Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hinckley: "I remind you that no man who makes disparaging remarks concerning those of another race can consider himself a true disciple of Christ."

Hey everyone, I don't have much to say in this post, because this video I created says it all. I felt that I really needed to get this out there, since it's conference weekend and everyone is singing "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet(profit)", confirming him a "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" and all standing in unison, with tears in their eyes, as he enters the $500 million Gordon B. Hinckley Conference Center.

This video includes what Hinckley had to say in the last General Conference(April 2006), at the Priesthood session, where he was completely shocked about reports of racism and supposedly had no idea where it all came from, even though he had discussed the racism issue multiple times, in about every public interveiw he's ever done. I made this video specifically for Hinckley and everyone else, that just can't figure out where the Mormon racism came from.

It's not hard to figure out when you read the exact words of Hinckley himself and many other past and current Apostles and Prophets of the Mormon Church. This video should clear up any confusion that there might be as I just wanted to solve the mystery for everyone, especially Hinckley and his very selective memory.

I look forward to everyone's comments, especially you TBM lurkers, that want to defend or justify these awful, racist, "word for word" statements and quotes. If you TBM Apologists, just want to leave a comment saying the same old BS; that they were just misquoted, never really said such things, just spoke as men, or were just sharing their personal opinion, etc, don't bother leaving a comment and save yourself and us some time. Give us a new apologetic angle that we haven't already heard 1,000 times before.

For those that want to download the audio of these remarks, or read more about this talk by Hinckley, and what I thought about it last April, right after he gave the talk(along with many more detailed, racist quotes from Mormon Apostles and Prophets); you can read this post on my blog.

Samuel the Utahnite

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At Sunday, October 01, 2006 3:18:00 PM, Anonymous 123 said...

Sorry Samuel, but that was just a terrible video. The quality is poor, the color of the writing is difficult to read, the man signing is a distraction, and Hinckley's talking is completely irrelevant to the topic of racism until 53 seconds into the video. It's just...ugh...

I'd be willing to do a better version if you like. I already have a better video clip. All I would need is a list of the quotes you want in it and their sources. Oh, and probably a "map" telling me how you want it organized. This message is so important and the delivery is lacking so much, it's kind of driving me nuts....

At Sunday, October 01, 2006 9:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a difficult time reading the writing as well. I would also agree that it should be redone to make more of an impact. I agree that the man signing was a huge distraction as well.

Sometimes the video looks good on our computer, but does not show well on the internet.

My idea is to have only the text in the video with the audio track playing in the background. That way people will focus on the message and not the distraction of the man signing.

I agree with 123. Tweak this project a bit for a stronger impact.

At Monday, October 02, 2006 1:04:00 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey 123,

I think you are smoking crack man!! If I thought you were a trusted source of opinion, on anything that I do or say, or if you had a decent delivery for your criticism, I'd listen to you, but you aren't. I'll wait for other people to weigh in, before making any changes if necessary.

Now, if someone else(that I respect and that I actually think has good judgment and does not have a clear agenda), reiterates everything you just said, okay, I'll think about making some changes. I spent hours on that video and I think that I did a great job!! The only possible change that I would even consider making is the color of the text, but I happen to like the green, after trying multiple colors, to see which one looked the best and was easiest to read.

There are multiple factors to consider and one of them, which you are oblivious to, is that the quality diminishes, no matter how great the finished product looks, when you put it on YouTube. When you have moving video in the background, it’s not cut and dry you know? Have you personally spent hours, as I have, entering all the text, making it all fit and then trying out all the different colors? If there’s one thing I hate in this world, more than anything; it’s an arrogant person that acts like an authority on something that they know nothing about. Damn that really pisses me off!!

Let me be brutally honest, just as you are; this site doesn't exist just for some anon 123 dude, that basically disagrees with most everything that I and others here say? Also, have you ever considered that just because YOU don’t like something, doesn’t mean that others don’t like it? I bet that thought made your head spin!! Do you think that everyone sees what you see and there is no other way? Are you the end all of end alls? Are you the absolute authority? In the week the video has been over on YouTube, I’ve had over 300 views and 18 comments, none of which trashed the quality of the video, rather disputed the text of the video. It’s obvious that they were all able to read it, isn’t it? So, I’m not sure what your problems are, but you seem to be in the minority.

You know that you agree with very little that I say or do and I'm not even sure why you post here sometimes, other than to rip on me and criticize what I'm saying and doing. If that's your main goal, to just rip on me and others like Lori, or Ray, fine, I really don't care, have fun I guess. What have you actually done, 123, for this cause. I’ve dedicated the last year of my life and most all of my resources....but again, what have you done?

It is my opinion, that the quality of the video itself is not poor at all, the audio(the most important part of the video) is great and I can read the lettering just fine. Do you need glasses, or are your contacts cloudy?

Furthermore, the first 13 seconds of the video is the intro, asking the question from the German reporter, so that leaves 40 seconds, not 53, that you should consider completely "irrelevant." By the way, it's 52 seconds, as Hinckley begins his racism speech at the 52 second mark, not 53. I just want to be exact and precise.

Now, for those other 39 seconds, I think they are "COMPLETELY RELEVANT", as they lay down the groundwork for the subjects he wants to talk about and why he is talking about them and they put things into context. Maybe your brain can’t connect the dots, but I think everyone else will be able to. I personally chose where to edit the clip and that was my decision and I stand by it, regardless of what your opinion is. We are all entitled to our own opinion aren’t we 123? Sorry to waste 39 seconds of your time though....well actually, I guess it was actually 3 minutes and 17 painful seconds. I used the clip with the guy using sign language, because it is the only one available online, from the Priesthood session, EVER. If you guys out there know of another better clip, online, please give me the link, because I’d love to see it.

They have never posted the talks on the Internet, from the Priesthood session, until the last conference. Besides, you aren't supposed to be watching Hinckley, rather the words on the screen, which you can't read anyway; so I understand better why you couldn't read the words, since you were trying to watch the video and worried about the quality and the guy signing, etc.

So where did you get the "better video clip?" I've never tried to buy the video or check out the video of "Priesthood sessions", but I guess it exists in the “General Conference package” of video or DVDS, as that would be the only way you could have a better clip, as it certainly doesn't exist on-line, as I just mentioned.

My suggestion for you 123, is to immediately start your own blog, create your own account over on YouTube, or sign up for Google videos and show me and everyone else the way it's done and turn the world upside down. You know so much more than I do or anybody else and you are so amazingly talented and superior on video editing; so show us how its done dude. Do your thing, so that we can all sit back in wonder and awe of your incredible abilities.

You did say once:

“Sam: Don't you just love having such a popular blog? I would start my own, but I would probably be the only person who visited it, heh.”

So, I guess that’s our answer as to why you haven’t started your own!! But you are right, why do something that nobody will read or bother with, despite your amazing insights, right? I guess since my blog is “so popular” and I’ve had over 63,000 pages views, along with thousands of Emails(95% positive), in the last year, says that I must know something about something, right? My podcasts get downloaded over 500 times a day, and I haven’t even made one in 2 months; so again, I guess someone is listening and enjoying what I’m doing. I guess it’s good enough for you to be posting here, which apparently is saying a lot with your amazing credentials.

I love how you TRY to have so much control over me and everyone else, by telling us what we said right and wrong and how we should have done or said things, how we should express ourselves if we were you, as if you are the authority of each of us and the world on every topic and every way to handle things, especially Mormonism. I can clearly see, after re-reading your comments, why Lori thought you were a Mormon Apologist. Maybe you should go hang out with McKay or Daniel Peterson or maybe you are McKay?

I'd love to know who you really are 123, and it wouldn't surprise me if you are some TBM Apologist posing as an Ex-Mormon, because of the way you phrase and say just seems too nicely packaged at times and in many cases, extremely convenient and phony. Do you post in Mormon Discussions? If you do, can we go read some of your posts? How about RFM? What name do you use? I'd like to see if you are as arrogant and condescending to everyone else, as you are to us and what there response and reaction is to your claim of superiority. Again, just my honest opinion 123, just like you share yours all the time. I also know that nobody offends you, or can offend you, or make you angry, so that’s why I’m just saying it like it is, as I know it won’t hurt your feelings.

It is my opinion that you contribute very little of any substance to our discussions here in Mormon Truth, other than to just criticize, me, Lori, Ray and others or defend McKay*(or other TBMS, or those criticizing others), while telling him how great his insights are, etc.

So, to answer your question; no, I don't want your help, but thanks for asking. I'd rather accept honest offers of help, from someone that doesn't think they have been crowned "KING OF THE WORLD." We'll be waiting for your blog and videos, to see how the master does things and so we can learn how its done. One thing you’ve said, that I strongly agree with, is that you can’t make me or anyone else do or feel anything. (despite trying and wishing that you could) Somethings are just out of your control 123 and that includes me, my blog and probably everyone else posting here.

So, I’ll ask everybody else; does this video completely suck and make you feel...”ugh”...? You know 123, there is a way to do things and to be decent about them, while giving constructive criticism or you can just be an ass, like you clearly were. Let me teach you something that may help you to express yourself in such a way, that others will be more receptive to your arrogant criticism. I hope this helps!!

You could have said:

“Hey Samuel, I’m sure you spent hours making this video and worked really hard, and I appreciate all of your efforts in exposing the truth of Mormonism and it’s a great concept that you came up with here, that I never even thought of, but I just wanted to make a couple of suggestions to you that might make it better and more effective.”

Wow, imagine that? Instead, I get:

Sorry Samuel, but that was just a terrible video. The quality is poor, the color of the writing is difficult to read, the man signing is a distraction, and Hinckley's talking is completely irrelevant to the topic of racism until 53 seconds into the video. It's just...ugh...

I'd be willing to do a better version if you like. I already have a better video clip. All I would need is a list of the quotes you want in it and their sources. Oh, and probably a "map" telling me how you want it organized. This message is so important and the delivery is lacking so much, it's kind of driving me nuts....

So, not one single word of thanks or gratitude, for coming up with something your astonishing mind did not. You tell me that “it’s TERRIBLE, THE QUALITY IS POOR, THE COLOR OF THE WRITING IS DIFFICULT TO READ, THE MAN SIGNING IS A DISTRACTION AND THEN THAT Hinckley's talking is completely irrelevant to the topic of racism until 53 seconds into the video and that it's just...'ugh’...”

Then, you offer to take over for me and make a “BETTER VERSION”, because I’m obviously so inadequate,unable and couldn’t possibly measure up to you. Then, you amazingly point out “how important the message is”, but that once again, “THE DELIVERY IS LACKING SO MUCH AND THAT IT’S KIND OF DRIVING YOU NUTS...” Yeah, we couldn’t end on a positive note, could we?

So, that’s about 8 negatives and criticisms, with one, sort of positive thing, but nothing good about me at all. I’m just pointing this out to you, because you do have arrogance and control issues and think that you are calling the shots around here, for some unknown and inexplicable reason.

I’m new to video editing by the way, just over the last week or so and I think I’ve done a pretty damn good job, for having never done it before and I dedicated a good part of my free time, this past week, learning how to do it and making videos. I guess we didn’t realize your expertise in the matter and didn’t know that we had an expert video editor in our presence.

Also, for the last Anon poster, thank you for your advice and ideas and most of all, thank you for saying it in a nice way and for not being a complete ass, like 123. It’s amazing how people like 123, can’t understand the hostility in the replies they get, when they are the very ones creating it in the first place, with their condescension and arrogance. If you give someone unsolicited advice, at least try to be decent and human about it. So thank you Anon for that and I’ll take into consideration what you said. However, I’m gonna wait for some more people to respond. I really don’t understand why you guys can’t seem to read the text, but over in YouTube, nobody seems to have that problem or hasn’t mentioned it.

Also, even though there is the guy signing in the background, I felt seeing Hinckley talking, was more powerful than just the audio. Also, for those of you out there that have even thought of this; there are deaf members of the church, and deaf people investigating the church, that will now be able to see the guy signing what Hinckley is saying and then read the text, even if they had to watch it a few times to get it all. So, I thought that was an added bonus that I guess others don’t see, in order to help out those that are deaf. I guess I’m just trying to consider all factors instead of one or two.

Take care everyone and I hope I helped you out 123, I really do!! Maybe, just maybe(sit down for this one), you don’t know everything there is to know about everything....what a novel idea, right? Isn’t this place great.....we can all come here and express our opinions and say whatever we want.

Samuel the Utahnite

At Monday, October 02, 2006 5:39:00 PM, Anonymous 123 said...


The most important thing I need to say is that I apologize for not being sensitive. I am sure you invested a lot of time and energy into that video, just as you do with your podcasts and posts. I felt that I was critiquing your work by giving specific examples of how the video could be improved, not offering vague criticism like some of the commenters on YouTube who were being critical of you, rather than commenting on the video itself.

I am by no means a Mormon apologist. From an apologetic/evangelical point of view, I cannot think of a worse waste of time than coming on a site like yours to try to trick people into thinking I'm one of them, just to gain their trust and slowly persuade them to re-join the Church. I understand that some people come with that intention, but they all eventually realize that they're more effective preying on the emotionally needy to gain converts than those who are actually informed about Mormonism and doing just fine with their lives. (Unless they just keep coming back under different aliases, haha) It made me laugh that anyone would think that I'm an apologist. I think my comments in their entirety suggest otherwise, but arguing over what someone chooses to label me as such doesn't change my views on the Church.

I don't have the time to keep a blog or podcast updated the way you do, and that's why it would not be worthwhile to try creating my own community. I do have the time, however, to supplement your work from time to time, if you are willing to accept a helping hand. I'm not trying to control anyone, and I do not want to force anyone to accept my views. When my arguments or suggestions are better than someone else's, they will naturally accept and/or act on them, just as I do theirs when my ideas are inferior.

If you go back and read my posts, you'll see that I only correct someone or disagree with them when I feel that I have something of value to offer instead. I know how frustrating it can be to do video editing, because I've been there through the learning stages. I'm by no means an expert in AV editing, but I now have more knowledge and tools available to me that allow me to spend less time creating much better quality work than I had when I first got started. If I didn't think that I had the ability to help improve your video, then I would have just said something like, "It's a good message that needs to be said. Thanks Sam!"

FYI, you're right: I do have the General Conference DVD pack (another tool!). I ripped the Hinckley video onto my computer on Sunday and spent about an hour testing different ideas so that it will have a more powerful delivery. The software I have also does a good job of compressing video so that it is optimized for web-viewing, so the finished product should look very similar to expectations.

Anyway, the most important thing is that you know that I'm sorry for not communicating my intentions properly. I think that the best way I could make it up to you is by showing you that I was serious about helping you improve the video and following through. If I give you my email address would you be willing to send me the quotes and their sources?

Hopefully there won't be any lingering animosity between us because I respect you and your work.

P.S. I post under the name "123" for real-world anonymity and I use the same name so that people know who I am on the blog. But you already know me :)

At Thursday, October 05, 2006 7:29:00 PM, Anonymous ray said...

The video was great and had a very powerful message. The only thing that was difficult for me was reading the words and trying to listen to Hinckly at the same time. If you do decided to remake the video perhaps you could take that into consideration.
I have no clue how to do any type of video editing so your work is 1000% better than I could do! Thanks

At Sunday, November 19, 2006 5:00:00 AM, Blogger FrenchExpat said...


What makes me cringe is that Hinckley says: "Blacks were denied the Priesthood because of past interpretation of a doctrine". WHAT?!! We're not talking about a Southern Baptist preacher that got it wrong! We're not talking about some minister whose isead change! We're talking about the Prophet of the Lors, the man that speaks with God and Jesus face to face, the man that has a Urim and the Thumim --not sure about the spelling for the peep stones! They are supposed to get their facts right, and right from God Himself! So what's all that Hinckley non-sense about MISTAKEN INTERPRETATION?! He's such an irritating old git!!

Yeah, Blacks were denied the blessings o the Priesthood and suffered racism for so long in the Church, but that's "just a flick of the past"... Unbelievable!!


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