the temple until 1978, despite Priesthood not being the issue with them, since women don't have the Priesthood? It wasn't just their skin color and Pre-existence cursing and disobedience was it?

Thanks again Galatian for responding perfectly(I loved your comment by the way), to this man who clearly supports, defends and justifies bigots and racists, as Prophets and Apostles, that are directly inspired by a racist, homophobic, bigoted God, while calling us bigots. Isn't it just wonderful?


At Sunday, November 19, 2006 4:37:00 AM, Blogger FrenchExpat said...

Hi Samuel!

Just found your blog thanks to the link you put on YouTube! You crack me up! You are so sharp and so spot on! There are many blogs out there that just trash the LDS Church. You are doing it in a very intelligent way with accurate information. That will make me come back for more! Keep on spreading the truth about that organization, here and on YouTube! YOU ROCK and I do salute you!


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